Dreams Related To Check

An actor giving a big check

I dreamt a popular international gospel movie actor gave me a big check. But I was wondering why I gave him my foreign account number to write the payment details and not my local account number after he left. Meanwhile, I do not have a foreign account now, not in Beverly Hills.

Receiving a big check predicts a huge opportunity about to fall on your lap. The famous actor is a symbol of personalities you admire or respect in reality, so receiving a check from him means you are close to achieving your aspirations. Meanwhile, the foreign account refers to your financial issues or money problems. This is the obstacle you need to overcome. While you have the brilliant idea and the drive to succeed, you are missing the funding needed to implement your plans. You therefore need to find an investor or backer to help you raise the funds needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Cashing a check

Dream about cashing a check at Regions bank.

Cashing a check at a bank symbolizes bad news for you or someone close to you shortly. Your business might suffer a financial loss, or someone you care for could become ill. Whatever the case, be prepared for the worst and remain steadfast in overcoming this setback.

Receiving a check from a court clerk

I was in court for an unknown reason. An older mature black woman, possibly the Court Clerk, summoned me to her desk and began writing. She gave me a check for $546,416 and said that it was an inheritance from a long-lost relative.

Being in a courtroom or courthouse without a specific reason can be interpreted as a sign that all your unhappiness and misfortune are about to be replaced with joy and good luck. In a sense, it represents wrongs being righted throughout multiple aspects of your life. Receiving money is symbolically linked with your thoughts and personality, suggesting that you are a kind and generous person. In this case, you may spread your happy situation among others, increasing the love and satisfaction of all around you.