Dreams Related To Choking


Choking during a dream vision is thought to be the manifestation of discontent and fear. Even though everything seems to be going well in your daily life, you still focus on your worries, concerns or unfulfilled desires rather than the good things that have occurred. Metaphorically, your negative energy is suffocating you, making it difficult to be truly happy and carefree. You may want to talk to someone you trust or a professional so you can learn how to move on from troubled thoughts and find peace and happiness.

Being choked

To dream that someone is choking you means someone is stifling your thoughts and emotions. An authority figure may be threatening legal action over your strong opinions or criticisms about their work. This dream analysis could also apply to your significant other. Perhaps you are a victim of gaslighting because your manipulative partner keeps twisting situations so you end up blaming yourself. Alternatively, this symbol is a projection of your fears and insecurities. You tend to suppress your opinions and feelings because you do not want to be judged.

Choking on objects

Dreams of choking on objects often allude to something causing you fear or unhappiness in reality. Your positive energy is figuratively being choked out of you, preventing you from enjoying any of the good things in your life. Unless you shake off this source of discontent, you are unlikely to find solace or satisfaction in anything or anyone.

Choking on gum

The act of chewing gum in the dream world is a sign of frustration, specifically a struggle to speak your mind. Since the mouth is a symbol of communication, to choke on gum means something or someone may be stifling your voice and this is making you feel powerless. This could also mean that you are holding back your thoughts and feelings for fear of being judged. Perhaps you are trying to get rid of something that has been bothering you by opening up to your loved one. By doing this, you may be surprised to find out that you are fortunate to have empathetic friends or family members, and that finally expressing yourself will give you the freedom and peace of mind you have been craving.