Dreams Related To Cesarean

Having Cesarean

I just dreamed I will be having a Cesarian again and I saw blood and a piece of broken glass, and I dream I fly and fall into the sea.

If you are pregnant, dreaming about Cesarean could be a warning. You could benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting busy and crowded places, rest more and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. The vision of blood and a shattered glass fragment is also a warning sign. It alerts you about a possible forthcoming period of sickness, feeling uncomfortable or not feeling well. Once again, this is a sign that you should be cautious about your health. At the end of the dream, you flew and fell down into the ocean. This is a promising sign. You will be able to find solutions to the problems which might be hounding your life at the moment. You will also be able to overcome obstacles along the way and achieve your goals. To achieve such positive results, you might have to plunge into your unconscious and establish a closer connection with your feelings, emotions and deeper thoughts. You might have to pay attention to your inner experiences and not get lost in everyday routines.