Dreams Related To Cave

Exploring a magnificent cave

Exploring a particularly impressive cave, such as one with amazing stalagmite or stalactite features, is often considered an auspicious symbol in the dream realm. If the cave seemed mysterious or unexplored, it could mean you would receive some unexpected inheritance from a distant relative or experience favorable changes to your living situation in reality. For single women, this symbol is also associated with marriage or finding a life partner who brings her great happiness and satisfaction.

A cave in general

The general image of a cave in a dream vision can be considered the manifestation of the dreamer's desire to avoid some troubling or annoying aspect of their reality. In that sense, the image of the cave can be compared to a protective shell or cocoon that the dreamer is subconsciously trying to conceal themselves within to distance themselves from the truth of their situation.

Entering a cave

Entering into a dark, mysterious cave during the course of a dream vision is interpreted as a sign that you would soon go through a period of time characterized by hardship, challenges and misfortune. However, if you were able to exit the cave again during the same vision, it could mean that you would not have to suffer for very long.

In a cave with snakes

In a dark cave with snakes, scorpions and running away from someone or something?

Being inside a dark cave means you are seeking refuge. It can also represent exploring your subconscious. Unfortunately, even inside your safe place, there are many threats that lurk. For instance, snakes can represent untrustworthy individuals and ruthless personalities, while scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal as well as being manipulated by someone with significant power and influence. Meanwhile, running away from an unknown danger can signify escapism. You want to escape your problems in reality and this is probably why you are looking for a place of comfort and safety. Unfortunately, as this vision shows you, running away is not the solution. Even if you distance yourself from your troubles, the issues would continue to worry you and keep your mind restless. Therefore, you have to confront your problems and actively find solutions to make them go away permanently.

Seeing a cave entrance from a distance

The image of a distant cave in a dream is often considered a sign that you would soon move house or change your place of residence. In some cases, this would be due to the sudden acquisition of property or real estate.

Being inside a dark cave

Finding yourself inside a dark or dimly lit cave during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It means you may soon make a new acquaintance of someone in reality. However, despite what you may hope, the relationship would not turn out as you want or expect. Another possible interpretation of this symbol ties it with the idea of losing close friendships due to a sudden change in your social status or perceived place in society.

Becoming lost in a cave

Being lost in a maze of caverns is usually considered an ill omen in the dream realm. It predicts soon severing ties with or burning a bridge with a once close friend or group of friends. The cause of this sudden divergence would be growing differences in personality and lifestyle that cannot be reconciled.

A dark, cold and damp cave

A cave that you perceive as being particularly dark, cold and damp is often considered an ill omen in the realm of dream visions. It suggests someone is spreading falsehoods and rumors about you in wake life. However, the identity of this enemy would remain unknown for the present. In this situation, the best thing you can do is ignore their attempts to bait you into doing something actually wrong and just live your life the best way possible.

Seeing bright light while inside a cave

In the context of a dream vision, the image of a bright light within a cave portends finding the correct or most suitable solution for any problems you are experiencing in reality. This could be a major hardship that has weighed heavily on your heart for awhile or a more trivial matter that is merely an annoyance.

A cave depending on your status

Depending on your marital status, the image of a cave takes on special meaning in dream visions. For those who are single or unmarried, the image of a cave points toward a long period of celibacy or a long stretch of time without someone worthy of your affection. For married women, this same symbol portends suddenly becoming a widow. This would bring great sadness and difficulty into her life.

Canoeing in a cave

I was canoeing in a cave with a river. The spaces were increasingly tighter and I had to crawl through some places while dragging my canoe. I made out of the cave, but at the end a person told me there had been a shortage of rain and that's why the river was mostly dried up.

Navigating a cave in the dream world alludes to introspection and self-discovery. The tight spaces and difficulties you have encountered likely refer to your efforts at understanding your own emotions and personal issues. The underground and dark location of your journey suggests deep-seated issues and possibly long-repressed memories. The lack of rain likewise represents your stoic and distanced demeanor. Perhaps something happened in your past that made you into who you are now. In order to transform yourself for the better, you may need to confront your own demons.

In a cave and stung by a scorpion

So we went to the desert and I got stung by scorpions. We were forced to a cave because it was raining and lightning was striking around us. We returned in a hatchback car, we didn't own this vehicle, we took it because it was what we had. We went to the nearest place with people which turned out to be a party. When they inspected me, my hands were swollen and I had black spots where I was stung. A doctor said I have to open up your hand you're getting compartment syndrome and she sliced my pointer finger open. I woke up after this.

There are numerous dream symbols in your dream and they all point to a difficult time followed by recovery or at least an attempt to move forward. Taking shelter in the cave means there will be a lot of changes and upheavals in your life which could change your plans. The rain and lightning in particular symbolize a fling or a short-lived love affair, while the scorpion's sting suggests you will become the subject of gossip in your community. These events will put you off balance and you will try to distract yourself with work, symbolized by the car, and by meeting new people as indicated by the party. However, the swollen hand means you are still hurt no matter how much you try to distract yourself. Perhaps you need to let yourself heal first before you start looking for a new relationship.

Trying to hide in a cave

Trying to hide in a dark, gloomy cave is often thought to reflect a subconscious effort to avoid intimacy with someone in reality. This may refer to sexual intimacy or simply a deep bonding experience. The cause of your desire for space is likely some traumatic or troubling memories from your past. Alternatively, older dreamers who see this symbol could interpret this sign to mean that they no longer see or need sexual contact the way they once did.

Seeing an exit from a cave

Finding an exit to a cave you have been searching around blindly in may shed light on your attempts to live a peaceful and harmonious life. You consider yourself equal to the plants and creatures that inhabit this planet, and you do your best to help maintain the balance of the world within your influence, for example, by living an eco-friendly lifestyle and encouraging others to adopt more planet-friendly habits.

The size of the cave

Caves may serve as an indication that you would soon move households in the near future, although the size of the cave you envisioned in the dream realm may play a significant role in the interpretation. A particularly large, expansive cave, for example, could mean that your new abode would be larger and more spacious than where you currently live. Alternatively, a smaller, cramped cavern could mean you would move somewhere with significantly less square footage.

Living in a cave

Finding that you live in a cave during a dream is indicative of major changes taking place in reality. In most situations, this directly refers to moving or somehow being separated from those who mean the most to you in reality, such as your family members and close friends.

A moonlit cave entrance

The image of moonbeams illuminating the entrance to a cave is a sad symbol to see in a dream. It portends a long, difficult journey to achieve your goals with many rough patches and roadblocks along the way. Your fiercest enemies and rivals would only make this path more difficult for you, and you would have to exert great effort to overcome their attempts to ruin you.

Being in a cave with your boyfriend

Finding yourself in a dark, secluded cave with your boyfriend may be interpreted as a sign that you would soon meet someone new and interesting in reality. This man would seem charming, and it would be easy to admire him from afar or develop a crush on him. However, it is likely that he is not worth your time and energy, as he would only disappoint you in the long run.

Entering a cave with fear

Feeling fear as you enter a cave is not a good sign in a dream vision. It generally means that your significant other, be it your boyfriend or girlfriend, lover or spouse, would soon cause you such great heartache and pain that you would consider breaking up with them for good. While separating may also cause some sadness and loneliness, it would pale in comparison to the disappointment remaining in the relationship would bring about.

Losing sentimental items in a cave

I am in this dark cave with my 2 young daughters and my ex, their dad and there this body of water that we are swimming in and all my sentimental items are on this little ledge and they start falling off and I can't catch them and then something grabs me and is pulling me down and then my kids come in after me, but their dad was able to save them and me and then we run out and get in this old yellow car.

A cave us usually a symbol for the unconscious mind and of everything primitive and wild. Given that it is dark, the dream is probably speaking of some negative, forbidden or censurable feelings, thoughts or experiences. The underground lake further accentuates the idea that this is a dream that is most probably talking specifically about feelings and emotions. For example, it is possible that there are still some perhaps unconscious and unresolved issues with the people that appear in the dream, or other people that are very close to you. These negative and undesired emotions had been pushed down towards the cave into oblivion, and would now be trying to reach out to you and demand your attention. It would perhaps be beneficial to considered these emotions fully, for a better resolution of those problems that you might be trying to forget. Indeed, the end of the dream seems to suggest that you could be able to be successful at this task. This would allow you to move on with your life, at least from an emotional perspective.

A voice in a cave

I was in a dark cave and in this cave there was a bright light shining through the cave I heard a voice speaking to me, but I did not really hear clearly what the voice was telling me. Heard a name from the bible, but I forgot the name that I heard before I was awake.

Being in a cave during a dream vision often represents our deepest, darkest feelings that life is pointless and that we cannot overcome the challenges standing in our way. Things may seem very hopeless at this point in time, making it difficult to muster the energy to even try and change your circumstances for the better. However, the bright light shining through the cave can be interpreted as the literal "light at the end of a tunnel," suggesting that not all hope is lost yet. It may take great effort and dedication to meet your challenges head-on, but there is hope for your success in these endeavors if you just keep on trying.

In a cave with fictional characters

James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and I were in a cave. Peter was scared to come in but ended up coming in. After Peter came in we all sat down.

A dream involving literary or fictional characters usually means that you identify with some of their qualities. In your dream scenario, you represent Padfoot or Sirius Black which means you likely identify most with the character of Sirius. Specifically, perhaps you feel falsely accused of an offense and you want your friends to hear you out before they wrongly judge you. It is also possible that you and your friends are starting to think alike, committing wrongful acts without the safeguard of a dissenting opinion or voice of reason. Maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship if it is still beneficial for your overall personal growth.

River inside a cave

The sight of a cave in your dream state suggests your feeling of being trapped in some aspect of your life, such as your career or personal relationship, and wanting to retreat. You might want to overcome this situation, but you are having a hard time moving forward. You could also be looking for answers to a couple of questions you have. Additionally, the river in this dream holds various interpretations depending on its context. If you are swimming in it or crossing it, there is a chance that you will experience progress in certain areas of your life. Yet, this might also mean that you are suppressing negative emotions that might soon erupt.