Dreams Related To Casket

Wife in a casket

My wife is in the casket while she has so many ants on and then she woke up and grabbed my daughter's hand. After that she said "Why are you lying?" and then I answered her question and then she says "You promised me that you would change the sim card". After that she smiled and then grabbed me and kissed me.

Dreaming that your wife is inside a casket or coffin means there is an issue festering between the two of you that threatens to destroy your relationship. The reference to a lie suggests your own guilt because you are hiding something from her that you are ashamed of. Fortunately, the kiss and reconciliation at the end of your dream vision means you have nothing to fear. She has a large capacity for understanding and forgiveness. So the more you assume the worst, and thereby withhold any information from her, the more resentment and distance is going to build in your marriage.

Getting into the casket with dead husband

I dreamed that my husband was lying in a casket and still looked ok, color in his skin. As he was moved to the side I went in the casket and laid next to him on his left side and moved his arms to touch me, his left arm stayed down next to my body and I put the his right on my upper left arm to hold me. As I did this he all of a sudden took a deep breath and became alive and got out of the casket and went to find out why was he in the casket and left me there while I looked glad he was alive.

Getting into the casket with what appears to be your dead husband could be interpreted as a sign of your devoted nature. Death is not necessarily the end of love, so this symbol could be a reflection of your love for your husband beyond "until death do us part." Despite your love for your husband, however, you may not care as much for some of his relatives. Seeing your husband rise from the casket seemingly alive predicts having to deal with a visitor whose presence in your home would require you to do a lot of work beforehand. For example, your mother-in-law may be a neat freak, so you would have to clean the entire house before her arrival so that she does not have any fuel with which to berate you.