Dreams Related To Cheetah

Fighting with people and being pursued by cheetahs

I'm an 18 year old boy. My dream started with me wrestling a fat boy (my age and height), I strangled until he passed out then I ran to my room to pack my clothes and leave. When I was almost done he recovered and picked a kitchen knife, when I saw that, I picked a pillow and held it around my abdomen to protect it and also picked two kitchen knives. When he was close to me, I told him to stop fighting with me and he did immediately, I and some other men were pursuing a person (I did not see his face) up and down a building we were pursuing him, I found myself hiding under tree roots that formed a room. While I was hiding, people with their cameras came to where I was and started questioning me. I came out of my hiding place and saw that the man we were pursuing looked like a tribal chief and was fighting with my team that looked like an ancient tribe members. We were fighting with him when he shouted "Cheetahs!". We turned and about 5 cheetah running towards us. Everyone but me ran towards one direction. The cheetahs pursued me.

The beginning of your vision, wrestling with the fat boy and hurriedly packing your clothes to leave, are often thought to be predictors of sudden, unexpected change in reality. Usually, this is the type of change that would be opposite to what you expected, for instance, having a good outcome rather than a bad one. The two knives in this vision represent the dual sided nature of this symbol. The first interpretation of the knife suggests changes in your private or family life, while the second meaning is associated with misunderstandings. The source of the misunderstandings may be found in the room formed by tree roots, a symbolic representation of feeling trapped. Within your family unit, you may feel confined to a particular role or destiny, leading you to have disagreements with those closest to you. This is because you know that a great destiny awaits you, as is seen in the image of the cheetahs pursuing you. However, as the first part of this vision makes clear, you may be able to suddenly make some headway with helping the rest of your family unit understand you and your great purpose in life.