Dreams Related To Chinese

Buttocks of a Chinese lady

Seeing buttocks of a Chinese woman.

The erotic dream you had, which involves two exotic aspects - the images purveying sex imagery and a Chinese woman, hints that there is some kind of general insecurity about yourself, that may be not limited to your sexual life and thoughts. It most likely points to a state when your reputation is in jeopardy, low self-esteem or failures in social interactions due to hesitations and stalling. The brief description that you provided also points that in your near future pitfalls may drag you back. It signifies that you probably have preoccupations of trivial type which take a lot of your time and energy, only to be proven as useless and with little to no significance. Gossips that affect you and your social status are also possible. You could be focused on the wrong goals and tend to react to other people's comments or opinions in a defensive way.

Chinese food

To dream of Chinese food means you are working too hard. Lately, your days probably revolve around work and nothing else. There could be a lot of overtime and working weekends as well. If you continue with this routine, you will eventually experience burnout. Hence, this dream symbol is reminding you to slow down. This can also symbolize comfort food which means you are looking for comfort and a nurturing presence. Unfortunately, you may be seeking comfort at work which could backfire because it is not a place for personal connections. It could be time for you to find other avenues to widen your social group.