Dreams Related To Chest

Chest as part of your body

Dreaming of seeing your own chest indicates deep-seated issues or nostalgic feelings. The overwhelming emotions taking over may either be positive or negative. On the positive end, it may reveal your resilience and strong sense of pride. You do not give up easily no matter how bleak things may seem. On the other hand, your chest could also represent unnecessary aggression and hostile reactions due to emotional triggers from your past experiences. Your inability to control your emotions could get you in trouble.

Thin and scrawny chest

A thin and scrawny chest is a negative dream symbol. For women, this dream portends disappointments in love and romance. You could be blinded by initial attraction, but the relationship would not live to your expectations. Meanwhile, men who dream about this symbol would likely experience failures professionally or even in your personal life. Perhaps your project would fall short of your targets or you could have a hard time finding a wife or partner for life for various reasons.

A man's chest for females

Females dreaming about a man's chest is often significant of happiness. It means that you would soon achieve a joyful existence. The appearance and characteristics of the chest could also provide additional clues about the source of your happiness. For example, if the chest was hairy in your dream vision, it means your future would be marked by wealth and a blissful marriage. This is especially true for single young women. You and your future husband would likely inspire and push each other to live better.

Someone's enormous chest

Dreaming of someone's enormous chest is a positive dream symbol for both men and women. For women, especially young and unmarried females, it means you can look forward to a happy and stable marriage. For men, this could be an indication of positive developments in your career. You may finally get that promotion or find a more challenging opportunity that also pays well. Alternatively, this could also point to more creative pursuits. Perhaps you would find the time and money to fund your passion projects.

A male's chest exposed in public

Dreaming that a male's chest is publicly exposed likely points to a dilemma ahead involving a close friend or loved one. This person may be accused of a petty crime, such as stealing or shoplifting. Instead of severing ties with this person or making quick conclusions about his persona, reserve your judgments until after the issue has been investigated and resolved. Otherwise, you could leave him hanging during a critical time while being accused of a crime he may not have committed in the first place.

Unable to open a treasure chest

I had a dream of finding treasure but not being able to find the missing key.

Finding treasure or some other hidden precious item is often associated with the idea of the resources that exist at your fingertips, namely your family and friends. This sign in a dream vision is often thought to serve as a reminder of the vast source of knowledge and experience at your disposal. However, not having the key to tap into these reserves could indicate the presence of an impediment, possibly a poor relationship, which may prevent you from ever getting the information or support you need.