Dreams Related To Children

Numerous children

Being in charge of or caring for multiple children in a dream vision, as if you were a teacher or daycare worker, portends being weighed down by tedious obligations or responsibilities in wake life. You may be trying to streamline your efforts and get rid of those tasks that are a waste of your time, but your efforts are likely to be in vain. This vision can also predict a sudden increase in the number of births in your family, circle of friends or neighborhood. You may know multiple people who are trying to conceive, are currently pregnant, or have just had a child.

Children at play

Observing children while they play outside or around the house may be an indication that good times are coming your way. Your anticipation could be palpable to those around you as you wait to partake in exciting activities or attend wonderful events. However, you should make sure you're ready for whatever is coming, otherwise you may find yourself unable to participate at the last moment, leading to disappointment.

Playing with children

Playing around with young children, whether they are yours or not, is a positive symbol associated with setting and achieving goals. These attainable benchmarks are likely related to your work situation or personal projects, such as meeting certain criteria for a promotion or turning in a finished product with time to spare. This symbol is also auspicious for those with a desire to network, as seeing this sign can represent finally connecting with the individual you wish and establishing a beneficial relationship with them.

Playing with children in the dream world can have an additional interpretation for those currently searching for work in the job market. In this case, it represents finding a career or position that suits your tall ambitions and soothes your ego. However, the other side of the symbol contains a warning. In order to get the job of your dreams, you may first have to do some seriously tedious or annoying tasks before you are able to get what you think you deserve.

Beautiful children

Taking care of children that you perceive as beautiful in the dream world can be interpreted as a positive sign. This is true whether or not the children actually belong to you. With this interpretation, this symbol predicts happiness and contentment in your life for many years into the future. Additionally, this symbol can also portend meeting someone who would become a dear, lifelong companion. This individual may be a friend, partner, or mentor to you. However, your connection with this man or woman would require time and effort in order to maintain its positive benefits.

Your own children

Seeing your own children appear in your dreams may suggest a need to be tactful and cautious when talking to or interacting with certain members of your immediate family. It is possible you would accidently do something to offend one of them or that you have already behaved in a way which ruffled their feathers. It is possible that this vision could refer to your words and behavior when with your parents as well. You should try to show these individuals how much you love and appreciate them, rather than complaining about them or pointing out their flaws.

Looking after children

Looking after or caring for children in the dream world is often associated with an increase in the dreamer's family size in reality. This is the case whether the dreamer has children of their own, is trying to have children, or has a close friend who is pregnant. This vision suggests a new baby would be born or adopted some time in the near future, bringing great joy to all those close by. Additionally, this same vision can predict a long-lost friend or schoolmate appearing in your life suddenly once again, bring about nostalgic feelings of times long gone. Finally, babysitting children can be interpreted as a sign that you would experience great success in your current endeavors, although you may have to overcome a number of challenges first.

Children for those without them

Having children in the dream world when you are childless in real life is a highly auspicious sign. It suggests all your hopes and dreams would come to fruition, even if they are out of this world or highly unlikely. Anything you dream of would become reality before your very eyes. If you are currently unsure what you want the future to look like, you should aim for the stars because the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve.

Dead children hanging in the shower

The gruesome image of dead children hanging in the shower represents your own youthful energy fading away. You feel weak and lacking in enthusiasm for life because of being burdened by too much adult responsibilities. This could also mean you are mourning the loss of your innocence. A tragic incident, like a friend overdosing on drugs or your parents' separation, will force you to grow up quickly and adapt to a far different world than the one you grew up in.

Cloaked children

Cloaked children chant "Shut up".

This dream vision carries a complex set of meanings, suggesting potential deceit and envy from someone or a group of people. Additionally, it may indicate an underlying identity crisis or an inability to make sound decisions, either presently or in the near future. The dream serves as a symbolic mirror reflecting interpersonal challenges and internal struggles. It encourages introspection to identify potential sources of deceit or envy in your waking life and prompts a closer examination of personal identity and decision-making abilities.

Chitchatting with children

Talking with children or engaging a child in conversation is a fairly auspicious symbol to perceive in the dream world. It portends receiving some sort of recognition for your hard work and achievements, for example, kind words, presents or a certificate. You would probably not expect to be rewarded for your efforts, so it would come as a great surprise. You would need to express your appreciation and gratefulness clearly in order to continue to reap the benefits.

Children occupied by something

Envisioning children deeply engrossed in some project or task is a highly positive symbol in the world of dreams. It predicts your future would be filled with wealth and happiness, bringing you great satisfaction and putting your anxieties to rest. This would go beyond your own contentment, as your family and other members of your household are sure to be positively affected as well.

Children as orphans

Meeting or interacting with children who are orphans in the dream world is associated with prosperity and happiness in reality. You would be in a secure financial position and have extra money saved up, making it possible to purchase big ticket items you thought would never be an option before. This symbol can also represent the same happening to a member of your immediate family, like a parent, sibling or child.

Washing children

Giving a child a bath or washing the dirty face of a little boy or girl can be interpreted as a sign that you would quickly recover from a current or upcoming illness in reality. In some cases this can refer to instant, almost miraculous recoveries, but it usually means a short and relatively painless return to a normal state of health. You would be able to quickly get back to the tasks and activities you enjoy doing.

Sad or crying children

Seeing multiple children sad or in poor spirits could portend hardship in your future. There is a chance that your current work or living situation would become much worse. Additionally, you may be subconsciously aware of a threat to your happiness and prosperity, as a companion or friendly acquaintance is likely not sincere in their intentions. They could be plotting against you and your welfare for their own gains.

Sources used for dream interpretation in times past also use the symbol of children crying to predict the coming of great conflict to the dreamer's homeland. Most often this is thought to mean war or armed attacks against warriors and civilians alike. The fighting would lead to a great change in routine and traditional social roles, as men would be more likely to fight and women would have to step into their roles to keep the community going. Unhappy children in the dream world may also reflect difficulties caused by the dreamer's own children or younger relatives, especially those in the close extended family, like nieces, nephews and cousins.

Kidnapped children

Envisioning kidnapped children or children who have been taken from their parents forcibly could reveal that you have recently made a huge mistake that would cause even more issues and difficulties in reality. This could lead to even greater challenges that would need to be overcome before the problem is solved or the mistake is fixed. If, in this vision, you were one of the perpetrators of this crime, it is possible you would be lured into a trap by false promises and sweet words. The result of this would be disastrous, as you would likely lose everything important to you. The person trying to trick you would use your trusting nature and gullibility to their advantage.

Being mad at children

Becoming mad or irritated at a group of children in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon face troubles or difficulties in reality. For example, you may become uncomfortable or annoyed about certain tasks you have to perform or responsibilities you have been burdened with. Additionally, you may lack the motivation to get the work done so you can move onto things that actually matter to you.

School children

Seeing school children in a dream sends a warning sign that a looming problem is on your way. While it might be a reflection of your current state in the real world, this vision also implies that a more tragic incident is likely to happen. The possibility of getting into a heated argument with a close acquaintance is highly likely to happen. Thus, it is better to keep your emotions checked at all times.

Adopting a child

Having the opportunity or taking the steps to adopt a child in the dream world alludes to your generous and thoughtful character. You are probably the first person to step in and assist when you see someone in trouble. Others appreciate your kindness and rely on your advice and know-how to get through difficult situations.

Helping children

Trying to assist children who are having difficulty in a dream has positive connotations. It often represents the dreamer's ability to solve upcoming problems that would occur at work or in a business environment. It may also reveal a penchant for avoiding troubles or obstacles by being prepared for multiple eventualities when working on a large-scale project. The dreamer would be able to take care of business and get work done in an efficient manner. Higher ups would appreciate the effort and co-workers would both admire and be jealous of the progress made.

Someone killing children

Seeing another individual killing children indiscriminately in the dream world should be considered an ominous warning. It predicts becoming entangled with a psycho killer or sociopath who would be a great danger to you and those you love. You would need to be very observant of your surroundings and pay careful attention to your behavior. Another interpretation of seeing children being killed could also reveal bad habits taking their toll on your body. You could be feeling the effects of aging acutely due to poor nutritional choices, a lack of exercise or the use of drugs and alcohol.

Saving children from falling down the stairs

I am at the bottom of some stairs outside an apartment building looking up at the second story where there were around ten or fifteen kids running around. So I walked up and two kids were climbing over the rail and before I can stop them they jumped over the rail. When I looked down, the older kid was OK, and the younger one was dead. I looked behind me and I saw my two kids standing there. I reached out to grab them to stop them for fear they would do the same thing but they just laughed and ran off.

Dreaming about looking at or watching kids on top of the stairs from the bottom could symbolize your strong desire to have a better relationship with younger people, including your own kids. The images of kids jumping over the rail indicate that you may have attempted to get closer or initiate contact with them, but unsuccessfully. It could be that you and your children have different, if not opposing interests, or cannot find common things to talk about or do together. Or it could mean that they need more freedom and independence as they grow older, and you subconsciously begin to acknowledge and accept the fact.

Grotesque imagery of children

Abandoned children that were 14 ft tall and had pipes for arms and legs. They were blind and had no mouths. They were not harmful to me. I am male.

Dreaming about abandoned and deformed children could mean that you may be going through a difficult transition in your life and perhaps should consider putting more effort into repairing past or current relationships which could have been damaged as a consequence of your behavior. Since you mentioned the children were also blind with no mouths, it could be a metaphor for a situation of being simultaneously ignored but attracting too much attention for the wrong reasons. The notion of those children being harmless to you could mean that you are either well aware of your inner demons and have no idea of how to overcome them, or you lack the strength to fight them and believe they and you can co-exist.

Saving children from being killed

Saving children from being killed, whether it was from a madman in a school or a possible traffic accident, could reveal a more selfless, generous aspect of your personality. Perhaps you try to cover up your desire to positively affect the world with harsh words or an act of bravado, but deep on the inside you are a naturally giving soul. It would probably put others more at ease if you acted on these instincts rather than trying to cover them up.

Children being molested

My 7-year old granddaughter and a neighbors daughter were molested by an older heavy set balding man in a large white car with red trim. He made them lie on the back seat. So very disturbing!

Dreams containing images of molestation are directly related to states of mind when you are trying to suppress the outbursts of rage, anger or hostility toward someone or some people. You are intentionally trying to put these emotions on the back burner or eliminate them from your mind when you are awake, which is also reflected by your subconscious mind with images of the girls in the car lying on the floor (hidden from the view) in this dream vision. The anger or rage you are experiencing could originate from trivial things like dealing with contractors, officials or people you disagree with, but could also be deeply-rooted in your psyche, such as witnessing injustice toward someone or seeing other people suffering and being unable to help.

Strange things happening to children

I am a female. The dream started off at a playground where one side of the children's faces began to swell, so I took my 3 and went home. It didn't happen to them, but when we got home their eyes turned black and skin began to crack and grow scales. A light came down and sucked them up. I didn't seem to be bothered. I looked at my hands and my skin became more beautiful. A sick girl (maybe cancer) around the age of 3 ran from the room and called out "Mama" and began to become healthy. Even grew hair.

The location of the playground represents a carefree attitude and youthfulness. As such, the children becoming sick at the park or morphing later at home predict something that would challenge your positive energy and uncomplicated lifestyle. In many cases, this type of symbol portends someone in your family becoming ill, perhaps one of your children or another relative. Running away is a natural response in this situation, as you likely do not want to lose the part of yourself that is so optimistic. However, becoming more beautiful after the events of this vision could mean that others view your lack of connection to the sadness as a sign of being too self-absorbed or thoughtless. You should try accepting these possibly unfavorable events in order to connect with everyone on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Crippled children

Crippled, disabled or deformed children often are the manifestation of your bad habits or tendencies in reality. They suggest that your actions do not only hurt your own self but also affect those around you, especially young people who look up to you. For example, your children or younger relatives may pick up the practice of eating too much fast food or learn to use alcohol and other drugs to deal with their problems. Another possible interpretation of this symbol refers to a worsening ecological situation in your area, meaning a disaster may affect the locals in your town.

Feeding children

Feeding children can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to be bestowed with a responsibility or task from someone with more power and authority than you. This could be a physical person, such as a boss or public leader, or an ethereal being, like God or an angel. It may be a challenging or difficult project that requires the most time and effort you have ever exerted on a single goal. However, the rewards for your efforts would be well worth the trouble, as it is likely you would be reimbursed plentifully for your monetary or time-related sacrifices.

Mute children

Being near mute children in a dream is a highly ill omen. It can be interpreted as a sign meaning others would soon spread rumors or unflattering gossip about you when you're not around to defend yourself. Furthermore, trying to interact or communicate with mute children or kids who are unable to verbalize their needs in a dream vision may portend someone close to you passing away in the near future. This could be a family member, a relative from your extended family or a close friend.

Babysitting dead children

I've been having really strange dreams again. A few nights ago I dreamed I was babysitting about 20 children. They were "unearthed". Meaning they were dead. I never even heard of that word. Last night everyone in my dream were real people I knew who died. I tried screaming to wake myself up but I couldn't get a sound out.

Taking care of children, like the babysitting you did in this vision, is generally considered a positive sign for your future. It suggests that, no matter the troubles you face now, luck will be on your side in the long run. The source of your current troubles may be in the unearthed children, who could represent rivals or enemies. Seeing as they were in the form of children, it seems as though their presence in your life is more of an inconvenience than an actual threat. Your inability to scream in this vision suggests you are having trouble expressing your emotions. Perhaps the pent up frustration is even more of an issue than the interference of the others. It might be a good idea to find someone you can share your feelings with, like a friend or family member.

Sick children for mothers

If you are a woman who has had children, seeing those children sick or hurt can actually indicate the opposite in reality. Instead of being prone to illness and poor health, your children would be relatively safe from disease and harm. While you may be concerned about their health and well-being, there is likely some other aspect of their life, such as education or social interactions, that you should be concerned about and pay attention to.

Looking for your children

Searching for your children in the context of a dream vision predicts being inundated with small, insignificant tasks that negatively affect your ability to work on your personal goals and responsibilities. The amount of busywork you are currently handling would increase greatly, preventing you from completing tasks which have real meaning and value to you and your future.

Kissing children

Kissing a child or children in a dream vision, no matter whom the children belonged to, is an auspicious sign to perceive. It suggests you would find great happiness and contentment in the future. In particular, your daily existence would be free of both small concerns and larger troubles. For those currently under great stress or pressure in wake life, the interpretation of this dream means you would soon have peace of mind and a calm heart, possibly because the worst of your troubles are about to end.

Sick children

Envisioning sick children is often a terrible omen to perceive as it predicts some issue popping up out of nowhere and destroying your domestic bliss. There would be many troubles and conflicts within your family unit, including misunderstanding and distrust. This vision should be considered a warning to watch out for trouble before it starts or to be aware that an accident may occur which would cause these difficulties to affect your daily life. Additionally, if the sick child you saw was in the hospital, it may further reveal a situation where you would be the recipient of bad or unfortunate news.

Feeding chickens with children around

A lot of kids and I feeding chickens.

Dreaming about children running or frolicking nearby can be taken as a good sign. It could signify the happiness and peace of mind which you will secure for yourself. This prevailing sense of peace will last for a quite a long time ensuring your complete contentment and happiness. The symbolic vision of feeding chickens in a dream is also an auspicious sign predicting receiving an unexpected gift or surprise, meeting a very kind person or people as well as receiving fair and kind treatment as far as your family or existing relationships are concerned.

Neglecting non-existent children

Frequently dream that I suddenly remember that I have 1 or 2 other kids besides my son, but that I have neglected them, their whole lives. Sometimes in the dream I realize that I never really liked them either. I feel bad about it in the dream and endeavor to be more attentive to them.

Dreaming about children you did not know you have symbolizes people around you who normally support and help you, like your parents or close friends. While this seems like a positive sign, the realization that you do not like or necessarily want the children in your vision may indicate that you feel these helpful people are overstepping boundaries or putting too much pressure on you. Feeling bad in the dream is likely a reflection of your feelings in real life: You know they mean well, but you have your own life to live and do not need to be coddled.

Having different kids from different fathers

Dreamt of having a couple of children, but someone explaining that the beautiful ones are with a new different father. It was a segment, part of a long dream, but that was the only part about having children and the feeling that it was with a different person that mattered more than having children by itself. Someone had to explain to me that those are from a new father, than those old ones, but they all seem to get along. I don't have children in real life or romantic partners and it was a bit odd to have this dream.

In the context of this dream vision, the children you have symbolized your everyday small achievements and routines you have to go through. However, you could be feeling that they could be more meaningful and you would feel more accomplished if you had a person or people to share your aspirations with or simply be appreciated and valued for what you do. In general, children in dreams represent going through changes or making positive transformations in your waking life. You could be considering welcoming new people and experiences that come with that and taking small steps to make it happen, with or without trying to make it a top priority.

Children falling down the shaft under the bed

2 of my children are on a top bunk bed. The bunk bed starts slipping into a shaft. I tell my daughter to stop moving. She says there is a lady (who we don't know) that keeps moving it. I see that the bed is going to fall and tell my daughter to jump and I will grab my son. But as she jumps off, he slips down the shaft and I scream out his name, he hits the bottom, I think at least he will die instantly, so he won't know anything about it. But he wakes and is crying out in pain. Then I wake up crying.

This dream contains many signs and, as a result, is very difficult to interpret. A vision centered around the idea of a bed that shakes and is pulled into the ground by an outside force can indicate suffering great losses. The external force here could represent a current situation in which you feel powerless or an upcoming circumstance that you may not be able to avoid, prevent or change. This is supported by watching your son fall and being hurt, which indicates being deserted in your time of need by friends or family members. You may feel increasingly disappointed and even betrayed because of their lack of care and attention for you.

Graphic images of own children

My dream was of my youngest son. He was tricking and forcing my daughter who will be two next month. By making her drink from a water bottle and then sucking on some man's penis. As much as I was trying to shake myself awake from this nightmare, it continued. I am terrified!! Please help.

Strange sexual situations or sex-related scenes can be disturbing, however, the symbolic meaning of these dreams is more or less straightforward. The penis represents aggression, power and fertility. Other interpretations of seeing a penis in dream visions include family, wealth, respect and honor. Since your dream involved your young children, the sexual energy associated with the male organ can be discounted. Instead, the sucking action could refer to your anxiety over your daughter's future and the society she will grow up in. Will she be empowered or will she be dominated by men? This, and possibly other related questions that crop up in the course of raising your daughter, brought up the graphic images in your subconscious state.

An adopted child and having twins

My son who was adopted 7 years ago, was taken and adopted. I saw him older and I gave birth to twins, but I don't remember having them in my dream, just that I had them. I was going to Hawaii.

Travelling somewhere in a dream is a highly positive sign associated with happiness and romance, especially if the destination is physically far away from you. The twins you gave birth to paint the picture with more details, indicating a family celebration of sorts in which many people gather together. In this case, it seems that you are to either attend a wedding or be part of one yourself shortly.

Disfigured children and a familiar haircut

I had a dream my 2-year-old goddaughter was getting amputated and she lost both of her arms. And then I had a dream I was walking down the street and a friend was walking with her kids and her newborn looked extremely small but older in the face and hair. Then she handed me the baby, and when I reached to grab him I woke up. Then I had another one, me doing my hair exactly how my prego friend's hair and I wanted to do it exactly like her but I couldn't.

Limbs are strongly associated with skills and capabilities. To see limbs, arms, in particular, amputated in a dream is a sign of being powerless. You may be concerned about the welfare of your goddaughter amidst negative news reported in the media. The loss of her arms represents your anxiety over the possibility of her being taken advantage of or double-crossed once she comes of age. The same sentiment appears in the premature ageing of the other newborn. The next generation certainly faces challenging times and you yearn to shield them from possible harm. Alternatively, your vision may also suggest your tendency to be critical of other people's parenting skills. Perhaps you think they can do better in raising their children, or perhaps you feel out of touch with the way the younger generation cares for their children.

Being separated from children forcefully

My mother and two children are living in my basement, I am not allowed to see my kids. My ex-husband comes in the middle of the night and takes my youngest away, I see him drive away with her and I don't get to tell her goodbye. I start crying and run to my room to pack clothes and leave, I break down and start to bawl, my youngest then comes into my room and grabs ahold of me so tight and says "Mommy, I love u, I love u..." as she's crying.

Dreaming about your children being kept from you and then taken away is a highly ominous sign suggesting that you have recently made a major mistake which may lead to further complications in much of your day-to-day existence. The tears and anguish only further emphasize the severity of the troubles awaiting you. To avoid more difficulties, it may be wise to try and fix or make up for whatever was done to seal the wound.

Children at play bothered by a pig

I see that I am standing on one of the roads and my small children are playing (although now they are grown-up). I suddenly see a pig running towards them. I shout to warn them, but they do not notice and were busy playing, the pig makes two rounds, but my children were not bothered, they were playing, and I woke up.

Seeing your children as kids reflects your longing for simpler, more innocent times. You could be missing their company due to their busy lives as grown-ups. The pig running and circling them as they play symbolizes all the wickedness of the world. As kids, they are under your protection, so maybe this reflects your protective instincts whenever you sense that your children are in trouble. However, them being grown-ups now and as revealed in your dream, you may be unable to shield them from untoward influences in the real world. What you can do is provide sage advice to strengthen their values and principles to guide their decisions as adults.

Children found following a crime

Saw a little girl, about 2 years old, walking alone in front of me. I asked her where were her parents and she said she didn't want to go home, so I took her home with me. Next part of the dream she told me her parents had left her and her baby sister alone. I went with her and a friend of mine to her house, and I could tell some crime had taken place, there was blood all around. The baby girl was crying, I could tell she was hungry, but I never actually saw the baby. I just knew she was there.

Dreaming about a young girl all alone represents the sadness and isolation you feel sometimes in wake life. Just as the girl was left alone and not cared for, so does this dream signify your own longing for a time when others would care for you. This means your current relationships (romantic, familial, friendship, etc.) are not providing you with the things you need. The crime scene you stumble upon further illustrates this point, showing some feelings of regret over things that have happened in the past. You may need to confront those you love and explain your situation to them, or you may need to go out and find some new acquaintances who can support you in the way that suits you best.

Following a strange pair of children

I dreamed about a little boy and girl walking down a sidewalk and right before I got close to them, it was like I startled them and they turned quickly to look at me, but their faces were scribbled out with marker and the house they were walking towards was a 2-story white house but the door was scribbled out just like their faces. The entire dream was in black and white. In my dream, it was like I was trying to keep up with them, but I didn't mean to do so. Please help. The dream was very vivid!

Your dream in general seems to have a nostalgic atmosphere. Perhaps you are trying to revisit your past or your childhood, quite unsuccessfully, in the real world. The little boy and little girl with their scribbled-out faces allude to your youthful and child-like wonder. Maybe reality is treating you badly and you just want to go back to more innocent and uncomplicated times, no matter how futile it is. The black-and-white appearance of the dream likewise reveals a yearning for simplicity. You could be burdened by lots of gray areas and complex decisions to make, hence your subconscious is taking you to a comforting place.

Washing children's raincoats

I was in a laundry room I have never been in before, alone but talking to myself about washing children's raincoats, 100's raincoats I was putting into the washer and then putting them in the dryer.

Doing laundry in a dream vision is often connected with the idea of acquiring wealth in waking life. That is, it usually portends being the beneficiary of some will or recipient of material property or money. The source of this inheritance would likely be surprising to you, as the image of raincoats could point toward a person you do not know well, most likely a distant relative. The absence of an heir in their life may be the reason they have chosen you to receive the fruit of their life's work.

Unable to get home to children

I keep having this nightmare that I cannot get home to my kids no matter if I am on a train, bus, walking, or riding a bicycle. I keep trying and trying but can never get home to them. And I am scared and crying. This nightmare happens several times a week for a long while now and I would like to know what it means so I can deal with it as I wake up in a panic and sad. Thank you!

Being unable to return home to your family in a dream vision represents facing delays in waking life. Given the frequency of the visions, your mind may be manifesting your feelings during the day, namely that you are constantly being held up or inconvenienced. In a way, this is how the subconscious mind deals with your stress. It blows the situation out of proportion so that you can see what matters the most to you in reality, which is your children. This vision is a sign to focus on the positives in your life and enjoy the time you have with your kids.

Trying to save children when rocks hit Earth

Rocks are hitting the ground all around me while on fire, catching everything on fire. All along I'm trying to get to reach and get to my children, but can never get to them each and every time I have this dream! This dream happens maybe 3 times a month.

Fire in dreams often represents destruction and transformation. The rocks raining on your surroundings in this dream may be metaphors for criticism or accusations being hurled at you by your adversaries and detractors. Rocks can also symbolize instability and destructive forces surrounding you in reality. Perhaps this recurring dream scenario is triggered by stressful situations and financial difficulties you could be experiencing. Your helplessness and sense of ineptitude may be feeding your fears about not being able to provide for your children.

Protecting children from a tornado and abuse

I am a 39 year old female. I was trying to protect my 6 kids from a tornado by getting them down into a cellar. Then in my childhood hometown I was late for a movie with my husband. We were all at my grandparents' home, I took some random dog pee and I was yelling at my girls to hurry and get ready. I went to a restaurant with my husband where our current city mayor told me that a strange home security salesman named Michael Panelli took my two daughters. I screamed in horror and started to cry.

Both the childhood hometown and your grandparents' home in your dream vision reveals your preoccupation with the past. Things at the moment could be stressful and unsatisfactory, so you are looking to happier days from your past as an escape. Although this could also mean you are looking for answers and wisdom from your past so you do not repeat the same mistakes. This is further confirmed by the next two dream symbols which are tornado and cellar. The tornado refers to failed plans and disappointing results. You would experience setbacks in your career or current undertakings and you would try to shield your children from the financial issues. Similarly, being late for the movies means you feel you are not providing enough for your family. Your goals are not materializing, so you feel frustrated. In fact, your frustrations could be extended to your family as you feel like your kids do not appreciate all your sacrifices which is symbolized by dog's urine. Instead of gratitude, all they do is complain. Unfortunately, this will not be the end of your problems because the kidnapping of your daughters means you are going to make a big mistake which would add a host of challenges and difficulties for your and your family. In your attempt to discipline your kids, they may start to resent you for being too strict.