Dreams Related To Child

A sick child

Dreaming of seeing or taking care of an ailing child is an ominous sign. It portends that one of your close relatives could die in the near future. One may want to make peace with anyone close who is presently ill or injured.

A seriously sick or dead child

Dreaming of your own child becoming seriously ill or dying is an ill omen that symbolizes that your child's well-being may be in danger. This dream portends that you might receive disheartening or disappointing news about the welfare of your child. If one receives this symbol, it may be in both you and your child's best interest to prepare for the worst.

A sick child for mothers

If a mother of a child has a dream in which her child becomes very sick or ill, then it actually represents the opposite. This dream represents that her child would always be fit, healthy and well-off. However, there may be a few minor issues or difficulties that she may need to pay attention to during the child's growing process to ensure that they stay that way.

Talking to a child

Dreaming of talking to a child in a joyous and carefree manner is a positive sign. This sign predicts that a favorable or beneficial situation could be on your horizons. If someone who receives this sign is going through a difficult period, they may want to hold out hope as their situation may change for the better soon.

A child in general

Dreaming of a child in general, such as watching a child at play, can symbolize the propogation of life. However, it can also symbolize worries or concerns you may currently be experiencing. It could indicate that you may be suffering from recently witnessing an event that had a serious impact on your psyche. You may want to consider avoiding stressful or frustrating situations until you are in a better position mentally to avoid greater emotional pressure.

An accident with a child while shopping

My dream is that we went shopping and I saw a child who fell down from a building. I thought he died and was crying but the child was alive and I could see waterfalls in my surroundings and my cousin kissed me. I am female.

Shopping in dreams portends financial gains and improvement in your economic status. So if you are planning to invest, apply for a promotion or request a raise, the odds are in your favor. However, for you to get the rewards, you would have to undergo a serious test of character. This can be gleaned from the symbolism of a child falling from a building which represents a loss of innocence. Similarly, the waterfall signifies a profound and life-changing event. Finally, kissing with your cousin in a dream vision suggests conflicts and disagreements in reality. In your quest to improve your quality of life, you are going to make enemies who are also vying for and targeting the same goals.

Feeding a child

Having a dream in which you feed a hungry child is a positive symbol. It represents a demanding project or activity which could take a large amount of time and effort to finish that would bring a great degree of personal satisfaction or financial benefit when it is complete. One who experiences this vision might find that it serves as a source of encouragement for them if they are pursuing a long term goal, such as attending school or child rearing.

A crying child

Seeing or encountering a crying child in a dream is a warning that you may want to rethink your current actions towards the things which are important to you. This sign portends that these actions or intentions could result in a dangerous or hazardous situation or outcome in your future. If you receive this sign, it may be prudent to delay impactful decisions until you take stock of your actions.

Death of your child

If you have a child, having a nightmare about the death of that child is surprisingly a positive sign. This sign is an indication that your child should be able to avoid any serious diseases and any threats to their safety or well-being that he or she might become exposed to. Despite the emotional distress such a nightmare might cause, it can actually be considered a favorable message to any parent.

Punishing a child

Dreaming of yourself punishing a child symbolizes that you may currently be dissatisfied with your current work. This sign portends that you may be unfulfilled by or uncomfortable with the work that someone else has given you. This dream can also symbolize that you might be experiencing great unhappiness or disappointment while doing tasks or duties that you dislike.

Saving a child who is not mine

Saving an unknown or unfamiliar child from danger represents overcoming some moderately sized issue plaguing you in reality. Your computer may come down with a virus or you may drop your phone and shatter the screen. These unpredictable situations could suddenly put you in a financial bind or make it difficult to do things normally, like contacting family or looking up directions.

Yourself as a child

Dreaming of seeing yourself as a child indicates that your actions and behaviors may be inappropriate. These times of inappropriate conduct could result in disappointing those around you and damaging their perception of you. As a result of this, these people could begin to distance themselves from you. Upon receiving this sign, one may want to evaluate their behavior and determine whether these actions are worth continuing.

Death of a child

Witnessing a child die is an ill omen of a bleak future. Folklore depicts children as symbols of hope, hence the demise of a child indicates the end of innocence or child-like wonder. An encounter with a vile individual or seeing corruption first-hand will open your eyes to the darker side of humanity. At the extreme end, you could become jaded and stop caring about important issues. On the other hand, the death of your own child is an auspicious symbol about recovery and health. A sick loved one will fully recover or they will enjoy a strong immune system to ward off communicable diseases.

A playful child

Encountering or being around a playful or mischieveous child in a dream symbolizes that others in your real life may have a serious or impersonal businesslike attitude towards you. It may be in your best interest to determine whether these attitudes are for the best or whether they cut you off from developing personal relationships.

Looking for your child

Dreaming about trying to find your child represents that you may be able to regain lost hope or fix your dissatisfaction towards your own dreams. This sign can represent that you may receive a chance to work towards realizing your own unfulfilled aspirations in the future. You could be excited about starting a new venture or having another chance to work on a dream you always wanted to make come true.

This dream could also symbolize that there are many small obstacles and difficulties accompanying your future endeavors. These difficulties, while minor, could postpone the completion of your future projects or make it very difficult to achieve your chosen goals. This may end up testing your perseverance, but one should attempt to not miss this second chance.

Walking with a child held by a hand

Dreaming of holding a child by his or her hand while taking a stroll is a positive sign that symbolizes the successful resolution of a difficult or dangerous occurence. This sign can also represent that in the near future you would be able to overcome any potential hardships or misfortunes which could presently be blocking your life's path in some way.

An unhappy child

Dreaming of encountering or attempting to take care of an unhappy child is an indication that your current behavior could be affecting your reputation. Your current actions could cause others to experience negative emotions which may cause them to think poorly of you. This can slowly ruin your image if it goes on for too long.

A sad or crying child

Dreaming of seeing a miserable-looking or crying child is an ill omen that symbolizes upcoming troubles, saddening news, or tremendous disappointment. Close friends, family, or acquaintances that you trust could begin to treat you as an enemy. These people may start to show signs of ill intent or outright hostility towards you.

Kissing a child

A dream in which you kiss a child should be considered a positive sign. This dream symbolizes that you could soon have a series of peaceful or serene intervals in your life. These periods could bring about some beneficial outcomes and give you time or opportunities to rest and reflect on your life and its direction.

Losing a child

The type of loss you experienced in your vision can change the interpretation of this symbol, according to the works of Edgar Cayce. For instance, losing your child while you are out shopping or at a theme park may refer to pursuing goals that would end up being a waste of time. You may invest a lot of time or money in a new business only for it to completely flop. Alternatively, loss of a child in the sense of death, however, could mean that your child would have to deal with some health problems in the near future. This could be anything from needing their wisdom teeth removed to having to go through emergency surgery.

An unattractive child

Dreaming of encountering or seeing a child you find unattractive is a negative sign that you might soon get involved with many small but very annoying issues. You should be able to resolve of overcome these niggling annoyances with some work, but they may not be worth the time and effort they take to settle.

Protecting a child

Envisioning yourself as the protector of a child means you are committed to creating a sustainable future. You are probably worried about the decaying state of the world and you are taking steps to counteract further environmental damage. This period of enlightenment will lead to concrete action, from channeling Marie Kondo's minimalist lifestyle to supporting ethical companies. Alternatively, you may be worried about your own children's well-being and this concern is manifesting in your dream.

A healthy and attractive child

Dreaming of encountering an attractive, healthy-looking child symbolizes that you should be able to rely on the help and support of those around you. These people may be able to offer assistance without requiring anything in return for that assistance. During future hardships you may want to consider asking for help even if it is not in your nature, as the assistance and support from these sources can be obtained freely and easily.

Having a child for childless

If you do not have a child, dreaming of having or parenting a child is a favorable sign. This sign predicts that you could soon gain the favor or approval of other individuals. The support gained from these individuals could place you into an advantageous position. This dream can also represent being triumphant and succeeding in a project or activity which you are currently putting effort into.

Carrying an injured child

I dreamt of carrying a child (a boy) with head injury and covered in blood to a nearby clinic or hospital. In real life, I am scared of blood. This child was left by two grown men on the curbside who ran away after I shouted at them.

Carrying a little boy in your arms represents a new beginning or the start of a different way of life. The child's head injury and the blood you saw, however, suggest this may not be the most auspicious development, as blood can represent illness or worry. Perhaps this vision is warning you that an upcoming sickness could derail your plans and send you down a different path than you were expecting.

Child falling into water

A child slipped, fell, hit head and fell back into raging waters.

This vision is an ominous sign related to health problems within your family. In essence, an injured child represents sickness and the possible death of one of your family members. The raging waters further support this interpretation by highlighting the idea of traveling across the River Styx and into the next life. This death may cause great sadness and heartache within your family circle.

A strange child

Seeing or encountering a strange and unfamiliar child in a dream represents that someone in your life may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of things such as emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in that conversation with you. If you receive this sign, it may be prudent to make yourself more readily available to those who might need your help.

Being a parent of a child

Having a dream in which you envision being the parent of a child symbolizes that you may desire to establish a connection with someone you consider important in your life. It could also indicate that you possess an inability to maintain a strong relationship with people whom you consider important to you, such as your parents or your siblings. Upon receiving this sign, it may be in one's best interests to commit to some introspection in order to determine the reason behind their flawed relationships.

Having a child for a single woman

If you are a single unmarried woman, having a dream in which you take care of a child symbolizes that your image could be in danger. A series of thoughtless actions or behaviors could result in large and lasting damage to your reputation. Upon receiving this sign, one may want to be cautious and spend time deliberating on their actions to avoid any negative consequences.

A child running in the field

Dreaming of looking at a child running in a field is a symbol of personal rejuvination and renewal. Something in the near future may happen that could result in you becoming revitalized. It can also represent that great progress and development will soon befall where you live. These developments will contribute to future hope and peace in your society.

Your deceased child

The image of your child as dead in the dream realm is highly ominous and should be considered a harbinger of misfortune to come. Your son or daughter may be in grave danger, either from illness or an accident. It would be wise to carefully take stock of your baby's state of being and seek out medical advice by making contact with a medical professional if you see or notice something than causes you concern.

Being a child in your own arms

I saw me as a child in my own arms without any expression on my face.

This dream about seeing yourself as a child could be indicative of your tendency to exhibit inappropriate or offensive behavior or treat people in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they can have a very low opinion about you or try to avoid you at all costs. Holding yourself in your own arms and with no facial expression could mean that you do little to nothing about improving the situation because you try to rationalize your actions and attitude.

A child getting hit by a car

My child and I were at a park playing and heading home. Her on her tricycle, and I am on a scooter. I fell and she got ahead of me. I turned the corner to find her hit by a car in the middle of the street and I could hear her screaming.

The park symbolizes a place of renewal and readjustment. Perhaps playing in the park with your child in the dream is a manifestation of your desire to connect with her deeper. Both the tricycle and the scooter represent a carefree spirit and youthful attitude. In a way, you may envy her youth or maybe it is this free-spirited aspect of yourself that you have in common with her. The accident could be a projection of your fears for her well-being. You may be worried that her carefree ways could get her into trouble. Then again, the accident and her screams suggest a possible strain in your relationship. A re-connection and renewal of your bond may be necessary to ward off such fearful visions.

A child picking flowers

Having a dream in which your own child is perceived picking flowers, or another child if you do not have one, is a favorable sign of spiritual growth. This sign indicates that you may see a marked improvement in your personal character soon. This personal character improvement could result in acquiring positive attributes such as kindness, empathy or bravery.

A cheerful and happy child

Visions of a joyful, smiling and content child in a dream can signify that other people may have positive attitude towards you. The positive emotions others have towards you, such as respect or love, may carry over into your dealings with them and result in favorable outcomes for both you and them.

A crippled or disfigured child

Dreaming of crippled or disfigured babies can be a wake-up call to the negative impact of your bad habits on the well-being of those around you. It serves as a powerful reminder that your actions can inadvertently harm the relationships you cherish, especially with your family members. This dream may be urging you to take a closer look at your habits and addictions, such as alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, which could potentially lead to fatal consequences. Embracing healthier choices and breaking free from destructive behaviors can not only improve your own health but also strengthen your connections with loved ones. By heeding this dream's message, you have the opportunity to create a positive and supportive environment for yourself and those you care about.

Someone you know with a child

Having a dream in which someone you know is with or next to a child symbolizes that you may have a platonic interest in this person. This may be because you are in need of a favor or assistance which only this person can provide. Or, they may have a connection to someone else who could be of some benefit to you, such as a boss's assistant or aide.

Playing or romping with a child

Dreaming of yourself playing or cavorting with a child, whether he or she is your own or someone else's, is a favorable symbol. This dream is a sign that you would be able to achieve and secure success in your romantic or business ventures or activities. If one experiences this dream vision, it may be in their best interest to consider applying themselves at their work or taking advantage of opportunities in their love life.

This symbol can also represent your tireless attempt in trying to find a better, more stimulating job or occupation. You may be trapped in a job situation that you do not particularly like or find emotionally draining for a long while and try to find a job that you truly feel suits you and your personality. This sign does not necessarily indicate that you should stop trying to find a new job at the moment, it simply means that the trials towards this new dream job could be somewhat arduous and demanding.

Having a child for married women

If you are a married woman who is currently deliberating on having a child, dreaming of having a child could be symbolic of you soon becoming pregnant and having a happy, healthy baby. This sign can also represent that you should be able to avoid any complications or health problems for both yourself and the child during your pregnancy. A prospective mother should still take precautions during her pregnancy, even if she receives this sign.

A child wearing a mask

Wearing a mask usually means a loved one is hiding their problems from you for whatever reason. So, to see a child wearing a mask is a particularly troubling dream symbol because it is an allusion to the struggle of a vulnerable member of your family. A child, perhaps your own, could be using illegal substances and successfully hiding this addiction from you. Alternatively, a loved one may be preying on helpless individuals for their own pleasure or desire to dominate. It is up to you to be more observant if anyone looks like they are behaving suspiciously. Your family's safety and reputation are at stake.

Child dying

The image of a child dying is a highly vivid and symbolic image to perceive while dreaming. Shamanistic sources suggest that this symbol is the manifestation of worry about a variety of issues in reality. In a sense, it is linked with a feeling of helplessness and despair. Perhaps there is a major issue afflicting your area, like violence or a pandemic, that is weighing heavily on your mind and heart. It can be considered a message from your subconscious that you need to unburden yourself by talking with someone you trust, like a family member or medical professional.

A child you don't have

Envisioning a child when you are childless in reality is a powerful portent according to traditional dream sources. It means you are on the verge of reaching your highest goals or achieving your most wild dreams. Even if you currently believe that these ambitions are unattainable, this symbol suggests that anything is possible with dedication and creativity. If you have considered giving up or changing your path, perhaps you should reconsider. Maybe you only need to alter your method in order to succeed.

Child being taken away

This ominous dream symbol is a prescient message of a mistake you could commit. Usually, when a child is taken away, either kidnapped or simply taken by a parent, means you may do something that is against your core beliefs. Perhaps a manipulative person would con you into participating and you would end up disillusioned. But this could also be an opportunity for enlightenment and introspection. This will teach you a thing or two about yourself and decide what path you want to take moving forward.

Your child before they are born

Children are often thought to be the manifestation of our own hopes and dreams for the future, either for them or for ourselves. As such, visions of your child before they are born are a reflection of what you may be thinking about in reality. It could be something you are actively considering, like moving to a better, more child-friendly neighborhood, but it is also possible that it is a subconscious curiosity about what the future holds in store for you and yours.

Someone hurts your child

Witnessing your child experiencing bodily harm or being emotionally hurt by someone in a dream sends a negative message about upcoming hardships. The esoteric community regards dreaming that someone hurts your child as an ill omen foretelling calamity, be it a personal one or a tragedy that befalls your community. The exact occurrence or duration of this calamity will depend on the other symbols present in the dream.

Pulling out drinking straws out of child's head

I have had this dream before but drinking straws are in my child's head and when I squeeze them out its a straw but no matter what they keep going back.

This dream about pulling drinking straws out of your child's head signifies your preoccupation and great concerns about your child's physical well-being or the way he or she is treated by other people. It could also be a reflection of the state of your own health because of the time and care you devote to raising this child. You could feel that you are being emotionally or physically strained trying to provide the best for the child and realizing you are not giving enough or that your efforts are not sufficient for the happiness and well-being of your baby. Judging by the last sentence of your dream description, you have been trying to resolve this issue for quite some time now.

A deceased child resurrecting

I saw a child in a white coffin whose dead body was brought to my home by a boy who is my classmate. He kept that body just in front of me. Suddenly the dead child hold my hand and said "I don't want to go" and I replied to that child in anger that you have to.

Seeing a child who has passed away, particularly one in a coffin, indicates a child close to you becoming seriously ill or getting in an accident in the near future. The image of the child suddenly waking up and wanting to stay with you may represent recent situations in which you have blown off or avoided hanging out with people close to you, especially family members and relatives who you have spent a lot of time with in the past. The anger you feel may reflect current feelings of wanting to be free of familial obligations. However, this dream seems to be a warning that ignoring your past in favor of your present is likely to cause feelings of regret in the future, particularly if some tragedy occurs.

A child with grey eyes

A child with grey eyes.

Dreaming about seeing or staring into grey eyes is a forewarning about a possibility of crossing your paths with a deceitful and conniving individual or group of people who would make it their first priority to take advantage of your gullible nature or other weaknesses in personal character. The notion that it was a child could also indicate that these circumstances could be affecting not you, but someone in your life who may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in a conversation with you. If you know someone in your waking life who may evoke such feelings in you, it may be prudent to make yourself more available to them.

A child walking on a busy road

Dreams about my 7-year old daughter walking alone on a local busy road. Why am I dreaming this?

This could be a reflection of your concerns over your daughter. The street signifies the path she would take as she grows older. It is possible that you are anxious about the coming adolescent years and the times you are not around to supervise her. However, there is no need to fret just yet. Dreaming of loved ones walking alone is merely a subconscious state reminding the dreamer to continue being present and to take care of them.

A child falling and ending up in a coma

My boyfriend's daughter fell off a stage while in his care. And was then in hospital in a coma.

A dream in which you witness a child falling, more specifically, somebody you know like your boyfriend's daughter, could have some negative connotations for people close to you. It portends the possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child falling ill to a sickness or an affliction shortly. You may be able to be of some assistance or provide moral support during such trying times should you choose to.

A child given a high position

I saw my kid been crowned the chief of our community.

Being crowned is highly significant in dream visions, as it usually points toward major changes and improvements in the individual observed being crowned. Considering that it was your child's perception in this setting, you could soon start seeing some major positive changes in their behavior or physical appearance, possibly a growth spurt or a building of character and a strong personality.

A future child resembling a friend

I saw my future child who saw me and ran to me saying "Da-da" and I saw their eyes which I've only ever seen on my friend.

Envisioning your future child in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a connection with someone you consider important in your life or improve a relationship that could be faltering. Considering it was your friend's eyes this child appeared to have, it could point toward this particular friend being the one with whom you need to reconnect.

A child dying after swallowing drugs

I had a dream we were skating. My brother dropped dope out of his pocket unknowingly and my 2-year-old picked it up. Before I could do anything, he had swallowed the whole thing and I looked him in his eyes to see him dying and sad and struggling.

Skating, in the context of dream visions, represents your feeling that you have your life under control. This is opposed by the image of your brother who, whether he uses drugs in real life or not, you feel may not be making the most rational or beneficial decisions, leading to a life of chaos. You are concerned, as can be seen in the image of your dying child, that your brother's actions may negatively affect you and your family. This vision is possibly a message from your subconscious that is warning you of the danger of continued association with your brother under the current circumstances.

A child left in the storm

In my dream I'm told that there is a child in a storm water and I could also hear him crying and there was a man standing next to the storm water.

The storm and the child are images that play off each other in the dream world. While the child represents worries and concerns that are directly related to your lifestyle and well-being, the storm can be interpreted as the manifestation of hardships and evil present in the world at large. In a sense, imagining a child in a storm can reflect your selfish tendency to ignore the universal issues happening around you and only pay attention to what affects you personally. Alternatively, you could be crying and complaining about the injustices in your life while others around you are suffering more.

A child pointing at something

A couple, a maid holding a child and myself in a room where the child goes on pointing out to something in the room a couple of times to me. I couldn't see anything. It was scary.

Dreaming about someone trying to get your attention by pointing at something could mean you are feeling guilty or fearing that you could be persecuted by others in your circle but you are unable to discern clearly what exactly you did wrong. Perhaps you are afraid you are about to get caught for a past offense or you are considering doing something which could be seen as very negative by others. The notion that it was a child who was the one pointing could mean you are feeling at odds with the innocence the child represents and your actions.

A child with blue hands

Child with blue hands.

A child with blue hands represents a desire to have children but being unable to do so for some reason either for yourself or someone you know closely. If it is you, perhaps it is not an appropriate time in your life, or maybe you are physically unable to procreate. In either case, your desire for offspring, while currently unattainable, may be possible in the future. You could go through a procedure that would allow you to sire biological children, go through the adoption process or become involved in groups that mentor children.

A woman claiming to be your child

Woman claiming to be my child turns into a child when she takes a bath.

Rather than looking at the symbols present individually, this dream is better interpreted as a whole. That said, this vision seems to suggest that minor troubles and inconveniences in wake life are putting a strain on your closest relationships. For instance, you may be out of work, having to juggle multiple schedules or simply over-inundated with small tasks around the house. These little troubles build up and can cause you to lash out at family and friends, whether they deserve your ire of not. This dream vision may be a reminder to try and be more diplomatic and patient, even when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Taking someone's child to school

Taking someone else's child to school, such as doing carpool or a favor for a friend, reflects your natural inclination toward helping the next generation. You have the skills, patience and temperament within you to help, teach or guide young people, even kids and babies. Perhaps you could begin a career as a teacher or guidance counselor. Alternatively, if your interests are in other fields, you could mentor a young person in high school or university who is also enthusiastic about how you contribute to society.

Having a child with a black lady

One of my female friends (age 43) had a dream about me and this is what she sent me. "I had a dream about you last night. I kind of rented a room at your house. And you were living with a black woman and you had a daughter together. She could of been maybe 6-7 years old. In the dream you were on a ladder getting something from the attic and the mum and the girl were putting a doll to bed. Everything felt very much in harmony, happiness, love".

The images embedded in this dream vision are highly symbolic and contain positive connotations. For one, the image of you being with a black woman and having a daughter with her suggests that you are seeking companionship and intimacy. You want to feel protected and valued, especially now that you are entering a phase where new responsibilities and positive changes await whether you start realizing it now or not. This is supported by the vision that you are getting something from the attic. It indicates that you are now ready to face your fears and inner demons. Hence, a support system is much needed at the moment. At present, you might be facing some difficulties at work or in your career but take heart, you are in the right direction in your life. This is the reason why your friend felt harmony and happiness at the end of the dream. It is a direct reflection of what lies ahead of you if you persevere more.