Dreams Related To Chased

Being chased

Being chased in a dream vision generally points towards the rise of some powerful enemy in your life. This person may be a complete stranger or newcomer to your sphere of influence, or they might be someone who you thought very little of before this change in situations. In either case, the interpretation depends on the latter half of the vision. If you were caught while running away, it could suggest being overwhelmed by this person's presence. However, if you were able to escape, you may be able to avoid confrontation or serious negative consequences.

Being chased by a man

Being chased by a man is a projection of your own ineptitude. You are trying to run away from your responsibilities because you prefer living a life of comfort and ease. The man is a metaphor for adulthood and perhaps even your desire to succeed. While you do have ambitions, you lack the focus and determination to turn your dreams into reality. In addition, your fear of failure could be holding you back. Instead of taking a risk, you tend to get stuck in your comfort zone.

Being trapped and being chased

Being trapped and then chased is a symbol that refers to the ups and downs you experience when in a difficult situation. Sometimes you would feel oppressed by the troubles, unable to move or breathe freely under their weight. Other times you would feel frightened and want to escape, leaving all your worries and concerns behind. These issues would likely continue until you are able to get the upper hand or solve the problem completely.

Someone chasing me trying to kill me

Dreaming that someone is chasing you and trying to kill you represents an internal desire to make some big changes in your life. In a sense, the person trying to catch and kill you is the manifestation of your bad habits and long-held beliefs. Until you get past these issues, you would constantly feel like your past is trying to catch up to you.

Being chased by a man at the mall

Running from a man in the mall who was trying to kill us but I got away.

Envisioning that someone is trying to kill you in a dream vision could signify that you are suppressing a wish to change something in your life. A possible interpretation of this symbol is that you are trying to get rid of a bad habit or avoid a harmful trend. Perhaps, you do not even recognize these points are destructive since you give the responsibility to your attacker in the dream. This male character, then, may be an expression of the irritation you feel toward your own behavior.

Chasing someone

In dream analysis, chasing a person represents your perseverance. You are ambitious and motivated to achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles. Even in nocturnal sleep your mind continues to fuel your enthusiasm so that you are fired up and ready for a new day. Alternatively, this symbol may also reveal your lack of progress in comparison to your peers and you feel that you have to exert more effort in order to catch up or overtake them.

Being chased by a killer

Being chased by someone who wants to kill you while you are dreaming has grave implications for your future. Interpretations based on Edgar Cayce's work suggest this symbol means someone is out to get you. In some cases, this could be nothing serious. For example, a rival for your love interest may try to embarrass you in front of your crush. However, this symbol is also associated with more serious threats against your life, like being pushed down the stairs by a jealous teammate or screwed over by a co-worker for an important raise.

Being chased by a madman

Being chased by a crazy madman may reveal upcoming troubles, at least according to Edgar Cayce and his body of work on dream interpretation. In many cases, this type of vision is associated with being targeted in reality, although the degree of danger may be quite variable. You could be dealing with anything from unflattering rumors to actual attempts to sabotage your work. Other symbols in the vision could provide more details or a clearer prophecy for future events.

A friend being chased by others

I was sitting talking to a friend of mine in my dream, then a mate runs past and says "Bit busy, talk soon". The next minute all these people chasing him with pick axes, swords, fire torches, etc.

Sitting and talking with your friend suggests you are able to create deep, lasting relationships with some individuals. You are able to give of yourself and accept the differences in others. Watching another friend being chased and followed by those with the intention to hurt him, however, could mean that you see other friends struggle to establish the same strong connections that you have. Perhaps you pity them or maybe you desire to aid them by showing them how to collaborate with others. In either case, your efforts to be a good friend are appreciated by those around you.

Being chased by a crazy person in the woods

A girl was picked up by her mom in a white van with no doors to go camping. The daughter knew they were lost because they were in the middle of the dark woods. A guy with very crazy hair and blood dripping from his mouth jumped on the car craving their blood. The mom started to hit random people running because she thought the guy would get off and and eat the other people but when she missed a guy, he jumped off and ate him instead. They drove faster and the guy chased them again.

The white van could represent changes in your life or in the life of someone close to you, perhaps a child in your family or someone you are close to who has children. The van's erratic path through the dark woods and the fast drive points toward a sudden change with major consequences, like a 180 degree difference from what has existed before. The crazy man chasing the car represents a great hardship that currently rests on your or this individual's shoulders. It's presence is a constant reminder of things that still need to be done, meaning you cannot relax or rest. This vision does not indicate whether or not this would be a short or long-term situation, but if you are feeling overwhelmed by reality, it may be better to take a step back and force yourself to analyze things more carefully, rather than perform poorly in an exhausted and unhappy state.

Chased by dark entity

My boyfriend of 15 years and myself were being chased through our house by something that I couldn't see. We were both screaming for our lives. We got to the door and my boyfriend pushed me out. Then I see a black misty fog. My boyfriend pushed me out of the house and he was grabbed and jersey back into the house and then he was gone.

This dream vision speaks of incompatibility you may have in this relationship. Even though things seem to work out well between the two of you, there is an obvious presence of external factors affecting you both in a negative way. These could be influences brought about by your families, friends, or even the physical surroundings you live in. Black color is portentous of worse things to come and you should watch for possible shakeups affecting your relationship, not because of your boyfriend's actions or infidelity, but rather circumstantial contributors.

Snake chasing you

The image of a snake chasing you in the dream realm should not evoke fear, at least according to Freudian philosophy. It generally means that you are either intentionally or accidentally outrunning a potential opportunity that would have a positive effect on your future. For instance, you may be avoiding a talk with your boss because you are afraid of being reprimanded or fired, when in reality you are likely to be chosen to head a new team or get a promotion. Alternatively, you may be putting off some other opportunity because it seems too far-fetched to be real. However, if you have the drive and passion, it could become a major success.

Being chased on stairs

I was sleeping and I began to dream that this guy that I am dating and some girl were chasing me in the stairways of the building and trying to rob me. Then I woke up.

Being chased or running away from something or someone is a common dream theme usually brought about by the flight intuition when things are starting to get stressful in your daily life. Perhaps you have made some enemies with significant influence in your social circle and you are struggling to assert yourself in their presence. In your dream, the person you are dating and an unknown girl pursuing you with the intent to rob you could be the signs or signals of self-preservation on your part. You are afraid of being taken advantage of, so you run away from situations that make you feel vulnerable.

Being chased and shot at

Being chased and shot at while you are dreaming is often considered a premonition. This symbol suggests someone specific is out to ruin your life in reality. This could be something as banal as ruining a piece of art you worked on, but it could also mean they are seriously out to hurt you. The source of their anger and frustration with you is likely due to conflicts of interest.

Being chased by people

I was being chased by people trying to kill me. I fell into a huge deep pool of blood and noticed eyeballs floating all around me. The 2 chasings I had stopped and were looking down smiling evilly. It was horrifyingly real and when I woke up, it took about 10 minutes to get over it.

Bad dreams often come up when stressful situations in your life become overwhelming. The symbols are a way for you to understand, confront or cope with the source of tension and anxiety pervading your consciousness. To dream that people are trying to kill you suggests suspicions about people's intentions. It also implies a fear of change and the consequences that come with it in your waking life. Falling into the pool of blood signifies unexpected encounters and unusual events. Certain individuals with considerable influence in your social circle may be instigating certain changes in you or your situation that are making you feel uncomfortable. The eyeballs floating around you in the pool of blood could point to yourself and your ideals. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to dig deep and find the strength within to help you deal with the challenges standing in your way.

Being chased with guns and can't get away

Being chased by someone holding a gun but being unable to get away reflects a dangerous or uncertain situation in reality that you would be incapable of avoiding. While your baser instincts scream at you to run away and avoid the conflict, you would be helpless, trapped in this uncomfortable and potentially compromising situation. You would be trapped and forced to be a participant until the deed is done, which would leave you feeling frustrated, guilty and greatly shaken.

Being chased by dead people

Two dead people my age, both missing one arm and one leg, but opposite were raising out of a creek in the night and tried to run after me, but I didn't run. I just got extremely mad and both of them got in my face and I woke up.

Seeing dead peers or people who are close to your age in your dream is an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior could soon produce a negative effect on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. Considering the fact that their limbs were missing, it could also indicate that there are some weak sides or deficiencies these people can sense in the way you act or present yourself to others, which gives them an "upper hand" to be able to manipulate and possibly take advantage of you.

Being chased by various animals

Hey, I had dreams of animals chasing me, sometimes goats, sometimes bulls and sometimes lions. I saw these dreams repeatedly. Please interpret.

Finding yourself being chased by several kinds of animals in your dream predicts periods of great joy and happiness ahead of you. If these creatures were drawn or attracted to you for some reason, it is symbolic of blessings which are about to come your way. Alternatively, if you feared the animals in this dream, then you are either running away from your desires or suppressing anger in the real world.

Being chased by a dead person

A zombie or dead person chasing you in the dream realm signifies a heightened sense of mortality. This deceased specter ironically reveals how much you love being alive. Hence, running away also represents your willingness to work hard and persevere in the face of difficulty. Perhaps you thrive under pressure and feel more determined when you are being challenged. If this is the case, then the changes ahead of you will definitely give you a sense of thrill because unexpected situations will keep you on your toes.