Dreams Related To Christmas

Christmas decorations

In the dream realm, Christmas decorations take on a special meaning for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Whether you saw a tree decorated with lights or envisioned a festival with stalls and winter crafts, this imagery alludes to happy times and feeling loved in wake life. Perhaps you yearn for the nostalgic feeling of the love of family that comes around the holidays, or maybe you are currently feeling very appreciated and cared for in reality.

Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is often thought to take on a sort of biblical or religious interpretation in the context of dreams. Traditional sources link it with the Christian holiday of Christmas and the birth of Jesus, so it is often seen around the holiday season. However, the meaning assigned to this symbol can go a little deeper. For instance, some scholars link this symbol with a desire to spend time with family or recreate family celebrations of old. Others feel that this sign is a focal point for those who like to take time carefully considering the gifts they give others even outside the holiday season.

Grandmother wrapping Christmas presents

My dad had a dream that he was lying in bed and heard a home intruder downstairs. He ran downstairs to see his mother in-law (my grandmother) wrapping Christmas presents. My grandmother passed away in 2010. She did not speak to him.

Dreaming of a deceased relative often represents unfinished business or unresolved issues. Your dad's dream about your grandmother means the memory of your grandma is still very salient and prominent in his subconscious. Something in reality could have also triggered the memories of your grandma. For example, an issue within your family or between your parents could stem from your dad's strained relationship with your grandmother. In order for him to resolve existing problems, he needs to be able to get to the root of the problem and not allow old issues to drive a wedge into his current relationships.

Collard greens for Christmas dinner

I've dreamt of someone opening a can of collard greens in my house which was for Christmas dinner.

Although this is a very specific dream vision that is difficult to interpret based on the exact image you had experienced, in general, opening a can containing food is symbolic of going back to old relationships or rekindling forgotten friendships. At the same time, the setting in which this dream took place could also indicate that it might not be something you want to go back to, or this person or these people would not be interesting and exciting, the way it used to be in the past, and you may just find ways to brush off their advances.

Visiting a stranger's house during Christmas

Dreamed I was in a stranger's house at Christmas. Grandmotherly stranger was showing me around the house filled with children playing with gold glitter. I passed by musical instruments like guitar and keyboard. I touched one of the keys on the keyboard and it began to play lovely music. Woke up suddenly.

Dreaming of Christmas typically suggests generosity, familial bond and celebration. The warm and festive atmosphere of your dream, with the grandmother figure and the children playing, likely alludes to your excitement about the upcoming holidays and reuniting with your loved ones. However, the musical instruments in the vision carry a negative message. Specifically, it could reveal that there may be some troubles, difficulties or unpleasant news coming your way. The keyboard playing music of its own accord is an unfavorable symbol related to the physical absence of someone you love or cherish. They could go on a retreat, disappear or pass away. Only the pleasant memory about that person would remain.

Memories of decorating a Xmas tree

Night. In the street out of the house. A Christmas tree with fresh peaches. Somebody put me on top to put a star.

The Christmas tree adorned with fresh peaches is a positive symbol associated with bounty and happiness. This may have some relation to the religious holiday of Christmas and the biblical events attached to that event. In a sense, you are projecting the joy and fulness that comes with family celebrations, good food and pleasant company. Furthermore, being lifted up to carry out the honor of topping the tree with a star may represent exchanging gifts with friends or family in the near future. All of this may specifically be related to Christmas and the holiday season, but it is possible that this would all take place outside of the holidays, such as at a birthday, wedding or baby shower.

Christmas presents

According to biblical interpretations, Christmas presents, whether you are giving or receiving them, refer to a well-deserved happy change taking place in your life. You may finally be getting your chance at happiness. It may even be a great surprise if you have been waiting for many years. However, you should celebrate this time and accept all the positive energy you can, as it would undoubtedly have a good effect on other aspects of your life, like your relationships, as well.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights as holiday decorations are an expression of both nostalgia for past happiness and hope for a bright future. Those who see this symbol may currently be struggling in life. However, those who envision this sign have not given up. As you continue to think about others and look towards what the future brings, please remember to take care of yourself now.