Dreams Related To Cigar

A cigar in general

The image of a cigar in a dream vision is a positive sign associated with business endeavors or activities that take place on a daily basis. It usually indicates having a fresh start or a period of improved productivity and results. This is primarily due to the time and effort you put into your work as well as your ability to effectively manage and motivate others involved.

Smoking a cigar

Smoking a cigar in the context of a dream vision is considered a negative sign in terms of health and wellness. It is often associated with declining health, the development of new health-related concerns, and occasionally injuries from an accident. When women dream of smoking cigars, it can also indicate her presence in a field, occupation, or activity that is male-dominated or has a limited number of female participants. It can also predict the beginning of such an involvement if she is not currently participating in one.

Buying cigars

Buying a cigar in the context of a dream is usually seen as the symbolic manifestation of satisfaction and contentment with your current situation in life. This means you have everything that you need and want for nothing. You are also unlikely to be experiencing any hardships or difficulties at the moment.

Cigar smoke in someone's face

Smoking a cigar and blowing the smoke into the face of another person, whether you recognize them or not, represents a certain situation in the recent past in which you have acted rudely or disrespected someone, whether you intended to or not. Your actions may not have had an immediate effect, but that does not mean you are off the hook. The result of your thoughtless behavior or harsh words is likely to have major consequences, primarily negative in nature, in the near future.

Someone offering a cigar

Being offered a cigar in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of being deceived by a wolf in sheep's clothing. This means there is likely someone who is trying to scam you in some way for their personal benefit. The results could be devastating to both your financial situation and your ego. This is especially true if the person who gave you the cigar was someone you did not recognize or know.