Dreams Related To Childhood

Childhood house

Revisiting your childhood house in a dream means you are experiencing a high level of stress in reality. This desire to find comfort and escape from the pressures of your life led to this nostalgic image which represents a more carefree and simple existence. Triggers associated with this dream symbol include a failed relationship, getting fired, mounting debt, dead-end job, or getting scammed. All these failures make you want to find solace and the image of your childhood home helps you find peace at least for a little while.

Childhood memories

Seeing old childhood memories, in the context of a dream vision, is often interpreted as a message from the subconscious mind. Things in your home life may not be running as smoothly as they could, or perhaps your efforts at pleasing a certain person have had different results than you expected. Looking for clues in your past may reveal an underlying reason or tendency that could help you improve this situation.

House from childhood which is haunted

I dreamed about an old childhood house where police was knocking on the window, when I opened the door, it started raining. They told me to get out because the house was possessed, as me and my family were walking out, you could see the color of our eyes changing from black to normal. Walking past my bedroom window I could see all the demons in the house.

Dreaming about your childhood home is usually a positive sign serving as the manifestation of your comfort in that place. The police knocking at the window also represents strength and confidence, revealing your happiness and contentment at that time. The rain which follows and having to leave the house both signify how you have changed. More specifically, they point toward a tendency to avoid relying on others and being reluctant to get close to anyone who could hurt you. This culminates in your image of demons inside the house, which is a powerful sign representing your acknowledgement of these dark feelings. It may be time to look inside yourself, realize the reason why you push everyone away, and take steps to improve this attitude in the future, so you can get back to the old, happy you.

Childhood neighborhood

According to dream interpreters, being back in your childhood neighborhood can have different meanings depending on your personal experience as a child. For instance, if you have happy memories with people in your childhood home, then you may be yearning to return to this old neighborhood and reconnect with them. This can also be a symbolism for being stuck in your past and being unable to move on with your life.

Childhood friends

Seeing your old friends in a dream is symbolic. Perhaps, this vision means that you keep longing for someone or something that belongs in your past. You might be wishing to reconnect with this person or go back in time when things were much simpler. This might be because you feel sad or alone in the actual world and think that no one around you can truly understand you.

Childhood trauma

Being disturbed in the REM stages of your sleep due to dreams about past childhood trauma is not uncommon. The dream psychology applied to these types of dreams suggests that your experiences are being reconstructed, sometimes in vivid detail, so that your subconscious mind can process what has happened to you. It may also be a result of survivor's guilt in some cases. The best thing to do in this situation is to seek professional help or talk to someone you trust. Getting things out into the open and looking at them from various perspectives may help you deal with the pain and help you heal.

Childhood places

Places that were familiar to you in childhood, like your home or a nearby park, carry a lot of symbolism in dreams. They represent nostalgic feelings and point toward a desire to keep the past alive. Perhaps you are far from the people you know and love, or maybe you were reminded of a person you once spent a lot of time with. These different memories live on in your heart, which is why you see them in your dreams at night.