Dreams Related To Cherry

Planting cherries

I dreamed of planting small plants, like rootings. Then they grew into big lush green plants, like a garden full of large green plants. Also, I dreamed of seeing plant bushes full of red cherries. Then someone mowed them down with lawnmower.

A dream about seedlings that grow into lush, green plants denotes maturity as well as prosperity. Fairly soon, you would start reaping the rewards of all your hard work, be it your personal relationships or in your professional career. Cherries symbolize close family ties, so most likely the rewards or blessings ahead are related to your family and loved ones. You could reconcile with parents, siblings or relatives with whom you have a strained relationship or you could reunite with a former flame. Unfortunately, the lawn mower means your short temper could sabotage the reconciliation or threaten to destroy everything you have worked for until now. A bit of provocation could push you to the edge and make you lash out on others.