Dreams Related To Chef

Being a chef and attacked by animals

I was with a blond girl who's my wife, we were at a school with other people who were all chefs, me and my wife are chefs as well. When we got home, a brown bear tried to kill me while my brother was just casually playing PlayStation. I couldn't even see which brother it was. Eventually I hid in the roof while I camouflaged myself with toothpaste, but he still found me, he bit my thumb off and disappeared. Then I was in a jungle being chased by a human-like dinosaur. Throwing giant boulders at me.

Your dream could be manifesting deep-seated issues bubbling up as a result of a stressful situation in your life. First of all, seeing yourself as a chef in the dream alludes to plans and ventures you may be thinking of pursuing. Chefs represent mastery and knowledge, so it is possible that you are considering furthering your education or perhaps aiming for a promotion. However, in order to fully realize your plans, decisive steps are necessary. Unfortunately, an influential person may be preventing you from achieving your goals, as symbolized by the bear. This "attack" could potentially bring up feelings of ineptitude, insecurity and self-loathing that are rooted in your past, which manifested as the dinosaur in your dream.