Dreams Related To Cheating

Being cheated on

Dreaming of seeing yourself in a situation where you are being cheated on by your spouse or lover is a positive sign. It means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be worry free and have a carefree existence.

Cheating on your significant other

Seeing yourself cheating on your significant other in your dreams is a warning about soon being confronted with an accusation that you have done some illegal or criminal act or acted inappropriately in your past.

Resisting cheating

Dreaming of seeing yourself resisting cheating temptations on your spouse is a good sign that you will have a fruitful and fulfilling relationship that will make both of you very happy.

Spouse cheating

Seeing your spouse or lover cheating on you in your dreams is a warning that you are being too trusting and vulnerable, and these characteristics may at times be used against you by people who desire to take advantage of you.

Confessing about cheating

Dreaming of confessing about cheating to your spouse or lover means your current position in life is dissatisfying to you, and you are getting ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that your life's situation changes for the better.

Cheating with a prostitute

Dreaming of cheating with a prostitute on your spouse or lover is a sign that people you surround yourself with do not take you seriously and often ridicule your actions, decisions, and behaviors behind your back when you are not around these people.

Boyfriend cheating with best friend

Envisioning your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend is likely a metaphor for your own insecurities and low self-esteem in wake life. This vision alludes to your own issues with confidence by preying on your fears that there are other people who are more beautiful, smarter or funnier than yourself. In essence, your best friend is a stand in for any individual in your life whom you may be jealous of or whose lifestyle you covet.

Getting caught cheating

Getting caught while in the act of cheating on your spouse or current partner is an ill omen in dream visions. Modern dream interpreters, such as Miller, suggest your past may soon come back to haunt you in a very public and humiliating way. You should be very concerned about who knows things related to your past, especially if they have a reason for making that information public knowledge.

Being lied to and cheated on

Lying and cheating, as a single dream symbol, often say more about the dreamer than who they are dreaming about. As two parts of a complex social problem, lying and cheating suggest the dreamer is both aware of their faults but unable to do anything about them. Specifically, this symbol is often seen by those who are gullible or take things at face value. While they may recognize a need to be more careful and discerning, opportunities to practice this skill without consequence are few and far between. It may be a long time before those skills are developed enough to be of use to the dreamer.

Cheating on my girlfriend

Dreams centered around cheating might bewilder you, however, these are one of the most common dreams among dreamers who are in a relationship. This symbol indicates that you are afraid of being accused of something you did not do in a timely manner by someone very close to you, not necessarily your girlfriend. It can also show that you are experiencing some disagreement with your significant other, and more details of the dream can reveal whether you can get back on track or make it worse.

Cheating on spouse

Married people who dream about adultery should expect major conflict in their marriage. The increasing lack of communication between the two of you could lead to divorce. This could also mean that one of you is being dishonest which is causing more and more strain in the relationship. If you are single or not married in real life, then this symbol is an allusion to shady deals and suspicious transactions which could lead to legal troubles. Remember to read the fine print to protect yourself from litigious entities.

Actively cheating on your spouse

To see yourself actively cheating on your spouse and enjoying it in your dreams is an indication of a potential breakup or divorce. It could also mean you are getting prepared to live a life without a stable partner because of your carelessness and refusal to take your relationship seriously.

My boyfriend was cheating on me

This dream is a typical cheating dream and very common in dream interpretation. Being cheated on can point to your fear of losing your boyfriend maybe because of some past event that your subconscious is elaborating on now. Sometimes it can also show some uncertainty existing in your relationship, but can be an alerting sign of people around you in waking life who want to cause you and your boyfriend complications and trouble.

Confronting girlfriend about cheating

I ring my girlfriend to find out she's been cheating on me, but she gets picked up by my ex-girlfriend, her friend, to be taken to her house which is my home from when I was younger and another ex-girlfriend and lives with that ex-girlfriend's mum. As my girlfriend gets home I wait to confront her, I say a bit at the same time I bumped into the Welsh football team and they came third in euros.

To dream that you are being cheated on by your current girlfriend reveals your insecurities and fears about your connection with each other. Maybe you think it is not stable enough for your partner to warrant your full trust. This could also be a projection of your own indiscretions and mistakes. The presence of your ex-girlfriends means that your current problems may be hinged on past affairs and that there are lessons you need to learn to avoid falling into the same old patterns. Alternatively, this could be a promising sign of entering a new phase. Perhaps this is merely a test and should you overcome existing obstacles, you may finally achieve contentment.

Cheating on my boyfriend

Cheating on your boyfriend during REM sleep is not necessarily a prophesy that you would commit such an act nor is it an indicator that you have been unfaithful in the past. Rather, this dream symbol suggests you may be accused of something illegal or immoral in reality. While the accusation may or may not be true, it would cause you a lot of trouble by making some of your friends to doubt you or putting you under intense scrutiny by those with power over you, like your parents, a teacher or a boss.

Vindictive cheating

Dreaming of doing vindictive cheating on your spouse or lover in order to prove a point to him or her is an indication you will have a lot of happiness and balance with the person you are in a relationship with or married to right now.

Boyfriend cheating with other girls

We're taking a bath with my friend together with my boyfriend that's weird, so we were totally naked and I asked them why you didn't shy to my boyfriend. I asked my friend then she just smiled I felt something wrong, then suddenly they admitted it that something happened to them. Earlier I dreamed about my sister-in-law having sex with my boyfriend I don't know what does it mean :( Can you help me is my boyfriend cheating on me? :(

This dream does not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It rather reflects your worries and concerns about your boyfriend's actions and behavior, and about the future of your relationship. It also transpires an overall lack of confidence in your boyfriend or the existence of feelings of jealousy. More specifically, if you are in love and had a dream about being naked, it is possible that the one you currently love is not your true love. It could also mean that this person is self-centered, overpowering and dominating. He would make you feel submissive or fragile in regards to your feelings. Moreover, you had a vision of a threesome and of an affair. Both these encounters involved people who are close to you. This could suggest that you feel that neither of you is being yourselves during your encounters or that you are never fully present during your inter-exchanges. Therefore, you would feel unable to develop an intimate and deep bond. In the long run, these circumstances could culminate in a breakup. The causes of such separation would be mutual misunderstandings or mutual disrespect. You would benefit from discussion your worries with him.

Ex-boyfriend cheating at a hospital

I was standing in the emergency room of a hospital and I saw my ex boyfriend embracing a friend who I met in high school. I watched them hug in a sexual way and it hurt me. He grabbed her backside in front of my face.

Finding yourself in an emergency room of a hospital in the context of this dream reflects your doubts about your recent or intended accusations of infidelity directed at your boyfriend. Perhaps because of some time apart or inability to be together lately you are becoming less trusting and more suspicious of his whereabouts and true feelings toward you. Observing him cheating with someone else right in front of you in this dream could also point to your feelings of insecurity or lacking personal qualities that other people he interacts with possess. This could be related even to mundane, everyday things and do not necessarily put your relationship with him in jeopardy.

Cheating for a married woman

Dreaming about cheating on your lover if you are a married woman means you will soon lose the love and respect of your husband. This loss is due to the anger, irritability, and other negative emotions you have expressed towards him for a while now.

Cheating with a coworker

Cheating on your current partner with a colleague or coworker is not necessarily a negative dream symbol. You could be drawn to this person because you share the same interests or admire certain characteristics. You may even be thinking of emulating this person to help further your career. Alternatively, it is also possible that the act of cheating may also indicate a level of guilt on your part. Maybe you are comparing your significant other with your coworker. Maybe you want your partner to be more like your coworker and you are ashamed to admit this.

Being left and cheated on

The vision of being left by your partner can be very concerning, but its meaning is not necessarily negative. It can be a metaphorical breakup you saw in your dream which indicates an end of a habit, a behavior pattern or an episode in your relationship. Your partner may be giving you more affection lately, so you may sense some change in him or her. Every change is similar to a breakup because something, good or bad, is being left in the past. The act of cheating in this dream can imply that there is some misunderstanding between you and your lover which you can solve by communicating with him or her more often.

Cheating for an unmarried person

If you are an unmarried person and you dream about cheating with someone, then this means you are getting ready to have a series of lovers that will bring with them a mixture of joy and disappointment when it comes to sexual or intimate relationships.

Husband dreaming about wife cheating

Dreams about your wife cheating on you, by finding her in bed with another man or coming across some incriminating clues about her indiscretion, point to lack of developments in your goals and projects. In some cases, this means you are going to fail in your current undertaking because of your tendency to focus on tedious details instead of getting a good grasp of the big picture. You will stress yourself out over tiny tasks which you can easily outsource or delegate to other people. This over-analysis will eventually lead to unsatisfactory results.

Cheating with your spouse's best friend

Dreaming of cheating on your spouse with your spouse's best friend can be a sign of underlying issues in your relationship. It may symbolize feelings of neglect, indifference, or dissatisfaction with your partner in your waking life. This dream could reflect a desire for emotional or physical fulfillment that you feel is lacking in your current relationship. It's essential to approach such dreams with sensitivity and consider them as potential indicators of unmet needs or concerns in your personal life. Open and honest communication with your spouse about your feelings and the state of your relationship can be a constructive step toward addressing any issues that may be affecting your well-being.

Partner is cheating

Envisioning your significant other in the arms of another individual is actually a reflection of your own doubts and lack of confidence. In a sense, seeing your partner cheat is the manifestation of your fears that such a thing really could happen in wake life. Your paranoia and desire to perhaps control who they interact with may blow up in your face, causing them to really seek solace in someone else or just break up with you.

Cheating on the boyfriend discriminately

I dreamt that I cheated on my boyfriend. My boyfriend has a good side and a bad side. I cheated with my boyfriend's bad side, initially, I am cheating with the same person. I woke up and realized he was the same.

Your dream suggests that you harbor a desire which is not yet fulfilled and that could potentially bring harm and havoc to your activities and plans. It appears that this desire for unusual change in your life is due to something inappropriate in the past that could soon be brought to your attention by others. The dual nature of your dream strongly suggests that you are beginning to realize that the cost may outweigh the benefits of your adventurism. Ultimately, you may wish to consider what options are left open for you if you feel that you are confronted with a rising tide of insecurity and uncertainty in your social relations.

Husband cheating during surgery

I was having surgery and had to go down a ladder to get to the surgery floor. A woman I never met was at the bottom of the ladder and claimed my husband was texting her to be with him. I went in an elevator to get to my room and looked at his phone to see they were texting nude photos and inappropriate messages. What does this mean?

This dream involving an act of cheating or indiscretion by your husband could be a reflection of your insecurity and trust issues. Perhaps you are feeling neglected in reality, which is why this scenario appeared in your vision. On the other hand, this dream could be a good sign pointing you in the direction of healing and freeing your mind of anxieties. The surgery alludes to a need for emotional renewal and recovery. You may need to let go of negative thoughts and energies that are holding you back. Being cheated on in this context could be a good thing. It means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be temporarily freed of everyday worries and have a more peaceful existence.

Girlfriend cheating with a gangster

My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years told me she was having sex before I came along with this gangster guy that came out of nowhere. He started threatening me over the phone. It resorted in my girlfriend and I fighting. I ended up hitting her repeatedly (which I don't do), then I pulled up to my house, I walked past him and his car and he was reaching for a gun, a fully automatic uzi. When I got upstairs, I saw through the back window she got in the car with him and left with the passenger door still open.

Dreaming that your longtime girlfriend is sleeping with another man, whether it was inspired by a similar event in reality or not, is the manifestation of your frustration with work and household tasks. Specifically, this vision suggests you are having difficulty completing your duties in a timely manner or that you do not have the resources to take care of things as it should be done. In either case, fighting with your girlfriend represents much the opposite, mainly that she does not blame you for your recent failings. Watching her leave with a dangerous man predicts experiencing the same small fights that normal couples have, but making up with little to no long-term repercussions.

Cheating and feces everywhere

My girlfriend has been dreaming funny dreams lately. I quote dream 1: "Remember I told you my dream about you catching me red-handed in bed with someone?" Dream 2, I quote: "Recently I had a dream of human waste everywhere and I remember dreaming about someone who is dead. It was my mom shitting in a teapot and l saw human waste everywhere and was asking myself how can I clean this?" This girl has just lost a job of her dreams in a first day of her employment, she was fired from work.

Your girlfriend's first dream in which she was caught cheating is a warning about being confronted with an accusation that she may have been involved in some inappropriate activities. This may be connected to her job in which she did something unethical and her guilty conscience conjured up the cheating scenario. The second dream likewise mirrors her current anxieties. Feces or human waste has been associated with financial matters and poor emotional state. Her mom defecating in a teapot could reveal her dependency on loved ones during this unstable period in her life.

Boyfriend cheating with an older man

Dreamt my boyfriend was cheating with an old man I work with. I caught him in the act and got him to admit to doing it a few more times with different people.

Dreaming that your boyfriend has been cheating on you with multiple people is a negative symbol in the context of dreams. It predicts soon having to work closely with or be around someone or a group of people you do not get along with. This could be due to ideological differences, but more likely it is related to some past experiences that have gotten out of hand. You may have great difficulty completing whatever tasks or goals you are trying to accomplish due to the negative atmosphere.

Befriending cheating boyfriend's girl

I keep dreaming of being friends with the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with. I'm always taking care of her. When in real life, she disgusts me and thinking of her upsets me.

In a dream, seeing yourself being friends with the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with signifies a series of events or a special situation which could bring about friendly relations between you and this girl. This may be due to your forgiving her past transgressions against you, or it could be because she is about to find herself in a similar situation which would make you two bond. In either case, taking care of her reflects and further strengthens the first symbol because it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be free of anger and have peace of mind. Like most things, this newfound tranquility depends upon how much effort you put into it. Try to be the bigger person here and put in the time and effort to create this friendly atmosphere.

Cheating on boyfriend with a girl

Envisioning yourself cheating on your partner is not directly linked to your love life. But rather, this dream reveals some adverse incidents looming around you. According to dream experts, having this vision is a warning for some illegal or immoral allegations you might receive. Someone you trust is likely to betray you, which can greatly damage how you make relationships. It's either because people have completely lost confidence in you, or you think that everyone will also deceive you.