Dreams Related To Castle

A magnificent castle

A large, grand or magnificent castle means that everything in your life has aligned itself in such a way that you are now in a position to take advantage of multiple opportunities or discover your true talents. You may soon be offered a chance to do something you never imagined or gain skills that you never had the time, money or energy to pursue before. Additionally, this vision is also occasionally seen by those who are about to come into a large sum of money.

A beautifully decorated, ornate castle can also represent the dreamer's natural talent for learning about and understanding people from different backgrounds. You may gain this knowledge through extensive travel, reading copious amounts of books or taking the time to get to know people from other cultures or countries.

Walking inside a castle

Walking through the halls or corridors of a castle may reveal that you are prone to erratic behavior or that your karma is out of whack. This imbalance in your life would probably lead to emotional breakdowns at the most inopportune times, causing difficulties for you in reality. It would be wise to find some ways to make up for past bad behavior and put your life into balance again through meditation, prayer or reflection.

Castle on fire

The image of a castle on fire suggests that even your less that perfect circumstances at present are likely to have a silver lining. If you are currently experiencing troubles or are unable to accomplish what you want, you may meet people, learn lessons or build on certain latent abilities that would help you achieve other goals in the future.

This vision is also thought to reflect concern or anxiety in reality. You may be preoccupied with a task or hurdle that would seem almost insurmountable. In order to overcome this challenge, you would need to rely on everything you have learned and have faith in yourself.

Entering a castle

Entering a castle, whether it is a fancy, fantasy-based location or a more run-down historically accurate place, means your life is about to take a turn for the better. You would find yourself satisfied, fulfilled and extremely happy for the foreseeable future.

Owning a castle

Being the proud owner of an impressive, stately castle predicts you would be able to successfully defend your name and reputation against attacks from others. In some cases, this refers to outwitting your enemies or providing evidence that proves their statements were false to begin with. For those in the middle of official or legal disputes, this could also mean you would be able to put your case forward and prove your innocence.

Inspecting a destroyed castle

Inspecting the remains of a castle that was attacked and destroyed reveals that you may have a chance to go back and revisit ideas, plans or goals you once desired to pursue in the past. Whatever caused you to abandon or give up before would no longer be an issue this time around.

A medieval castle

A large medieval castle complete with banners and suits of armor reveals that you have self-confidence and are an efficient, productive individual. It also is considered the manifestation of your ability to survive and thrive without the interference or support of others.

Leaving a castle

Leaving a castle or exiting from the grounds of a castle often means you would lose money or valuable possessions in reality. This could be due to some natural disaster or because you were the victim of a crime. Another possible interpretation reveals some worries or concerns which are occupying your thoughts in reality. This inner turmoil may be holding you back from reaching your true potential or discovering your natural talents.

A castle in the middle of the sea

A castle that seems to float in the middle of the sea or is surrounded on all sides by the vast ocean can be the manifestation of unity and cooperation among your companions in reality. This dream symbol is often seen by those whose friendships and familial relations are very strong and supportive, meaning you always have someone you can talk to, rely on or commiserate with should the need arise.

Castle with closed gates

A castle that is blocked off or impossible to enter due to closed, locked gates means that you would likely encounter troubles and obstacles while trying to accomplish some important goal in reality. You may need to exert a lot of extra effort and dedicate more time than you expected in order to make up for the presence of these challenges.

Storming a castle

The act of storming a castle in the dream world, such as leading an assault or breaching an outer wall, means that you would be able to outsmart your enemies and block, avoid or overcome any difficulty they send your way. In some cases, this would directly refer to winning fights or getting the last word in during a confrontation.

An old castle swallowed by vegetation

An old, crumbling castle that has been completely covered by vines, moss and other vegetation reveals the nostalgic, almost romanticized emotions related to a past affair or flame. You probably remember your time with your previous lover fondly, looking at your experiences with them through rose-colored glasses. Another possible meaning that can be derived from this symbol points toward a latent medical problem that you have either not noticed or neglected until this point. In this case, you should go to a real medical doctor rather than relying on your own knowledge or research from less reliable sources.

A castle surrounded by water

A castle situated in the middle of water means you would be unable to change the outcome to a major event no matter how hard you try. Your best efforts, hard work and prayers would all be in vain, as some things are simply meant to develop in a certain way. It would be wise not to dwell on this situation and to focus your efforts on things you can influence.

Seeing light inside a castle

Seeing a light on inside a castle, such as envisioning a candle through a window, means that you have finally found the determination, discipline or strength to act on something that you have only thought about in the past. For example, perhaps you desired to lose weight or cut out a bad habit but lacked motivation or a specific plan of action to make this goal a reality. While you may have been unsure or wishy-washy in the past, you would now be able to say enough is enough and start making progress toward your desired goal.

Being bored while living in a castle

Being bored or listless while staying in a castle could mean that you would become ill in the future. Your overall health may receive a blow or your could become sick with something contagious, like a cold, the flu or pinkeye.

Unable to enter a castle

Being unable to enter a castle, either because you cannot cross the moat or the guards will not let you pass, is a harbinger of difficulty and misfortune. This symbol portends obstacles and roadblocks getting in your way and preventing you from making any progress on your goals.

A dark and menacing castle

A castle that appears to be dark, foreboding or otherwise gloomy suggests you do not seriously entertain the ideas and suggestions put forward by others. You may scoff or criticize the words and actions of others even though your own contributions are just as ridiculous. Perhaps you should be more understanding of others or at least try different ideas before completely dismissing them.

Castle of villains

A castle filled to the brim with villains and bad guys means you would soon find something that you lost in the past. This could refer to a physical object, like a piece of clothing or a precious memento, or something less tangible, such as self-confidence, a hobby or a passion. Spending a night inside this particular castle may reveal that what you reclaimed would somehow be less than it was before. For example, your hobby may not be as fulfilling as it used to be, or your precious keepsake may be broken or its paint may be fading.

Leaving a castle for travels

Leaving a castle in order to travel the world suggests you would soon suffer losses due to betrayal. Someone who was once part of your social group is likely hanging out with your enemies now. They are likely to steal from you in order to gain the trust of their new companions. This could mean they would attack and mug you for physical possessions or cash, or they may try to get information from you in order to get some advantage over you in the future.

A rotating castle

A castle that appears to rotate or spin reveals that a great, one in a lifetime opportunity is within your reach. You would only need to take some initiative in order to make use of this chance. By following this path, you would be able to achieve something amazing and make yourself proud.

Going up the stairs inside a castle

Walking up a staircase within a castle reveals your inner strength of character and your strong sense of self. While this is usually a good trait to possess, you may occasionally hurt others by being overly aggressive or overbearing.

Castles or magical enchanted forest in dreams interpret

Coming across a castle

Passing or coming upon a castle in a dream is a positive symbol to perceive. It often predicts success for your current endeavors, and in some cases it means your most deeply held desires would come true.

Lodging in a castle overnight

Staying overnight at a castle as a guest is often interpreted as a sign that you would be able to depend on those around you for support, help and assistance when the situation arises. Your friends and family always have your back, which should help you feel loved and cared for in reality.

A castle on the horizon

The vision of a castle on the horizon of your dreamscape often means your true purpose in life would be revealed to you soon. Perhaps you have been unsure what to do with your life, or perhaps you have already accomplished one major goal and desire to undertake another. In either case, you would find out or gradually understand what your destiny is in reality.

Trying to get inside a well-protected castle

Trying to infiltrate a well-guarded castle fortress sheds light on something that is bothering you in reality. Although you may be trying to brush off your concerns or trying to ignore your inner voice of worry, this symbol suggests you are really upset or disturbed. In a sense, your subconscious is trying to find a way to a safer, more secure location, away from whoever or whatever is causing you mental distress. You may want to seek out the council or support of someone who cares about you.

Inspecting a castle during night time

Inspecting a castle or its grounds at night during the course of a dream vision, particularly if you were using a torch or candle to light your way, can be interpreted as a sign that you need to spend more time learning the ins and outs of your personal vessel. You may need to explore the limits of your body through training and physical exertion, such as by joining a class, fitness challenge or race.

A very old castle

An extremely old, crumbling castle is often thought to be the manifestation of troubles or difficulties in reality. You may be going through a difficult ordeal that weighs down on your heart and soul. The more rundown and ruined the castle, the worse your situation would be. In order to set things right once again, you would need to look to your past and find the answers to the questions that have been plaguing your mind all this time.

Being inside an ancient castle

Finding yourself in an ancient castle from a bygone era predicts you would soon have the means, be they financial, monetary, emotional or otherwise, to make the lifestyle you have always dreamed of in reality. This would bring you and the loved ones you choose to share it with great happiness and satisfaction.

A completely deserted castle

A lack of residents or servants in a great castle means that your soul is somehow watching your body while you sleep. This could be related to some out of body experience or another phenomenon related to your behavior in wake life.

Flocks of crows over a castle

Envisioning a flock of crows sitting on or flying over a castle carries two possible interpretations in the realm of dream visions. The first interpretation suggests that you are currently in danger of suffering bodily harm, either through being in unsafe conditions or being the object of some dangerous individual's ire. Alternatively, this vision can reveal that your bloodline is slowly coming to an end. If you only have a few relatives left with your name and heritage, your subconscious may be pushing you to do something to make sure your genes survive.

Castle disintegrating

The image of a castle falling apart and disintegrating before your very eyes during the course of a dream vision suggests you are in the process of making improvements to your life. Usually, this vision is associated with getting out from under the thumb of someone who is controlling you, but it can also be seen by those who are actively seeking to overcome stereotypes and act in a way that is better conformed to personal moral norms.

A castle excursion

A special excursion to a castle or fortress reveals that you would soon go through a period of time filled with happiness and satisfaction. You would be content with the people and possessions that make up your whole world.

A completely destroyed castle

The image of a castle in ruins after a battle or disaster predicts soon entering into a battle of words and ideals with someone in reality. This debate would likely center around politics and various policies, and it could be very informative when all members share their ideas respectfully and support their ideas with factual evidence.

A castle surrounded by trenches

A castle that looks to be surrounded by multiple trenches, such as in a war situation, means you have the potential to achieve greatness. Specifically, this vision refers to becoming powerful, influential and well-regarded. However, by pursuing this path, you risk going through some highly stressful, embarrassing and humiliating situations before reaching that high point.

Living in a castle

Living in a castle during a dream, whether you were a member of royalty or just an average Joe in a make believe world, means that you would improve your financial situation in the near future. You would likely find an additional source of income or improve your current income through either a promotion or overtime hours.

Building a castle

The act of building a castle brick by brick often is considered the manifestation of unrealistic goals and ambitions in reality. This means that you tend to set goals that are far beyond your reach or that you have a desire but no plan to put into action. A similar interpretation suggests you spend too much time with your head in the clouds.

A symbolic depiction of a castle

The symbolic image of a castle in the dream realm, such as the illustration of a castle in a book, television show or movie, suggests a need to defend yourself in reality. Just as castles are meant to protect their inhabitants, so does this symbol point toward a need to avoid or protect yourself from impending danger. Alternatively, this symbol may be seen after successfully defending yourself against slander, hurt or attack as the manifestation of your pride and self-confidence in these abilities. You may perceive or envision yourself as a capable, self-sufficient individual who can take care of themselves even in dangerous or uncomfortable circumstances.

Meeting with a lover in a castle

I was in a castle. Had secret rooms with different views. I had to go searching for the keys to look at them all. The room on the top floor of the castle viewed the sky. When I entered I saw the man I loved, yet I didn't recognize him. Yet in my dream I loved him very much.

Dreaming about being in a castle with secret rooms symbolizes your desire to feel safe and secure. This innate need which you have to safeguard your emotions is apparent in the imagery of secret rooms which could only be viewed when opened with a key. Since castles represent protection, it could be your dire wish to enter into a relationship which makes you feel the same. The height of the castle could signify your own lofty principles regarding love and honor. The notion of finding your lover waiting for you in the castle could be an indication of finally meeting a person who makes you feel confident and self-assured. Keep yourself open to love and possibilities of romance coming your way.

A castle in front of you

The image of a castle that appears directly in front of you can be interpreted as a positive symbol in dreams. It suggests achieving great success in reality, usually at work or for tasks associated with your career. For example, you may soon earn a promotion or gain skills that make you a more valuable employee.

Wandering inside a castle in a pink dress

I am a female.. that was in a castle very high up and I travel through various parts of the castle during my dream... Also I had on a very beautiful pink dress.

Dream visions about wandering around a castle or trying to find your way in its hallways is a reflection of possible karmic issues and resulting emotional angst. You could have done something wrong, in your own eyes, in the recent or remote past and it bothers you. The notion of the castle being situated at a great height signifies either the importance of these issues to you personally or they way you try to hide it from others. Wearing a pink dress in the same dream could indicate your outstanding personal traits and character seen by others, but not so good emotional state on the inside.

Being alone inside a castle

Finding yourself all alone in a big, isolated castle is often considered an ill omen in the realm of dreams. Seeing this image while you sleep suggests you or someone you care about could be caught on the wrong side of the law. You may want to avoid any questionable behavior in the near future or review the rules that affect your day to day life.

Being inside an abandoned castle

A rundown, abandoned castle is often considered the manifestation of your more romantic side. In some cases, this refers to actual romance and your desire to either pursue a new relationship or rekindle the flame with your significant other. Alternatively, this vision may refer to the idea of romanticizing your life and finding joy in the small, beautiful details that make up your daily life.

Approaching a castle in a boat

Approaching a castle by boat or ship can have different meanings depending on the state of the waters on which you traveled. Still, calm water may shed light on your creative potential and upcoming situations where you could realize and apply your true talents. Choppy waters with large, rolling waves may reveal a need to rely on the saving power of someone else in reality in order to get through a particularly difficult situation.

Unable to approach a castle

Being unable to approach or get close to a castle, as though it were constantly moving away from you with each and every step you take, is a metaphor for the troubles you are likely to face in reality. In essence, this vision represents moving in the wrong direction. Perhaps you are chasing a goal that can never be accomplished, or maybe you are going down a dark, evil path. You probably desire to be on the straight and narrow path, but without help it would be difficult for you to get back on track.

A cold and unapproachable castle

A cold, desolate, unapproachable castle is usually considered a symbolic representation of anxious feelings in reality. The unwelcoming atmosphere that surrounds the castle, in essence, is the manifestation of your unease and powerlessness in the face of real-life problems or fear-inducing enemies. This true, threatening presence would continue to hold you down and oppress you for the time being.

Dating someone in a castle

I was in a castle and it looked like this boy had just returned from being away. I was so excited about it and when I ran up to him, it was a boy I knew. I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and we walked back to the castle together, and when we got inside, everyone was saying how nice it was to see him and I back together. And I was all over him like hugging, kissing and holding his hand. And we went to a movie, it looked like, and when I fell asleep in the dream I woke up.

To dream of a castle suggests a desire for security and protection. It could also reflect a penchant for escapism when the waking life does not meet your expectations. As such, the presence of this boy who becomes your boyfriend in the dream alludes to your yearning to meet someone who can provide you with the comfort and security you seek. Hugging and kissing the boy in your dream is a sign that you have a lot of love to give. Perhaps you are ready to fall in love or settle down. Your fairy tale dream which ends in a movie theater is a subliminal message of life possibly imitating life. You may soon find what you are looking for if only you divert your attention away from fantasy and into reality.

Being invited to an underwater castle

I was in a boat going to an island across deep and stormy water. It was night. I got to the island and suddenly I was in a beautiful castle. It was half-submerged and a blue and green person came up to me and gestured me to a staircase leading down into clearer water with plants in it. I jumped in and kept having to come up for air, then I ate some thin seaweed and suddenly I could breathe easily. Then I remember the staircase disappearing and the surface closing. It got harder to breathe again.

The journey you went through in the dream seems to be a search for freedom. This journey would not be easy. You would have to contend with self-doubt, insecurities, and a whole gamut of emotions before getting to your destination. The island in your vision represents independence, but also isolation. You would have to face challenges mostly on your own, and when you get there you would find a castle that is a symbol of reward, achievement, and a sense of security. This would only happen if you learn to trust your instinct and control your emotions.

A European castle

Generally, being in a medieval castle in your dream state alludes to achievement. The majestic fa├žade of this castle, as well as the fancy interior, points to the success that lies ahead of you. However, if certain parts of the castle stand out more in this dream, such as a dungeon, then this points to some negative past experiences or secrets that you strive to keep hidden. You might be inclined to do this, but it might possibly ruin your image, so you try to conceal it beneath an admirable front.