Dreams Related To Cat

Petting a cat

Softly stroking and petting a cat in your dreams means you are able to avoid upcoming problems or issues, or you are able to face problems or issues in your life and successfully solve them whenever they occur.

Eating a cat

Dreaming about eating a cat and enjoying the meal is a sign that you are about to be reunited with something you have lost or misplaced in the past, or you are about to regain something that was taken from you at some point in your life without your permission.

Cat on your lap

Dreaming of gently stroking the fur of a cat on your lap while it is sleeping or playing with you is a sign of inappropriateness. It means you are about to partake in indecent or questionable acts that promise to offer you opportunities for some sort of incentive.

Dreams about a black cat mean

Black cat

Seeing a black cat in your dreams represents the presence of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life, which will cause you to experience a lot of uncertainty about yourself and result in facing many confrontations.

Buying a cat for girlfriend

My girlfriend says I was trying to buy her a cat, and I was asking how to feed it.

This vision suggests there is some bad energy around your girlfriend in reality, as cats are generally considered bad luck in the dream realm. Perhaps she is even inviting this negativity into her life by interacting with those who suck the joy out of life or maintaining bad habits, such as a poor diet or smoking. That she envisioned you asking about how to feed the cat may reveal that she sees you as someone who could pull her out of this funk, although she may initially be indignant or hurt by the prodding to adopt a better lifestyle. In the end, though, she would appreciate your concern for her health and well-being, which would surely help both of you as a couple.

Playing with a cat

Seeing yourself playing with a cat in your dreams is a sign of mistrust. It means some of the people you once trusted will soon prove to be dishonest and capable of betraying your trust.

When you dream about seeing a cat or cat following you

Seeing a cat

Seeing a cat and having it try to follow you in your dreams is a sign of misfortune entering your life soon. However, if you got rid of the cat by scaring it off or killing it in your dream, then this means the misfortune can be decreased or even managed by you.

Family bathing with black cats

My dream was that me and my childhood family all lived in the same house, but we all decided to part ways because my stepdad tried to sleep with my sister who is his daughter. Moving out me and my parents and siblings. Four black cats inside a tub of water because they had fleas and my oldest sister intentions were to give them a bath, so her and her daughter got into the tub with the four cats and the black cats were under water and seemed at ease with my sister and her daughter being in the tub with them. Then there were three black cats sitting outside the tub just watching to see what was going on inside the tub so that's a total of several black cats. Four inside the tub of water and three outside the tub. Please tell me what this dream means because i don't understand, thank you.

The beginning of the vision, when you were living with your family and moved out due to your step-father's actions, does not actually represent conflict within the family, rather, it points toward a desire to separate yourself from the rest of your family because of ideological, religious or political differences. Perhaps there is some relative who does not see things the way you do, making you feel uncomfortable around them. The black cats each represent some opposing argument or idea presented by your counterpart. Therefore, envisioning your sister trying to wash the cats with your daughter could represent one of two things. If either of them are the one who has a different opinion than you, it suggests they recognize your potential conflict and wish to water down some of their opinions in order to maintain the important connection you share. Alternatively, if they feel the same way you do, it may mean they want to help you control your own feelings so that you do not accidentally alienate someone important to you.

Catching a cat

Chasing and catching a cat in your dreams is a good sign that all your plans and dreams are about to come true. It can also mean that you are about to meet a person who will eventually become your soul mate and someone who's concerned about your personal welfare.

Cat meowing

Hearing a cat meowing for your attention in your dream is a sign of dishonesty. It means you have an untrustworthy friend who is about to confront you and create a lot of misfortune and emotional hurt in your life.

Dreams about cats as pets or petting a cat

White cat

Dreaming of seeing a white cat is a sign of misfortune. It means your life will soon become filled with a lot of confusion, doubt, or misunderstanding that will either create a lot of grief for you or create a lot of material loss.

Dead cats on the road

Dead cats all over road, had to drive over them to go down the road, lots of, I guess, dead cats on roadway.

A dead cat symbolizes a loss of freedom and independence. Hence, the presence of dead cats on the road you are driving on can be an indication of setbacks to your personal goals. Lots of people, both your peers or people in power, could try to limit your freedom and autonomy so you would fit their expectations or standards. However, driving over those dead cats may reveal your stubborn personality. Even when your bosses, supervisors or society itself would try to stifle your self-determination or block your path, you continue to persevere and stay on course. On the other hand, this could also suggest that in your desire to achieve your goals no matter the cost, you may end up stepping on other people's rights or freedom. Your subconscious could be showing you that a strong drive can have both good and bad repercussions, so you need to think carefully about your actions.

Saving a cat from panthers

Saving a cat from a full-size and a baby panther.

Cats generally represent creativity, curiosity and independence. So trying to save a cat from panthers represents your efforts at preserving your freedom and independent spirit. Panthers are symbols of danger, which means you may have to keep an eye out for lurking threats and possible enemies. Alternatively, a panther when combined with another cat species can be a metaphor for a similar power dynamic in reality. This means that the panthers may be supervisors, bosses or anyone who wields more power and influence than you do.

Dreams about cats or kittens explain meaning

Sleeping cat

To dream of seeing a peacefully sleeping cat is a sign of serenity. It means you are about to experience a period of peace in your life that will cause you to not have to worry about things you need to take care of, and you will be able to devote more time to taking care of yourself.

A cat chasing a lizard

I am a male and I had a dream that a cat chased down and killed a green lizard.

Dreaming that a cat kills a lizard alludes to your triumph over an adversary. Cats are often associated with independence and cunning behavior, while lizards are viewed as cold and calculating. Hence, the death of the lizard symbolizes your determination and ability to assert yourself during trying times. Perhaps you would soon undergo some trials that test your strength of character. Alternatively, these animals may represent two sides of your personality. Maybe you are more inclined to follow a path of creativity rather than a traditional or stable one.

Feeding a cat

Dreaming of feeding a cat may symbolize your preparation to encounter feelings of indignation or potential betrayal from individuals you deeply care for and place significant trust in. This dream could be a subconscious reflection of your apprehensions about the loyalty and intentions of those around you. It suggests the importance of being vigilant and discerning in your relationships, while also maintaining a balance between maintaining healthy boundaries and fostering open communication. While it's natural to have concerns about the intentions of others, try not to let fear dominate your interactions.

A cat suckling its kittens

I dreamed one (tabby) female cat with kitties while suckling her kitties. They were in behind of my house and I saw them and I wanted to shoot this scene with a camera.

Dreaming of kittens is usually a reference to a period of transition. The tabby cat likely represents a mother figure or your guardian in reality who provides you with the support you need, whether financial or emotional. While you may be dependent on this individual at the moment, the time when you have to be more on your own may be closer than you think. Perhaps this is the reason why you wanted to capture the scene in a photograph, as a last attempt to preserve your memories of this carefree existence. Soon enough, you would have to find your own way in the world.

A cat killing a rabbit

A cat killed my rabbit.

A cat killing a rabbit portends your defeat and your enemy's triumph. Your potential for success would be thwarted by a rival who seeks to be more successful than you. Cats usually represent a feminine energy, so expect this rival to be female. Your defeat could be in terms of romance, perhaps when a certain girl you know steals a potential mate from you, or it could also be career-related as a promotion or recognition get snatched from you by this scheming person.

A cat eating a bird

A cat eating a bird and leaving the head on the bed.

Dream imagery of a cat killing and eating a bird could point to missing an important opportunity or chance to succeed. The symbol of bed in the context of this dream could also mean that these losses or failures could be related to your private life, such as romantic affairs or things you usually try to keep to yourself. The bird's head on the bed is symbolic of lingering regrets and frustration you would be left with following this unfortunate experience.

Surrounded by many cats

Seeing yourself surrounded by many cats in your dreams is a sign of betrayal. It means you are dealing with people who have the potential to become backstabbers and manipulators when you least expect it.

Cat bite

Suffering from a bite from a cat you were trying to stroke or pet is a warning that you need to be aware of those around you who have the potential to be liars and manipulators. You may also have to watch out for those who will betray other people entering your life and make things miserable for them if you don't discover who these traitors are early on.

It is in your best interest to try screening people who you interact with on a regular basis. That way, you will be able to sort through them and discover the people who are sincere friends and deserve your attention and identify the people who you need to let go of for your own good and peace of mind.

Cats behind a door

Somewhere, I opened a small white door near the floor, first cat white, then 2 other cats, black, another color, just stared very nicely at me, did not move. I just closed the door, all I remember.

The small white door represents what your emotional state allows into your life. In a sense, it is the barrier between you and the world beyond. As such, when you open the door you put yourself in contact with situations and sensations that reflect your mental state or feelings. The white cat represents self-doubt and misfortune, while the two black cats that follow it may be the manifestation of enemies in reality. If you allowed these cats to pass through the door, you could be allowing your darker thoughts to take control of your present. However, if you closed the door on these cats and did not allow them to pass through, you would likely gain control over your emotions and hopefully find a way to a happier state of being.

Cat attacking you

To dream about a cat attacking you with its claws means you are about to gain some powerful and evil enemies in your life. These people will be willing to go that extra mile to make your life miserable, and they will be relentless at trying to deprive you of things you value and hold dear to you.

Wet cat

Dreaming about seeing a wet cat is a sign that you are about to have a moment where you are going to express excessive anger towards someone who appears to have let you down. This person either failed to follow your orders or forgot to do something that was very important to you.

Licked by a cat

A cat kissed me (licked), was an overall friendly, a good mood dream. Dreamed more, just remember the cat. Female. Thank you.

Although your dream vision seemed to have been rather pleasant, a cat being friendly towards you is not always a good sign as far as symbols go. In fact, playing with a cat in a dream could mean that someone from your inner circle whom you once trusted could become dishonest and eventually capable of betraying your trust. This seemingly pleasant dream could therefore portend mistrust and conflicts in your future.

A cat with paper inside

I threw a knife at a cat and it cut its tail and blood splattered on my blouse, it torn my boys' clothing crying for help. We took it to the vet, the cut part of the tail had a paper which had herbs, we burnt the paper and the herbs.

Injuring a cat in dreams refers to a threat to your independence as well as creative blocks. Since you were the one who cut off the cat's tail, it means you will be a hindrance to your own quest for autonomy. Your inconsistency and lack of accountability make it hard for others to entrust you with responsibility and independence. Furthermore, burning the paper with the herbs is an indication of impatience and subsequent frustration. This lack of patience is another crutch keeping you from being completely self-sufficient. Instead of following through, despite the challenges, you tend to quit when things get too tough and tedious. You need to learn how to persevere, so you can acquire the necessary life skills to succeed in the world.

Animals chasing after a big cat

I'm a female. I saw a huge animal, huge cat maybe, when it got up was when I realized it was praying. I saw other huge animals running after it. Lastly a dinosaur running after it, which was just a skeleton of a dinosaur and while running I saw it broke into pieces and fell down and disappeared.

The huge cat in your dream may be a representation of your creativity and independent nature. The animals chasing after the cat represent your primal instincts and carefree personality. Meanwhile, the dinosaur represents old-fashioned beliefs and traditional values. The notion of praying is indicative of your search for wisdom and guidance. You may be feeling torn between pursuing your passions and following the traditional path already available to you. Based on your dream, you may be more inclined to value your freedom above everything else.

Cat fight

Witnessing a cat fight in your dreams is a sign that you may soon become a victim of burglary in your house, or you will have someone trespassing on your property that may lead to losing some of your valuable possessions.

Cats in house

Finding a lot of cats in your house indicates the presence of a powerful feminine energy in your household or social sphere. A catty person may be the source of your annoyance and there is a chance that you would get into a full-on fight. On the other hand, cats in the dreamscape can be bad omens, especially if you do not like cats in reality. Beware of upcoming travels or venturing outside your comfort zone when a tragedy could strike.

Killing a cat

Dreaming of killing a cat represents your growing awareness of evil acts being performed by some of the people around you, or it could mean you will be discovering people's hidden agendas aimed to negatively affect your life.

I dreamed of being surrounded by cats or kittens

Multiple cats

Traditional sources of dream interpretation suggest that multiple cats are a sign of betrayal and deceit. You may soon find that someone or a group of people you trusted have turned their backs on you, most likely for their own benefit. For instance, it is likely that you would become the scapegoat for a failed project or that everyone would point fingers at you when something goes awry. You should watch for the signs of such plans, such as whispers behind your back or false assurances that others have things under control. If you must, record messages and save emails to protect yourself.

A cat biting you

In dream analysis, a cat's bite represents liars and manipulators around you. You can be kind and polite without letting your guard down because as soon as you show weakness, bad people will take advantage of you. Alternatively, a malicious person could be plotting the downfall of someone close to you. It is up to you to warn them before they involuntarily become a pawn to someone else's selfish plans.

Cats attacking me

A dream involving aggressive cats that are scratching or biting you points to personal issues that are nagging your mind. This symbol likely manifested during REM sleep because you are deliberately avoiding or repressing your gut instincts. For example, your subconscious could be telling you to stay away from a cunning individual who is capable of ruining your life. In addition, this symbol can also be associated with Aristotle's teaching about man's desire for companionship. You likely feel lonely, so you are easily charmed by anyone who expresses interest in you.

Dead cats

In the dreamscape, the imagery of a lifeless cat indicates a lack of freedom. The space where you find the dead cats will provide additional interpretations of this symbol. For instance, dead cats on the street represent obstacles you need to overcome to achieve your goals. Meanwhile, the imagery of dead cats inside your home suggests you have strict parents or controlling housemates which may contribute to your feeling of being restricted or limited.

Finding a missing cat

I am a female and my cat has been missing since May 11th. That night, I dreamed of my missing cat. I opened the door and she was huddled and looked scared when I opened the door. I picked her up and she was wet. Then, after a few minutes in my arms, she started to feel better and wanted to play. While we were playing, it started to rain inside the room we were in.

Seeing a wet cat in your dream likely means that you are reaching your boiling point or your limit. You could be holding back tremendous amounts of anger, sadness and frustration which may come flooding out through an emotional breakdown. The missing cat may have added to your piling sources of stress in the waking world. This burst of emotion could be directed at someone who may disappoint or betray you. Perhaps an individual may fail to follow your instructions or neglect your needs when you are at your lowest point. In addition, the rain inside your room denotes sorrow. All your duties and responsibilities, made worse by negligent colleagues, could take their toll on you. Perhaps in trying to juggle so many things, you would end up losing the optimistic and hopeful part of yourself. Alternatively, finding the cat may mean losing a beloved and devoted friend. There is a possibility that you would find freedom and self-sufficiency, but at the risk of alienating a trusted confidante.

Cat clawing into you

Having a cat clawing into you either by mistake or intentionally in your dreams means your enemies or people who do not like you are conspiring to steal benefits or profits from a project or other endeavor you have been working on for quite some time. Their conspiracy will cause you to experience substantial financial losses.

Cat and dog together

Seeing a cat and dog together in a friendly interaction implies a resolution of conflict between two people you care about. Your disapproving parents may soon warm up to your significant other or warring friends could patch things up. Since this dream reading spells the end of animosity between two opposing groups, this gives you the chance to celebrate significant milestones with all your loved ones in one place.

A cat family

Dreaming of seeing an entire cat family, such as a mother cat with her kittens, means you are getting ready to have an increase in family members in your real life that may turn out to make your life hectic and very demanding.

Attacked by a cat

Getting attacked by a cat is a warning about offending powerful personalities. You are about to clash with influential people and downright evil individuals. Being outspoken and posting your honest opinions on social media will earn the ire of influencers who will use their followers and their huge resources to make you feel miserable. You could even lose opportunities as they use their connections to paint a negative picture of you.

Cat crossing road in front of you

Dreaming of seeing a cat crossing the road in front of you and going the opposite way means you will face disappointment when your plans or intentions fail due to unexpected events or circumstances that will evidently be beyond your control.

Cat jumping on me

A friendly cat jumping on you, such as on your lap or head, shows you may have a secret admirer. In dream analysis, this symbol suggests someone in your vicinity now has enough courage to reveal how they feel about you. Your magnetism and charm could be causing this person to confess their admiration or perhaps send a thoughtful letter to let you know how much they care. It is up to you whether you will reciprocate the person's feeling or if you prefer remaining friends. But in no way such an attack from the cat in the dream means they want to be in bed with you in reality.

Cats on the porch

A group of cats sitting on my front porch.

The house is often seen as an extension of the person who owns it and is neither a positive nor a negative sign. The multiple cats, however, represent experiencing betrayal or being the victim of people lying in wait to attack or bring you down. The cats in your dream are sitting, though, which may indicate that whoever is after you is not yet ready to carry out their plans. You may have some time to find out who is behind this and take measures or actions in order to protect yourself.

Killing cats with a pitchfork

So what I remember is that I had stabbed my cats with a pitchfork, they wouldn't die, so I had to break their necks by hand. I woke up sick to my stomach crying and about to throw up. It's 40 minutes later and I, still feel sick and am crying uncontrollably. I am an animal lover and don't understand why I would dream something so horrible. Please help me.

Cats usually symbolize a carefree attitude, creativity and a free-spirited nature. In contrast, the pitchfork represents focus and responsibility. Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you may need to leave your immature and reckless side behind and be more accountable for your future. The reluctance and horror you felt because of stabbing the cats to death is a reflection of your own reservations of letting go or perhaps suppressing a big part of your personality. There could be a big event about to happen that would inevitably push you into transforming yourself.

Cat with dirty fur standing up

To dream of seeing a cat with its dirty fur standing straight up is a warning about receiving unpleasant news. This unpleasant news could come in the form of hearing about the illness of a close friend or family member.

Black vicious cat

As a dream symbol, an aggressive and vicious black cat represents your greatest rival in reality. This individual is likely a formidable enemy because of their influential and powerful status. Unfortunately for you, the viciousness of the black cat means that your enemy is not content with just sitting back and waiting for you to fail or embarrass yourself. This vindictive character would actually exert effort in planning and thwarting your moves, especially if you become a hindrance to their personal ambitions and vested interests. So it would take a lot of grit on your part to keep trudging on despite the obstacles being placed in your way whenever your paths would cross.

Dreaming about black and white cats interpret meaning

Black and white cat

The dream symbol of a cat represents mystery, which can indicate that your life is going in unexplored direction. The black color usually suggests misfortune, especially an enemy who will cause you confusion, doubts and uncertainty. However, white color in this case means calmness and inner peace. Seeing black and white cat in your vision suggests that you will overcome the difficulties caused by the enemy with your natural capacity of handling troubles wisely and without anyone else's involvement.

Dead cat alive

A dead cat that comes alive in dreams is an allusion to regaining freedom. You have likely been feeling stifled or limited in your current reality, so this occult message is positive news that you will soon break free from this suffocating situation. Freedom can manifest in different ways. Perhaps you will have more freedom to go anywhere you want, or it could refer to independence from people who may be too controlling.

A cat dying in the arms

I had a dream my cat had this spear on the side of his neck and that he was dying. I picked him up in my arms with an X-ray sheet that was on him. As I touched him, I could see his bones were cracking, as he was dying.

The dying cat in your dream vision seems to allude to some regrets you may hold over actions from your past. The cat itself may be connected with relationships or sexual matters, so it is possible that you may be feeling embarrassed over some aspect of previous flings which has recently become public knowledge. It may be wise to lay low until those who enjoy gossip have some other story to feed on.

Killing a friendly cat

Killing a cat, especially a friendly cat, reveals your sensitivity towards evil behavior and people's dark urges. Once you sense something off about a person, you carefully distance yourself from them and warn others who may be vulnerable to their schemes. Alternatively, you could discover a gruesome secret about someone close to you. After this discovery, you will be torn between keeping this secret to yourself or turning them over to the proper authorities.

Cats and dogs

Dream symbols of cats and dogs when they appear together represent societal divisions according to Freud, especially when it comes to gender. If the cats and dogs are fighting, then it means your female friends could be feuding with the males in your social circle due to disagreements about social etiquette or political beliefs. However, if they are playful and friendly around each other, then this is an allusion to cooperation and harmony within your community.

A cat getting onto the bed

My dream was of a cat meowing and trying to get into my house. I took the cat in and sat on my bed with the cat stroking it.

Hearing a cat meowing for your attention in your dream is a sign of dishonesty. It means you have an untrustworthy friend who is about to confront you and create a lot of misfortune and emotional hurt in your life. Similarly, having a cat lying on the bed with you is bad luck. It indicates that you would experience a series of unfavorable and unfortunate events which would affect your career, project, business or relationship in a negative way. You would try to minimize the damage or take control of the situation, hoping that it would soon pass, but the odds are most likely going to be against you.

A cat killed while traveling overseas

I traveled to Denmark with my boyfriend and one of our cats, Willy. While there, I met with a cousin I didn't recognize and our cat was outside browsing. He got mauled to death and was severed into two parts. I sobbed and sobbed while my boyfriend put the face and chest half of Willy into a garbage bag. Then I woke up.

Assuming that you were traveling to a foreign country, somewhere you do not permanently live, in this dream, this first vision could serve as an indication that you are becoming a very important and irreplaceable part of someone's life. However, the accident which happened to your pet while traveling can also be an indication of your fears and uneasy feelings related to something you have done in the past, including some backfire resulting from romantic or sexual activities you were involved in. Alternatively, you could have a tendency to place a great deal of blame on yourself, when something goes wrong or threatens your relationship with the boyfriend, who was also present in your dream, failing to recognize other possible causes of such downfalls.

Wild cats attacking and killing a pet dog

I was walking down a street at night with my boxer Lola. She was barking. Wouldn't come and there were three large white cats, long tails, dark spots who had bit her neck and face when she got too close and she was dying in my arms. There was blood on me and everywhere as I carried her back home and I saw the cats in the distance. Three size of a lynx or bobcat type, but long tails. My adult son called them winter longtail wild cats. He was there but wouldn't come help me. My Lola died in my arms.

Taking your pet dog for a walk at night reveals that you have been living a rather comfortable a carefree lifestyle as of late. However, becoming comfortable may be leaving you vulnerable to sudden changes or misfortunes. The three white cats in particular represent confusion and chaos, so their attack on your dog, a symbol of loyalty and companionship, could mean you would be caught off guard by the revelation that someone you love or think highly of in wake life is actually not who you think they are. This knowledge would greatly shock and hurt you, so much so that you may carry the grief of their betrayal for a long time to come.

A cat playing with a dead mouse

Dreams of a cat chasing, catching, killing, and playing with a dead mouse often symbolize the potential for unexpected financial gain or the accumulation of wealth from unexpected sources. This dream suggests that you may experience a windfall or lucrative opportunity that you didn't anticipate. This underscores the idea that unexpected financial benefits may come your way. It encourages you to stay open to new opportunities and be receptive to potential sources of income or profit that might not be immediately apparent.

Cat skulls in the sink

I hope someone can help me with this interpretation because I really feel like it's something important... I had a dream of 2 cat skulls in a sink... I was trying to put them in the garbage disposal... The first small one fit, and the larger one did not. In my dream I was cringing, grossed out and looking away, however it needed to be done for some reason. I contemplated what it could have been about, I use to own 2 cats and they passed away, a lot of times I blame myself for it. But the original direction of my dream was about love. Can't find a similar interpretation anywhere, please help me.

You did not provide any symbols or elements related to the other part of the dream about love, so based on the imagery you have experienced about coming across cat skulls in the sink, it could reflect your strong resolve not to have any more pets, possibly not just cats but any kind, after the pets you had in the past had passed away. Additionally, this dream vision could also represent your strong aversion and utter disgust related to something you could have witnessed inside your household or someone else's house, most likely related to kitchen, food or the way this food was prepared, served or disposed of afterwards.

Cat meowing intensely

Dreaming of a cat meowing loudly and out of control may indicate that someone in your life is in need of assistance or support. The cat's intense meowing suggests urgency or distress in the situation. However, the dream also suggests that you may feel limited in your ability to help, possibly due to constraints such as time, resources, or other commitments. It's essential to be aware of your limitations while finding ways to offer support within your means. Communication and understanding the nature of the assistance required could be key in managing the situation effectively.

Hurting a cat

To see yourself hurting a cat in your dreams is a bad sign. It means you either exhibit ill-fated behavior or are incapable of playing fair when confronted with serious issues requiring you to act quickly and make sound decisions.

A cat jumping at me

A cat jumping at you in a dream vision portends sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior from an acquaintance. This person could be a colleague who will touch you inappropriately or make suggestive comments which will make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, this esoteric symbol could also point to a spiteful person hell-bent on humiliating you to boost their self-worth. Dealing with this irritating person requires channeling your mature side so you do not stoop to their level.

Dream meanings for different colors of cats or other pets

Grey cat

When considering the grey cat dream meaning, it's important to know the dreamer's sex or preferred gender, although it is a positive sign for both sexes. For women or those who identify as female, a grey cat represents making gains in romantic endeavors through her elegance and grace, similar to the saying "you attract more flies with honey than vinegar". For men or those who see themselves as male, on the other hand, this symbol portends success in business, particularly after a lot of struggle or effort.

An injured cat

I dreamed about a cat that looked like he was ran over by a car, his one leg was dislocated and full of blood. I picked him up and... woke up.

Cats are usually harbingers of misfortune, heralding the arrival of hard times and bad luck. A dead cat further points toward the rise of evil in your life or the temptation to do wrong things. While you may abstain from breaking the law or most moral codes, picking up the cat suggests you may give into your dark desires unless you practice extreme self-control or ask others to help you.

A cat with a head reattaching itself

I dreamed that I saw a cat's head fall off while I talked to a man. Then the head reattached itself but halfway on. Next, I walked through the store holding a baby outfit in my arms as if it were a child. I followed a man I have a crush on. He disappeared into this weird room where strangers were there that sat around in a circle in weird chairs. The whole room span around and I flew in the air and sat in the chair and startled them.

This is a very complicated vision with several interesting symbols. The first is that of the cat with the improperly attached head, which seems to point to some deception taking place in your life. This is followed by the image of yourself holding a baby outfit as though it were a child. This indicates trying to find a solution to a difficult problem with little to no success. In wake life, this situation could have manifested in the form of a sixth sense that something is not right around you. However, without the right tools or background knowledge, you may be at a loss as to how to determine who is behind this deception. This dream concludes with a spinning room which predicts the appearance of someone from an unusual place. This could be a person who has been hiding in the shadows or someone you run into on the street who would help you figure out the issues which you are trying to get solved.

Cats giving birth to kittens

I dreamed of our spayed cats having kittens, but not at our house. Then I looked right and saw a pretty lady sitting on a flying mystical large white fish. Very puzzled.

Dreaming of your cat having kittens, even though she is not capable of producing offspring in wake life, predicts an increase in the number of people in your life. In some cases, this suggests the addition of a new family member, but it can also indicate family members coming over and staying with you for some time. This is supported by the image of the white fish. While white fish normally point toward snow and snow-related activities, in this vision it seems to take a more metaphorical interpretation, meaning you are likely to find yourself in a flurry of activity and become much busier than normal.

Cats with tails up

What does it mean to have cats in your dream with their tail straight up?

When a cat's tail is straight up, it is a sign of confidence. Hence, if you dream of a cat in this stance, it refers to healthy self-esteem and a sense of independence. You may be feeling secure about your present status at work or in your personal life. Alternatively, the cat could symbolize a catty or cunning person in your social circle. It is likely that this individual has an attitude of entitlement and evokes feelings of frustration and annoyance in you.

Transforming into a cat

I had a dream I was a cat drinking out of a milk bowl with a black cat with white feet and we looked into each other's eyes and continued drinking until another cat, white with brown spots, came in mischievously and jumped in the milk bowl and me and the black cat got mad.

White cats portend misfortune, while black cats represent powerful enemies. As such, this dream suggests an upcoming turbulent period in your life filled with a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that will either create a lot of grief for you or result in a major material loss. Be careful of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life, who may cause you to experience a lot of uncertainty about yourself and face many confrontations. Drinking from the same bowl of milk indicates that you may be drained of physical as well as mental capacities in trying to overcome the upcoming challenges.

Mother cat with kittens

Hi! I dreamed about a blind, white kitten being chased away by its mother, also a white cat. There was another kitten, which the mother was keeping with herself. I saved the blind one and it cuddled up to me readily. I dreamed of it happening on the terrace of my apartment complex late at night and my mother and two dogs were with me. None of the cats was aggressive towards me or my mum and dogs. I'd be grateful if you could help. I don't usually see such dreams. Thank you!

Kittens refer to transition. Being chased away by its white cat mother is her way of encouraging the kitten to become more independent. On the other hand, it could also be a sign of rejection. Perhaps someone close to you is in the process of emancipation and getting ready to face adult life's problems and responsibilities. This person's lack of support from the family may push him or her in your direction to ask for help. Welcoming the kitten in your embrace refers to your generosity and desire to help out people in need. Perhaps your family's goodwill may soon come in handy.

Being bitten by a cat

Bitten by a cat

Being bitten by a cat means that you need to be aware of those around you who may have the potential to be liars and manipulators. You may also have to watch out for those who will betray other people present in your life and make things miserable for them and you if you do not manage to find out who these traitors are.

A sick cat beaten by grandfather

My grandpa tried to get a cat out from his dresser and when he got the cat, he started to punch it. I screamed and cried, but he told me it was fine. I then ran with the cat outside where two guys told me my cat was sick. It had purple smoke around it, and he had to shoot its stomach, when he did the cat was okay.

Cats are feisty and independent animals, often mistaken as being snooty. The cat in the dream could represent a facet of your personality that is free-spirited and candid. Your elders may be a bit put off by your candidness, mistaking it for rudeness. This miscommunication and generation gap could potentially get you in trouble. A little understanding between you and the aggrieved party is needed to avoid further conflicts. Your pride could take a beating in the process, however there are far worse things in the world than a hurt ego.

A stray hairless cat

Trying to get rid of a stray cat, my husband keeps letting it back in the house. It is a buff-colored hairless cat. And it keeps gravitating toward me, even though I dislike cats.

A cat which is trying to enter your house without permission could be interpreted as a sign of dishonesty. The closeness the cat desires with you may further predict experiencing negative outcomes because of lies coming from others or omissions on your own part. Because it was your husband who let the cat inside, it is possible he is the one with a secret. However, his intentions may be pure, so it would be unwise to confront him outright or accuse him of anything without proof.

A cat that can talk

Seeing a cat speaking human language addressing me.

When you dream about encountering talking or divine animals it could mean that you want to rely more on your basic instincts and intuition in order to express yourself and you are in need of feeling harmonious with the natural world which surrounds you. Because the animal that spoke to you was a cat, it could also reveal your flirtatious or conniving attitude toward the opposite sex and perhaps it is your sexual instincts that you want to engage when you interact with others.

A friend turning into a white cat

My best friend and I were going to my brother's house and when we arrived she went to use the bathroom. Upon checking on her, she was an all four as a white cat in a litter box, but I was not alarmed or surprised that she had transformed. I spoke to her as normal and when we were leaving she was a human again.

Unfortunately, a white cat in dreams is usually an allusion to upcoming misfortune. When seeing a white cat in isolation, it means you would soon experience a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that could generate plenty of grief or result in significant material loss. In the context of your dream, the transformation of your best friend into a white cat could mean that she may be a major reason or source of the misfortune or bad luck about to come your way. Perhaps she has a tendency to be reckless and careless with her words and actions and you may get involved in her ensuing problems.

Angry cat

Dreaming of an angry cat symbolizes your frustrations with aggressive or wild people in your life. The attack of the cat is due to feeling threatened or fearing for your safety. This dream may be a warning that you must protect yourself and be cautious of those around you. On the other hand, this assertive behavior of the cat implies your anger or feelings of being mad toward others and that you need to address your needs and stand up for yourself in situations where you feel vulnerable. Overall, it is a prophecy to be vigilant and protect yourself from potentially harmful situations or people in your waking life.

Stray cats in house

If you see stray cats entering your house in a dream, it symbolizes a mixture of emotions and negative energy infiltrating your personal space or relationships. You definitely need to address and resolve any underlying issues that are causing disruption or disharmony in your life. Try exploring your spiritual side to gain a deeper understanding of the strange and surprising events occurring and find ways to create a more positive and balanced environment and obviously don't let stray animals get in your house.

Stray cat

The appearance of a stray cat in the course of your dream indicates a feeling of being unwanted. Feral dreams typically suggest looking into your subconscious. Perhaps you feel invalidated or ignored by someone in the walking life. Moreover, this vision suggests that you need to look into your health and prioritize yourself more than your career. It also represents the independence you seek in life, especially when making important decisions.

Sick cat

To see a sick cat in the course of your sleep signifies that you worry about something in reality. You anticipate some bad incidents to happen, and this is something that causes you to feel stressed and ill. Furthermore, the sick cat symbolizes the need to look into your intuition more than to rationalize everything that is happening around you. You need to trust your instinct instead of looking for a more logical explanation of why some things occurred.

Cat turning into a snake

Dreaming of a cat turning into a snake carries a cautionary message according to dream workers like Jung. The transformation from a friendly, playful cat to a potentially dangerous snake signifies a shift from safety to potential threat. This dream indicates a change in perception of a situation that you find familiar and safe but could turn out to be harmful if not handled carefully. The dream serves as a warning from your subconscious, prompting you to exercise caution and attentiveness in situations that seem secure on the surface. Embrace this insight as a call to evaluate your surroundings, relationships or choices, ensuring that you remain vigilant to avoid unforeseen risks and potential harm.

A cat run over by a car

Dreams about a cat being run over by a car often reflect feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness. This type of vision is also common to dream about after witnessing a distressing event in wake life. The cat in this dream may symbolize a part of yourself or someone you care about. Seeing it harmed by a car signifies a sense of loss or fear of losing control over a situation. It's a warning to be cautious and attentive in your waking life, especially when dealing with fragile or important matters. This dream urges you to protect what matters most and avoid situations that could lead to harm or damage.

A black and a white cat together

Dreaming of a black and a white cat together is a symbol of duality and balance in your life. Cats are often associated with independence, mystery, and intuition. The black cat represents the unknown, hidden aspects, or even potential misfortune. On the other hand, the white cat symbolizes purity, clarity, or positive influences. This presence of both cats in your dream suggests a need to find harmony between opposing forces or ideas. It also indicates a situation where you are navigating through contrasts and trying to find a middle ground. In a nutshell, this dream prompts you to embrace both light and shadow aspects of your personality or to integrate different facets of your life for a more balanced and holistic approach.