Dreams Related To Church

Sleeping with a lit candle, God and Satan and church people

I went to bed with a candle on and I slept with the candle on. I then started dreaming of God and Satan fighting and God wins and I woke up, the table cloth where the candle was it was on fire and the room was full of smoke. I did not know where the door was and I did not panic or scream, instead I took my pillow and stopped the fire at once and slept till the next day. In another dream I was talking to a group of people in a big church.

A dream within a dream usually reveals multiple issues or a complicated problem. The layers of the dream tell you that you need to carefully analyze the situation and weigh all the consequences of each decision before you can make the best move. As for the specific dream symbols, a lit candle indicates a happy reunion. You will reunite with a person from your past under surprising circumstances. Despite the meeting not being planned, it will be a pleasant encounter and an opportunity for both of you to catch up. However, later on you could find out that the whole incident is not so innocent. The imagery of God fighting Satan suggests you have a villain in your life. Similarly, the candle causing a fire is a warning about not letting random people into your life because you could end up regretting it. Once you place your trust in some shady character, you could be in a vulnerable position and used as a pawn in their game. As for the other dream, finding yourself in church with other people points to more troubles coming your way. Brace yourself for a tumultuous period ahead and be prepared to keep your wits about you if you want to emerge unscathed.

A church in general

Dreaming about a church in general, such as seeing the building or going inside to attend religious services, could contain an ambivalent message. It could reflect subconsciously present or upcoming feelings of despair, hopelessness, helplessness, anger or sadness. Alternatively, it could simply translate that you would be going through a spiritual cleansing or renewing process. You would need to have humility, modesty, openness and patience for the duration of such personal spiritual change.

Dreams about churches could be a symbol of existing or upcoming need or benefit in turning your attention to spiritual matters. This does not necesserily imply that you have to start attending religious services, such as Sunday mass. Rather, it simply suggests that you could have some deep and perhaps subconscious questions about the meaning of life. While in the process of re-evaluating your spiritual values and principles, as well as your relation to God, you might find some helpful and meaningful answers.

Attending a church service

Dreaming about observing yourself attending a church service often has emotionally positive connotations. It is possible that you are or soon would be loved and respected by those around you. This overall admiration and esteem would not necessarily be restricted to people with whom you presently have close ties.

Rebuilding a church

Dreaming about observing yourself restore or help rebuilding an old church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, you would be successful in the renewal of a relationship with someone who was once close to you. This could involve settling or overcoming the old misunderstandings or conflicts that originally set you apart.

Selecting clothes to wear in church

I found myself in the same room with a Shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ whom I got to know, he had died since 2012. It's like he was preparing for an outing. I picked the same type and color of clothes he was wearing, but it was oversized on me. He asked me to remove it as it was not meant for me. I pulled it off and I was now selecting clothes from my personal box in that dream, then I woke up and started praying against any spirit of death.

Dreaming about meeting a person who is already deceased is indicative of the kindness shown to you by those in your immediate circle. It symbolizes a period of good fortune when things would turn in your favor. However, the image of wearing clothes which do not fit could point towards you committing certain mistakes. Also, the notion that you were advised to remove that clothing means that you would be given timely advice. One, which would help you make the right judgment. This guidance would be provided out of sheer consideration for you and would come from an individual who cares deeply about you.

An abandoned church

Dreaming of observing yourself inside an abandoned church with doors and windows boarded up often is a negative sign. Namely, you could be about to go through some personal life transition. However, it would be a change for the worse. Alternatively, you could be going through feelings of despair, helplessness and hopelessness. You could soon find out that your life has no value or meaning.

A church altar

Dreaming about seeing a church altar could translate the availability of support. Namely, it is possible that you could be about to go through a time of need. However, those with whom you have a close relationship with would offer their help, advice and support. Moreover, you could rely on their assistance for the resolution of your problem, including employment or business issues.

What does it mean to dream of a church or temple

Church from afar

Dreaming about looking at or seeing a church from a distance could have an emotionally negative charge. Namely, it could translate the existence of expectations and hopes about the occurrence of some awaited event or circumstance. This happening or situation will not take place and you will be greatly disappointed. That is, the dream represents possibly upcoming disillusionment due to some botched expectations.

Relatives and strange women in church

I walk into my church and see my deceased brother sitting beside my cousin in the last pew. I can see him but she can't. I keep calling he can't hear me. He is talking to her but she can't hear him. I walk around to the pew in front of them and there are six old women in brown hoods looking at them. When I come around they look at me it is then my brother sees me. I don't recognize the women.

This dream could speak of your religious or spiritual and affectionate side. By reaching out to your brother, you seem to be revealing how you cherish your family ties. However, you seem to be experiencing communication problems. Alternatively, you could have some unresolved issues with someone who is or was close to you. Under the protection of the church, you attempt to address them as far as family ties and affection is concerned. During the dream, you were solely trying to reach out to your deceased brother (not your cousin or the strange women). This could suggest that you may have difficulties meeting new people because of your focus on the past. Finally, you had a crowd of unfamiliar observers during your attempts to be heard and seen by those you value. This could suggest that you might have come in contact with people whom you do not really trust. These individuals might be forcing you to make decisions which are not aligned with your own goals and aspirations. Such negative and external influence might be hindering your attempts to find your place in life and to establish new and healthy relationships.

Many people praying inside a church

Dreaming about seeing many people praying inside a church means that you would become involved in or witness some spiritual or religious disagreement. That is, you could take part in or be an observer to a faith-related dispute. This conflict would divide the opinions and beliefs of two or more groups of people, and you more probably would not have an active role.

A church engulfed in flames

Dreaming about a church, which is engulfed in flames or on fire, often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, some inter-generational conflicts could arise in your society or community. These disputes would greatly disturb the peace, harmony, order and organization of your surrounding collective environment.

Being naked and ashamed at church

What does it mean to be naked and ashamed at church?

The dream vision about feeling ashamed of your naked body while at church could symbolize your timidness and perhaps even insecurity. That is, you could be someone who lacks the confidence needed to face the world, deal with unexpected and intimidating situations, and accept shortcomings. It also could symbolize your inability to bring out your best and positive attributes when interacting with others. You tend to disguise, suppress or look down upon your true potentials and strengths. The vision of church in itself speaks of the possibility of going through a spiritual cleansing or personal renewal process. In this sense, the dream could reveal your need to be honest with your own self as well as with others. It could be beneficial to look into the mirror (in a metaphorical sense) and reflect upon what you are and how others perceive you. Finally, you could be longing for humility, modesty, openness, straightforwardness and patience. You genuinely want relationships in your waking life to have these qualities.

Anxious to exit the church building

I was in this church where the architecture was white. There were people sitting in the pews with their backs to me. I would enter through a little arch on either side. They wouldn't look at me until I made a certain noise. The goal was to get out. This lady helped me and she told me I had to fake their accent to get out. I got out and I had to leave on a raft down a rapid.

The white church in your dream symbolizes enlightenment and guidance. You may have made some mistakes in the past and now you are trying to repent in order to unburden yourself. However, your desire to escape the holy establishment likely means that you are not yet ready to confront your problems. Perhaps you are in denial or trying to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. Leaving using a raft down the rapids reflects your confusion, instability and penchant for emotional outbursts.

Snow-white church with gold detailing

Dreaming about a snow-white colored church building and of its roof and exterior walls detailed with gold could be a positive symbol. Namely, it could translate the spiritual and cultural development of the community you live in. A spirit of collectivity, unity, cooperation and high morality values will dominate most of your community members.

Sleeping while in church

I was sleeping in church but so were others. When I woke up, I was embarrassed but looked around and I wasn't the only one. My ex was there with my dog watching me in the church.

Dreaming about being inside a church symbolizes a spiritual reawakening. However, the notion of you being asleep and waking up embarrassed while in a church could be a manifestation of your guilt. This feeling could be a result of your misgivings regarding your current spiritual state. You may be feeling that you should focus more on religion. The idea of others being asleep as well points towards them being in a similar position as you. Being easy on yourself and learning to incorporate devoutness in your everyday endeavors could help you enjoy a more fruitful and rewarding life.

Church members

Envisioning church members in a dream represents the need for spiritual guidance and support in their waking life. The presence of such hidden or secretive elements within the dream suggests that you are seeking a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey. You must always be aware of the importance of community and connect with like-minded individuals. Moreover, the dream is highlighting the role of biblical teachings in your healing and growth process. It is a sign to seek out the support and guidance of others who share your beliefs.

Praying inside a church

Dreaming about observing yourself praying inside a church usually is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it translates the possibility of upcoming success and happiness. Such favorable outcome would affect every one of your current or forthcoming projects, plans or deeds.

Church in a countryside

Dreaming about walking through or driving by a countryside church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it could translate your forthcoming ability of finding truthful, genuine and valuable friends. They would bring happiness and joy into your life. You would have a great time in their company.

A destroyed church

Dreaming about seeing a destroyed or demolished church could be a forewarning. In particular, you could soon become prone to physical or emotional health issues. For example, you could be about to become ill or experience some emotional disturbances and commotion.

Singing psalms at a church

Dreaming about finding yourself singing psalms at a church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, it could represent a good quality home environment. That is, you would feel that you belong and are loved, respected and understood by your household members. Overall, an ambience of peace, harmony and mutual understanding would reign inside your house.

A violent church teacher

I was at church and my best friend was being violently yelled at by my baptism teacher because he had no dad and then the friend gave me a signal to take all the kids who are my friends and run outside. Then I told them to go outside and I came back inside. When I came back, my baptism teacher said they are going to fight later, then left the room. Next I remember all the kids I took outside, me and my friend were in a room, the teacher came in, I tried to defend them and the teacher tried to blind me. The I woke up.

Dreams of being reprimanded by a teacher are usually related to disciplinary issues. In your case, the vision of your teacher yelling at your best friend means one or both of you need to learn a lesson. Your grades could be failing or you could be disrupting your class yet you do not understand the negative consequences of your actions. Maybe you see your teacher as the villain in your life, but your subconscious is telling you to look at things from the teacher's perspective so you can understand why he or she is giving you a hard time. Blindness at the end actually means you need to think about your actions in order to see clearly.

Going to church with someone

Seeing yourself going to a church with someone whom you have faith upon in a dream symbolizes your deep spiritual connection with that person in wake life. Perhaps, it is a message by your subconscious mind directing you to the comfort and guidance of your faith and allowing your inner self to communicate the message and instructions from God. It also indicates a sense of shared values, desires or beliefs with the person you are with in the dream.

Walking passed a church

Dreaming about walking passed a church building could be a judgment-error warning sign. Namely, it is possible that you believe that a certain course of action or decision would be the most adequate choice for you. However, that would actually not be the optimal or best solution or option. That is, it is possible that you could be about to make decision that is based upon poor judgment.

Being in church

Being in a church in the dream realm, for example during worship service, can be interpreted as a desire for spiritual guidance and support in your waking life. It may imply a need for faith or a wish to explore and strengthen your beliefs. There might be some people in your life that always stand beside you in challenging times, admire those personalities, and be the best version of yourself. In a nutshell, these visions are encouraging you to seek support from those around you as you navigate through different aspects of your life to achieve what you're striving for.

Entering a dark church

Dreaming of entering a dim, dark or poorly lit church could translate a possibly of upcoming negative occurrences. Namely, you could be about to attend a funeral. Alternatively, you could soon find yourself in some unexpected, uncertain and disliked situation. You would have difficulties coping with it and would deeply hope for better and happier times.

Lighting a candle in an abandoned church

Dreaming of observing yourself trying to light a candle in an abandoned or destroyed church could symbolize possibly upcoming altruistic or spiritual actions. In particular, you could be about to dedicate your life to helping others to improve their spiritual lives or promote their personal growth.

A locked church

Dreaming about a locked church which you cannot enter, often is a negatively charged symbol. Namely, it could translate your solitary and self-absorbed nature. This personality trait would make others feel alienated, rejected and abandoned. This specially applies to those with whom you have a close and intimate relationship, such as a lover.

A small wooden church

Dreaming about seeing or being inside a small wooden church could symbolize a present or upcoming decision-making. You could be about to have to decide what you want to do with your life. For example, you could have to try to find a new job, a new workplace or a new occupation.

Being sent to church

My husband had a dream, in his dream he sinned and was sent to church to stay with the priest, but he managed to run away from the church house and then his ex boss was there. He had a paper which proved that they had a wrong person sent and but still the guy that works for his ex boss still tried to catch him but he managed to fight his way out, please help.

Your husband's dream about being sent to church and running away from people who were trying to make him stay in church can possibly mean that your husband cannot come to terms with something that torments him, this could be related to the relationship with his boss. He may have subconscious desire to resolve an issue or something that happened between him and his boss (or other individuals present in this dream), but does not have enough courage to do so. He could try speaking with the person and resolve a long-standing issue or misunderstanding from the past.

Not worried about being naked in church

I was in a church, naked, with a group of people, some of the people were nuns. I was only slightly uncomfortable with my nakedness. There was one other woman who was naked as well. The dominant nun led us around through rooms, and there was a young woman who was very defiant towards her. At the end, the other naked woman was dressed, and I was given clothes, but once dressed, I felt uncomfortable in the clothes.

Being in church is symbolically linked with the idea of protection and safety though in this case it seems to indicate a false sense of security. This is because being naked in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of becoming involved in an immoral relationship, such as one with someone who is already married. This is followed by the sign of uncomfortable clothing which can represent making a grave error, particularly related to sound judgement. You may think that your actions go unnoticed by others, but sooner or later others are likely to not only realize what you are up to, but also shun you for your choices, causing feelings of great regret and sadness.

Being ridiculed while in church

Had a dream that I entered a church and the entire congregation turned to look at me and immediately started speaking in tongues. As I'm walking up the aisle, their voices started getting louder and I started laughing (because I was so confused I didn't know what else to do). Everyone was staring at me talking in tongues, then suddenly they all run out of the church... so randomly... except for one person who got up and approached me.

Churches represent safety or being in your comfort zone, so entering a church and walking deeper inside suggests that when things get tough you tend to fold in on yourself and hide somewhere safe until the trouble passes. It can also represent having difficulty branching out and trying new things, especially activities and ideas that would broaden your horizons and possibly make you more open-minded. The people speaking in tongues, however, are a warning that too much time in your comfort zone can prevent you from realizing your dreams or make them obsolete, giving you little to look forward to in the future.

Mixed feelings about people while at church

I am in a church holding a cell phone in my hands, texting, I think. The man that I love steps into the church with his music keyboard. I see my sister entering the church behind the man. She is smiling. She is happy. She is a member of the choir. I am not a member of the choir. After saying hello to the man I walk into another room. There will be a rehearsal of a choir in the church. After the rehearsal, the man that I love says to me that I do not give him the attention he desired.

Churches generally represent spiritual enlightenment, guidance and renewal. Being inside a church and being preoccupied with your phone suggests a loose or detached faith in a higher power. In contrast, your sister who is a member of the choir appears happy. This alludes to the inner peace and harmony she may have achieved, which is something that you possibly lack at the moment. The church may not directly point to religion, but a sense of purpose or beliefs. This is the part where you are still struggling to formulate and perhaps also part of the reason why you cannot fully sympathize or connect with your romantic partner. Alternatively, it could refer to your commitment issues. Perhaps you are not yet ready to be rooted and settle down.

People inside a dark church

A boy was giving me a key in my dream and when I opened, it was just a church, a dark church and that is our church. Suddenly there was a light after all and several people inside. What does it mean?

Dreaming of entering a dim, dark or poorly-lit church suggests a likelihood of upcoming negative occurrences. Namely, you may have to attend someone's funeral in the near future. Alternatively, you could soon find yourself in some unexpected, uncertain and uncomfortable situation. You would have difficulties coping with it and start pining for better circumstances and happier times. Hence, the light and people gathered after a fashion represent your saving grace, possibly a renewed faith in your religion.

Laying a church foundation

Laying a church building foundation in my dream.

Building the foundation of a church means you are actively renewing your faith. You want to be uplifted and enlightened, especially after all the trials and hardships you have recently encountered. Alternatively, you could have lost your faith and belief in higher powers after bad things happened to you, but after some soul searching you have realized the value of religion and spirituality. Now you may even be contemplating sharing this journey with others who are feeling lost and hopeless.

Being hit by people, an old crush and church

I get hit by random people I don't see and my teeth get knocked out to the ground. Also I have this dream with this girl I had a big crush in middle school, I feel like I did in real life like I am empty and she's standing near me like I'm not even there different dreams, different details but weird that she is in my dreams lately. I another dream I got to church, everyone's wearing white, then I leave. Kidnappers come, real fear. I run to another church and there wearing black I see dead uncle. What does it mean?

In the first dream, getting beaten up by a bunch of people means you feel powerless in your current situation. You are probably surrounded by capable people or individuals with strong personalities who are getting more credit and recognition than you. Hence, your subconscious is urging you to be more assertive, otherwise all your hard work will go unnoticed. Similarly, getting your teeth knocked out means you need to be more careful about dealing with others. There could be be dishonest people who would manipulate you to advance their interests. In the second scenario, recurring dreams of your childhood crush reveal your desire to go back to a more carefree and innocent time. However, you know this is not possible hence the feeling of emptiness. You can only feel nostalgic about your youth, but you know that facing your problems is the only way forward. Finally, a church as well as your dead uncle are dream symbols referring to your search for guidance and wisdom. You are feeling lost, so you are looking for a mentor figure who can help you navigate this situation which is out of your comfort zone. You are probably going to face a dilemma. The church with people in white clothes points to a busy work environment. All the stress will likely make you want to resign. However, you might regret leaving your old job as illustrated by the church where people are wearing black. The grass is always greener on the other side, so before you make a life-changing decision, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons.

Hiding in a church during rain

Female. I was going to church and I saw a stormy sky while I was on a bus. When I reached the church, the rain came down and I rushed into the church out of the bus.

Both the bus and the inclement weather are ominous symbols associated with upcoming troubles. You would probably feel a lot more stress than usual, perhaps due to undertaking new or extra work. However, despite the exhaustion and tiredness you would experience during this time, getting to the church represents admiration and respect. Others would see your sacrifices and look up to you.

A room transforming into a church

Male, 33. I had a dream I was in this dark room, a girl who I had been in a relationship with was standing with her back against this door. I was trying to get through, every time she kept pushing it back shut with her back. I managed to struggle with her to open the door. I just remember her wanting me to stay there, but I felt like I needed to get through this door. As I walked through, the light was blinding, but I walked into a church. I was walking down the aisle and I started to rise up to the ceiling, then woke up.

The act of trying to get through a door is often thought to reflect having to get through some potentially challenging or complicated situation in reality. The presence of your ex-partner could either directly point to issues with her or represent past problems in a more general sense. In either case, entering through the door and into the blinding light is a positive symbol associated with good fortune. As churches are often considered symbols of cleansing and renewal, it seems you would be able to overcome whatever is in your path and make a fresh start. Rising up to the ceiling, however, is a serious warning not to rest on your laurels. If you ever hope to get on the right path, now is the time to put your full effort into making positive change.

Getting introduced to be married in church

In a church full of people, and the pastor announced that I will be getting married to a certain young man who also stood up to meet me. It was my first time seeing him, he is a stranger but we looked happy, we were smiling to each other. In another dream I saw many small scorpions, I failed to kill them and after that I saw myself holding a very cute baby girl which was my baby, I don't have kids in real life.

The church from your first dream suggests you could be feeling guilt about something in reality, and your unconscious mind is urging you to either confess or repent in order to alleviate those feelings. The marriage further amplifies this idea that you would be happier and more content in your relationships if you came clean with those around you. The second image follows the same vein as the first. The little scorpions you were unable to kill represent the negative feelings of those you have hurt in wake life. The baby girl indicates this disruption may have a negative impact on your daily life. Making amends or apologizing for your misdeeds could go a long way to bringing peace to your everyday life.

Black mud on church entrance

A female church member asked me for an interpretation of a dream where she saw black mud on the entrance of the church.

Mud is usually interpreted as a negative symbol in dreams. It represents trials or difficulties that would soon affect the dreamer in reality. The church, on the other hand, represents hope for the hopeless or some type of spiritual growth. As such, this dream has two possible interpretations. The dreamer may come out on the other side of this series of unfortunate events with a need for the support and love from her religious community, or her experiences would rejuvenate her faith and bring her to a higher level of understanding of her faith.

A tall black church

Tall black church in England.

Dreaming about a European-style architecture church could be a reflection of waiting for something important to happen, like a new job offer or new relationship, which most likely will not materialize.

Being in a church gathering

Seeing yourself in a church gathering in a dream can have various different interpretations depending on the context and the individual's personal associations with churches and religion. However, in most cases, if you are a practicing person, this dream reflects your strong inner beliefs and spiritual practices that have helped you feel a sense of desire for personal growth and healing from your troubled past. It perhaps also instills in you a belief that these inner resources will continue to help you on your journey to spiritual salvation.