Dreams Related To Circle

A circle moving along a line

I had a nightmare in which a white background is a black horizontal line with a circle that moved along the line. The circle moved slowly and when it came to the end of the line I woke up sweating and scared, but I didn't know what I am scared of. I dream that dream again after a few months, and sometimes after a few years. The last time I again dreamed it was a year ago.

The abstract nature of your dream may be an indication of your muddled thoughts and state of confusion. For instance, lines often symbolize boundaries and limitations. This could mean that you are losing patience or hope because of unfinished goals or unmet expectations. Perhaps you are feeling stuck and you do not know how to improve your circumstances. Meanwhile, the circle can mean completion or repeating old patterns, depending on your current situation. If the latter seems to be more applicable in your case, then the problem may lie in your inability to break your bad habits. This tendency to circle back and make the same mistakes again could be preventing you from achieving your goals.