Dreams Related To Car

Broken down car

Encountering a broken-down car in your dream holds significant and intriguing symbolism. This captivating vision serves as a harbinger, indicating that in the very near future, you may receive unwelcome news or face challenging circumstances. Embrace this dream as a warning sign, urging you to be prepared for the potential arrival of bad news in your life. It is important to approach these situations with resilience and a proactive mindset, seeking support and finding ways to navigate through the challenges that lie ahead. By staying mentally and emotionally prepared, you can effectively cope with the impact of this news and find the strength to overcome any obstacles that may arise. Let this dream inspire you to stay vigilant, seek solace in your support network, and strive for positive outcomes even in the face of adversity. Remember, within challenges lies the potential for growth and the opportunity to emerge stronger and more resilient.

A car crash

As cars are often symbolic of our journey through life, seeing a car crash in a dream vision often indicates some major occurrence taking place though the exact meaning depends on the circumstances. If you were driving recklessly and lost control, it might suggest you are on a downward spiral in terms of behavior and lifestyle. If someone else was driving, it may indicate that other people are influencing you to do things which could eventually blow up in your face.

Driving a car

Driving a car along the road in full control or when the vehicle evokes feelings of a fast journey towards something or somewhere foretells high levels of daily activity and the resulting profits for your business or recent decision-making supported by material or intellectual investments which you feel are necessary to change your waking life goals and which you need to communicate to others in order to avoid any previous pitfalls you may have encountered lately.

Luxury brand car

Indulging in the dream of owning a luxury car unveils a significant symbol - a representation of your susceptibility to abrupt financial losses or indulging in extravagant purchases. This dream serves as a potent reminder of the potential risks associated with sudden financial setbacks and the allure of lavish spending. It signifies an exposure to the precarious nature of wealth and the need for prudent financial decision-making. By delving into the symbolism of a luxury car in your dreams, you gain insight into the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to finances and embracing a mindful perspective towards extravagant desires.

Surviving a car accident

Miraculously surviving a very disastrous car accident means that you will be able to avoid confrontation with a person who is planning to do bad or contradict your way of doing things.

Stolen car

The image of a stolen car depends highly on who the thief was in the vision. For example, if you stole the car or found the stolen vehicle, it could represent gaining control over certain aspects of your life or taking back control from an overbearing personality present in it. Alternatively, having your car stolen could reflect situations in reality where you are losing control or do not have a say in how things go, leading to feelings of anger, stress or anxiety.

Being thrown out of a car while driving

Experiencing the sudden ejection from a car while in control of it holds profound and intriguing symbolism. This captivating dream serves as a forewarning, suggesting the imminent arrival of unsettling and unpleasant news in your life. Embrace this vision as a cautionary sign, urging you to prepare yourself for the potential impact of this distressing information. Stay alert and mentally prepared to navigate through the challenges that may arise as a result. By adopting a proactive and resilient mindset, you can effectively cope with the circumstances and minimize the negative effects they may have on your well-being. Let this dream inspire you to cultivate inner strength and seek support from loved ones during difficult times. By facing the upcoming news with grace and determination, you can emerge stronger and find the resilience to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Remember, within challenges lies the opportunity for personal growth and eventual triumph.

Selling your car

Dreaming about selling your car can be a symbol of unexpected and undesirable changes that may disrupt your life. It serves as a cautionary sign to prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances and challenges that may catch you off-guard. This dream suggests that you may need to adapt quickly and make difficult decisions to navigate through these changes effectively. It is a reminder to stay vigilant and proactive in managing your circumstances, as these changes may impact various aspects of your life. By being prepared and open to new possibilities, you can minimize the negative effects and find opportunities for growth and transformation.

Parking in the wrong spot

I parked wrong and they tolled my car.

Dreaming that you were illegally parked, or parked in a "no parking" zone, means you may be getting yourself involved in something that does not concern you. Perhaps you have a tendency to butt in or meddle in other people's problems. This could get you in hot water or give you more headache than you can handle. Maybe you think you are helping out, but in reality you are just giving yourself and those involved unnecessary grief.

Very fast car ride

Dreams about high-speed car rides may hold significant meanings for your future endeavors. If you find yourself hurtling through the dream world in an incredibly fast car, it could be a symbolic indication that the anticipated outcomes of your hard work and efforts might encounter unexpected delays. These dreams serve as insightful messages, urging you to remain patient and persistent in the pursuit of your goals, as success may take a bit longer to materialize. Embrace the symbolism of the fast car ride as a reminder to stay focused on your aspirations, trusting that perseverance and determination will eventually lead you to triumph.

Car stolen

The interpretation of a vision where your car has been stolen depends highly on who the thief was in the vision. If you were the thief in this vision, it could represent gaining control over certain aspects of your life or taking back control from someone you perceive has more power than you. On the other hand, having your car stolen by an unknown individual could reflect situations in reality where you are not in control or have to defer to someone else's decisions, leading to feelings of frustration and stress.

New car

Modern interpreters suggest that the new car dream meaning has a lot to do with how you want your life to look like going forward. Depending on the type and condition of the new car, you may find some clues as to your conscious or unconscious mind's desires for your future self. For instance, a single person who dreams of a large car may be hoping for love and a family. On the other hand, a young or middle aged adult who dreams about a fancy new sports car may be subconsciously hoping for wealth and career success.

Getting hit by a car

Getting hit by a car is often symbolically considered the equivalent of being knocked off course in reality. This would be due to the interference or influence of someone in your social circle. For instance, a rival at work may sabotage your assignments in order to ruin your good name or gain a better position for themselves that rightly belongs to you. Alternatively, a false friend may influence you to get involved with shady deals or drugs, which would put you on a path with no good end.

Lost car

In the context of a dream vision, losing your vehicle could be interpreted as a sign that your current decision making capabilities have been compromised. This may be due to immediate circumstances, such as being too hungry or tired to focus properly, or they may be the result of too much emotional investment or personal bias. Another possible interpretation of this same symbol suggests that if you were driving the same car earlier in the vision, it is possible that you are in the process of searching for a place, object or individual. Losing the car after being in it may suggest you are making slow progress on this search, particularly if you felt like you were walking or shuffling along.

Car being broken into

Dreaming that your car has been broken into at some point during a dream vision is indicative of minor inconveniences or troubles suddenly inserting themselves into your path. The type of break in may reveal a little more details in this case. For instance, it is possible to speculate from a missing stereo system that someone would not listen to you or that you yourself would not hear some crucial information that would cause you difficulty later on.

Driving a red car

Driving a red car in a dream vision says a lot about how you deal with situations that pop up in your life. If you enjoyed driving this car, it might indicate that your first instinct in situations is usually right, and you have the ability to make important decisions quickly, but logically. However, if you were unhappy driving this kind of vehicle in a dream, it may suggest that you tend to jump to conclusions and often regret your words and actions afterwards.

Broken car

A broken car, or broken down car, means you can expect to receive bad news sometime soon. Your dreams have to take a back seat as you deal with more pressing matters. For example, you would have to care for an ailing relative or help out your family member with their debt. Even though you already have a game plan for the months and years ahead, you will now have to set them aside and carve out a new timeline for yourself.

Being chased by red cars

We had to avoid red cars, if the people saw us then we were hunted. We were being chased around the area I went to secondary school and a separate area where an old boyfriend used to live.

Envisioning being chased in a dream vision and trying hopelessly to hide from others or avoid things symbolizes that you are afraid of someone or something in reality. You may perceive someone as a dangerous individual or you may feel uneasy in their company. However, this vision does not imply that the person is harmful in reality but simply tells you how you feel about them. The other main symbol is the school in your dream. Seeing or being around your old school building where you have spent time studying suggests an upcoming negative event in your life filled with stress and anxiety.

Parked cars damaged like in an accident

Envisioning a series of parked cars that appear to have been damaged or sideswiped suggests those around you are not making progress in their own lives. In fact, they may even be bringing you down with their constant bad news and negative energy. You might want to rethink about your connections with these energy vampires and consider finding companions who lift you up and motivate you to move forward.

Owning red cars

I dreamt I was trying to cross a railway line and then all of a sudden I own two red cars.

To be understood, we actually should look at this dream in reverse. Dreaming of cars is a relatively common symbol which is usually interpreted as a sign that you are worried about the success of your plans or fear that others may ruin your chances for getting a great opportunity. The fact that the cars were red further supports this idea, showing that your emotions may run a bit high when you are concerned about how things are going to turn out. However, being near train tracks suggests that your goals are to be met with great success, so you should not worry so much about the actions of others.

A vandalized car

I saw my car in flames and all my car windows are shattered.

Your dream symbolizes a fateful meeting shortly. The fire in your car points to the possibility of this meeting being romantic. While this might be a favorable event in your life, it will not be one without issues, some awkwardness might follow on the heels of this romantic encounter.

Getting out of a car

Stepping out of your vehicle in your dream signifies the successful culmination of your envisioned goals and the tangible rewards of your diligent efforts. This captivating vision serves as a confirmation that your hard work and determination are paying off. It indicates a significant achievement or milestone that you have reached in your journey. Embrace this moment as a testament to your perseverance and celebrate the fruits of your labor. As you step away from your car, you are stepping into a new chapter of success and accomplishment. Continue to embrace your ambitions and maintain the same level of dedication and commitment, knowing that you have the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

Car skidding crash

Seeing a car in a dream vision symbolizes a journey throughout life, so experiencing a car crash generally predicts unusual and significant occasion you are about to live through. If you were the driver and were driving carelessly, it might imply that you are on a descending path involving bad attitudes, habits, and worsening quality of life. If another individual was driving, it might show that you are getting negatively impacted by too much influence from others and doing so may bring regrets in the future.

A red car in the pool

It was a red car that had just driven down the street, it didn't crash into anything, but ended up in a swimming pool full of water.

The color red tends to represent strong emotions, usually indicating getting worked up or upset easily. This is understandable, given that driving down the street in a fast-moving car represents being concerned or troubled about a situation you are currently in. You are likely stressed out either because the outcome is uncertain or because you have little control over the final decision. In both cases, the ending depends on your actions from here on out. Driving into a pool of water predicts a negative outcome for you if you act in a rushed or thoughtless manner. If you react quickly based on your feelings, as you have a tendency to do, you may find things going badly. However, if you take time to respond logically, you may find the situation shifting to favor your desires.

Your car being damaged

Damage to your personal vehicle in the dream realm usually is a metaphor for pain and hurt occurring in your life. You may soon find some area of your life that brings you displeasure. The amount of damage your car sustained could be a direct reflection of how much trouble you should expect. Small scratches may be associated with minor inconveniences like traffic or slow internet speeds, while larger dents or missing parts may point toward bigger issues, like fights, illness or loss of property.

Foreign manufacturer car

Encountering a foreign-made car in your dream suggests that you will experience moments of exceptional inspiration, enabling you to uncover constructive solutions to challenging questions or issues. This dream symbolizes your creative problem-solving abilities and hints at a period of innovative thinking and success in overcoming obstacles. Stay open to new ideas and approaches, as they may lead to favorable outcomes in your waking life.

Losing your car

To lose your own car means you are slowly losing your motivation or making rash decisions. The car is a metaphor of social mobility and personal drive, so losing it through car theft or some other incident represents a lax attitude. A slew of failures and disappointments may have eroded your faith in yourself, so perhaps this dreamscape scenario is a wake up call for you to rethink your decisions or eliminate distractions which may be hampering your decision-making.


Dreaming that your car has been taken by someone else, whether you were still inside it or not, suggests you feel controlled or manipulated by someone in reality. This could be a parent who has ambition for your future or a teacher who seeks to mold your behavior. Not feeling in control of your own life or choices is the cause of this vision. If you were unable to recover the vehicle before the end of the vision, it may be some time before your overcome the influence of whatever outside force is holding you back.

A car stuck in mud

I dreamed that my car was in the mud.

The mud in which your car gets stuck represents the possibility that you may get entangled in a nasty confrontation. Somebody you know may soon try to put a stop to a particular project or plan you may have at the moment. This person could be driven by jealousy and dread at the prospect that achieving your goal would prove that you are better than him or her.

Purchasing a car

Dreaming of owning a car goes beyond mere transportation; it symbolizes the restoration of a cherished reputation and the acquisition of respect and admiration. This vehicular aspiration encapsulates the yearning to regain a sense of familiarity and prestige that was once ingrained in our lives. The act of purchasing a car represents a pivotal step towards manifesting these dreams, aligning our desires with the pursuit of a reputable status and the possible benefits that accompany it.

Disappearance or theft of your car

In the realm of dreams, the sudden vanishing or theft of a car carries profound implications, signifying a significant disturbance in the carefully laid-out blueprints for your future. Such dreams convey the essence of disruption, casting a spotlight on pivotal plans that hold immense importance in shaping the trajectory of your life. As your subconscious weaves its intricate tapestry, this symbolic occurrence serves as a powerful message, urging you to pay heed to the potential obstacles that may impede your progress and derail your aspirations. Exploring the enigmatic language of dreams can unravel hidden insights, allowing you to navigate these challenges and chart a course towards a fulfilling and successful future.

Getting a new car

My friend dreamt about me and my husband having a new car each.

The dream of getting a new car by each of you, but when the dream vision was experienced by someone else other than you, could be a reflection of some visible and obvious competition or difference in views and opinions between you and your husband. This could involve demonstrating rivalry in front of other people (including your friend who had this dream) intentionally or unknowingly. Perhaps it has left such a big imprint on your friend that it manifested itself subconsciously. You could be taking this spousal competition for granted and consider it to be a normal part of your life, but to others it might seem somewhat strange or inappropriate. It could be as subtle as verbal remarks or gestures exchanged between you and your husband, or it could be the way you offer distinctly different opinions on things in front of others.

An off-white hearse

I had a dream my father picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at the hotel I stayed at when he passed away and when I looked back to see what car he picked me up in it was an off-white hearse ... Please can u help me understand hearses are usually black, why the off-white color?

Traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of a hearse in a dream as an indication of upcoming illness or worsening health conditions for the dreamer. At the same time, the darker the color of the hearse was perceived, the more serious this condition would be. The beginning of this dream also indicates your worries and concerns about relying on the help of your family members or relatives. Overall, these developments could affect either your father or you personally, but it does not seem that the consequences would be dramatic or too significant if anything ever happens to either of you two.

Car sinking in water

A dream in which a car sinks in water, such as during a flood or after crashing into a body of water, suggests potential failure due to emotional turbulence. Personal problems may get in the way of your work, so your output and performance may suffer. The car itself is the metaphor for motivation and career progression, meaning its sinking state illustrates the breakdown of your plans and goals. You may have to deal with your personal issues first before you can get back to your daily grind. You can only focus on professional development once your aura is clear.

Riding in a car with someone

Riding in a car with someone during the course of your dream is a common situation, although the interpretation of it depends on whether you were driving the vehicle or if you were the passenger. In the case that you were a passenger in the car, you may feel like someone is controlling a specific aspect of your life. You may not have the power to advocate for yourself or take care of your own well-being. Being the driver of this vehicle, however, reveals that you feel positive that you have the best interests of others at heart, even when it goes against their express wishes. You may want to consider how you would feel in their shoes.

Not being able to stop a car

Not being able to stop a moving car alludes to some aspect of your life, or indeed perhaps all of it, being out of control. Whether the brakes do not seem to work or you are stuck in one of the passenger seats, this vivid imagery conjures up the idea of not being able to slow down and assess the current state of your life.

Crashing a car on purpose

I dreamed that I was very suicidal and depressed and wanted to die, so I took the car, but I am only 15 and in the dream it was like no one cared how old I was, and when I started the car this person told me to stop and not go but I went anyways and I drove very fast hoping I would crash. Then somehow I flipped the car and purposely made the car crash, but nothing was wrong with me, the car got all squeezed in and there was no blood and this little boy was recording the whole thing, please help me out.

Having suicidal tendencies in a dream may be an indication of hindering someone else's chances for success, especially in tasks or endeavors that are important to them or crucial to their future. Perhaps you are distracting one of your friends as they try to study for an important test, or maybe you are unintentionally standing in the way of two people getting together and starting a relationship. Trying to drive a car that does not belong to you and then crashing it predicts getting involved with a bad crowd and, in particular, participating in illegal activities like fraud or identity theft. You may think your actions are harmless at first, but just like driving a car before a giant crash, the reality will become a major issue for you if you get in too deep. The little boy recording this series of events represents looking at your life from another perspective. Therefore, it would be wise to look at your actions and those you associate with and decide if this is the person you really want to be. If dark thoughts persist in waking moments, you may also want to talk to an authority figure, like a parent or counselor, so they can point you in the right direction if you need help.

Driving fast and backwards in a car

Female. I've had this dream numerous times. I'm backing up my vehicle and it speeds up and it takes a long time for me to be able to stop it, so I'm basically flying backwards at a high rate of speed.

Operating a vehicle in a dream is often thought to represent our journey through life, so this vision has two possible interpretations. Driving backwards may represent taking an unconventional route to reach your future goals. On the other hand, driving backwards out of control could indicate a tendency to focus on the past without preparing for what the future brings. In either case, this vision may represent your need to focus and move toward your goals in the future.

Struggling to close the trunk of a car

Finding it impossible to close the trunk of your car warns that you are too extravagant on unnecessary or useless things. Before it is too late, you must pause and re-evaluate your spending habits.

Parking a car in crowded street

Dreaming of parking your vehicle in a bustling and congested street holds symbolic significance in the realm of dreams. This vivid imagery suggests that a brief rupture may occur within your relationships or professional partnerships, stemming from a disagreement or conflict of opinions. This dream scenario serves as a metaphor for the temporary discord that may arise with your companions or business associates. By understanding the underlying message, you can gain insights into the potential challenges you may encounter in your waking life.

A fancy car

Driving a fancy car.

A fancy car in your dream could be symbolic of potential exposures to sudden losses or extravagant purchases. It could also reveal your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You subconsciously want others to admire and perceive you as a wealthy and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain or vague about certain aspects of your life, lack self-esteem and self-confidence. You could be confused about the meaning and possible impact of recent life events on your future. Such line of questioning, indecisiveness or confusion related to other people's opinions or recent events could hamper your ability to make prompt and sound decisions.

Saving kids from a car filled with smoke

There were four kids in a car, one being a newborn. When the car was parked, the two older ones came out. While someone was putting oil in the car, smoke filled the inside of the car. I yelled for help, but no one moved. I went in to get them myself. In the end, they were safe. I remember there was no fire, only smoke.

Cars are often symbolic of our life journey on this planet, and both the newborn baby and the children you see in this car represent positive events in your life, such as upcoming successes and lucky chances. However, seeing the car fill with smoke before the children were evacuated suggests you may not be focusing on goals or events which could raise you to the next level. For example, you may spend a lot of your time daydreaming about what could be out there instead of going out and making it happen. Saving the children at the end of this vision is a message from your subconscious saying you can do the same thing with your life if you take control of the situation and make well-informed decisions.

Reversing car

Dreaming of reversing a car symbolizes a desire for change, an effort to regain control, reflections of past experiences or actions, longing to change life's current direction, which are all deeply connected to the dreamer's woke thoughts and feelings. It also represents the dreamer's need to undo something, go back to a certain point in the past, or change a decision. In a nutshell, dreamers should keep faith in themselves and do better at something they are trying to accomplish. In the end, your credibility, your open-mindedness, and your consistency will help you in dealing with the obstacles.

Big black car turning in an opposite direction

I saw in my dream that there is black car which was going and suddenly turned back opposite on the same track and I am thinking how come it is turned back in wrong direction. And I see that big huge black luxurious car and I am seeing that from very close distance at the moment the car turned back and I saw I got up. What could be meaning of this dream?

This dream about a luxury car going in an opposite direction is indicative of chance encounters with people who are more affluent or well-off than you. On the other hand such a vision could symbolize that you feel ambiguous or vague about certain aspects of your life. This might in fact be making you wonder what these specific turns of events in your life might be signifying. All in all, it is a merely a symbol of the indecisiveness which you feel when particular events in your life make you feel confused.

Unable to control the car

I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car (not any specific car) and every time I press the brakes they don't work. I keep blowing red lights and stop signs even if I press the break very early. I wake up sweating almost every night from this dream.

Dreams about being unable to slow or stop a car with the brakes indicate a recent situation or a tendency to do things without thinking them through. Perhaps your quick thinking solved an immediate problem, but not considering the after-effects of your actions may have dire consequences. This dream of being unable to follow traffic rules and drive safely may, therefore, be a subconscious warning that the consequences of your short-sightedness are about to be or have already begun to be realized.

Driving a sports car

Someone dreamed about me driving a sports car.

A fancy or sports car you were driving as envisioned by others could be a reflection of your tendency to be involved in some extravagant purchases and gestures, or your desire to have a higher status quo and social influence. You could act or present yourself to others in a way so that they have to admire and perceive you as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. This dream vision could also symbolize that you feel ambiguous, uncertain, or vague about certain aspects of your life, and could actually lack confidence and feel insecure, contrary to what you try to convey.

Driving a favorite car

I had a dream I was getting into a Mazda RX-7 FX which is one of my favorite cars and has my favorite engine, the rotary engine a tiny 1.3 liter. I got in, the sound felt so real and the car was vibrating as it idled. I started revving that baby and there was smoke everywhere when I backed down from the exhaust. Then I took it for a drive and again what the hell it felt to real I had such a great time. What does this mean?

Dreaming about your favorite car is a very auspicious vision. Cars are symbols of social mobility and progress, so driving your dream car means that your goals and aspirations are within reach. The vivid quality of the dream further validates the fact that success is almost at hand. In addition, driving this new vehicle also alludes to the likelihood of meeting interesting personalities. This can happen as a result of rising through the ranks at your work or traveling to distant and fascinating places. Those individuals could further open up a host of opportunities for you, so make sure you make the most of this favorable period.

Falling out of a car

I was driving in a car with someone, I'm not sure who. I turned a corner really fast and fell out of the car. It kept going and I was chasing after it. Could not catch up to it.

Driving a car in the dream world is often considered synonymous with our personal journey through life. As such, driving a car at the beginning of the vision suggests you feel in control of your current path or course of action. However, the corner you turned represents a sudden shift in some aspect of your life that can throw you out of control. Furthermore, chasing the car after the fact suggests you may have trouble regaining your previous secure position. The stranger in the car with you could be the manifestation of a particular person or group who are influencing this particular situation. If you can find any similarities between the person you were driving with and individuals, groups or companies from reality, you may want to be wary of their interactions and motives when dealing with them.

Parked car

Seeing a parked car in a dream symbolizes a difficult decision in your waking life that has left you feeling stuck or stagnant. The car being parked in a lot suggests that you may search for a way forward or a new direction. Moreover, this symbolism of the car holds a deeper spiritual meaning, maybe suggesting you should get rid of the negative influences around you to gain a better insight into what your true goals are.

Hitchhiking a car on the road

Discovering yourself in a dream, searching for a ride along a road, unveils an intriguing symbol, offering a glimpse into your personal growth. This vivid imagery functions as a mirror reflecting the uncharted territories of your abilities. It suggests that you're on the cusp of unearthing new talents or skills that have been latent within you. Similar to your dream's narrative, wherein you seek a ride, you're embarking on a journey of exploration within your own capabilities. By interpreting this symbol, you're urged to embrace your curiosity and nurture these newfound abilities. This dream serves as a reminder that every journey, even the one within oneself, can reveal unexpected and enriching discoveries.

Handling unfamiliar car part

Dreaming of interacting with an unfamiliar car part acts as a clear signal to brace yourself for a potential wave of critique concerning your problem-solving approach. This dream reminds you to be ready to address any challenges to your methods with confidence and resilience.

Hitting another car

I was driving down the street hit the back of another car.

This dream of hitting someone's car in the back could manifest your recent attempts to get someone's attention, either with the purpose of dating or to advance your plans in order to benefit from them later, with little to no success. This indifference or refusal the person had expressed towards you could result from their explicit aversion in regards to your straightforwardness or the lack of proper etiquette on your part while communicating your intentions. This dream could serve as a wake-up call to reconsider your approaches to dealing with people around you if you want to end up with more favorable outcomes.

In a car with no driver and a scary woman

I was sitting in the back of a moving car and it's so scary cause it won't stop and no one's driving it? And sometimes when I look around in the car there's a woman with me and her hair is dark and covers her face and sometimes she's young and sometimes she's old.

When you dream about being frightened during a car ride, it could mean that you have real-life concerns about your plans or projects being disrupted by a particular person's actions. If you piece this together with the faceless woman, there could be someone in your social circle who has feelings of envy towards you and is pretending in order to gain your trust and undermine your efforts to succeed. The faceless woman with dark hair whom you notice in the dream could be the person or people you suspect of being treacherous towards you.

Relatives arguing while in the car

In a car with my aunt driving. A cousin in front passenger seat, myself and another cousin in the back seat. We are on a country road, we pull into a gravel parking lot of an antique or junk shop. Then the people in the front seat start to argue, then I realize they are arguing because i do not have shoes on.

The antique shop in your dream alludes to tradition and old-fashioned values. You may have a very strict family who tries to control your decisions and the path you should take for your future. Being barefoot in the vision reveals your laid-back attitude and free-spirited nature. What you want for yourself and what your family expects from you may be two different things. You may be torn between following your passions and conforming to expectations. This may cause conflict between you and your family. No matter which path you choose, you need to be able to deal with the consequences.

Manipulating various car controls

Engaging in playful experimentation with the controls of your vehicle can serve as a clear indicator of potential unexpected setbacks, such as mild physical ailments or illness. This concept can be metaphorically related to the realm of dreams, where tinkering with the elements can likewise symbolize unforeseen losses. These losses, while minor in nature, can manifest in various forms, emphasizing the significance of remaining cautious and aware within the dream realm. By drawing parallels between this behavior and dream scenarios, one can better understand the importance of navigating dreamscape experiences with mindfulness, ultimately ensuring positive outcomes.

Purchasing car parts

Purchase of car parts means you accept more from your life than what the world has to offer you. Be advised to slow your pace or risk losing all that you have achieved thus far.

Changing the finish (color) of your car

When you dream of repainting your car, it carries a significant and intriguing symbolism. This captivating vision serves as a powerful sign of unexpected fortune or the acquisition of valuable physical assets that will come into your possession. Embrace this dream as an auspicious indication, suggesting that favorable opportunities and blessings are on the horizon. Prepare yourself to receive unexpected abundance and be open to the possibilities that may arise. It may be a time to capitalize on newfound resources or take advantage of a favorable situation. Let this dream inspire you to take bold steps, seize opportunities, and cultivate gratitude for the blessings that come your way. By harnessing the energy of this dream, you can manifest and enjoy the unexpected fortune and physical assets that await you.

Driving a previously owned car

Driving a car that previously belonged to someone else in the dream world considered a neutral symbol, and it is related to the idea of living someone else's life. If you knew the man or woman who owned the car, you may be following in their footsteps or hope to learn from them in the future. If you did not know whose car it was, it could mean there are forces influencing you that you do not recognize or understand yet. It might be a good idea to consider what path you hope to take in life and who is influencing you to head in this direction.

Car going into water

Freudian interpretations of seeing a car being submerged or sinking into water are often thought to bode ill for the dreamer. It generally reflects a lack of control in life leading to a type of freefall into misfortune and bad luck. If you were the one driving into the water, it is likely you would be the instrument of your own failure. However, seeing someone else in the driver's seat may reveal that your sorry state would be due to the interference of others.

Someone destroying my car

Wrecking a car, regardless if it is your own vehicle or someone else's, is a vivid representation of a heartbreak. The vehicle itself is a metaphor for your hopes and dreams, so seeing your vehicle destroyed illustrates your anger and frustrations over failed relationships or unrealized plans. You could be feeling helpless and hopeless, so it is possible that you end up sabotaging your own life. Alternatively, your mind could be providing this cathartic experience for you to avoid a meltdown in reality.

Car falling into water

Dreaming that your car has plunged into water is often an allusion to something or someone threatening your life or lifestyle in reality. This symbolic imagery is a metaphor for your position in life being in danger of becoming less than it is currently, either figuratively or literally. Your subconscious may be channeling this sign based on cues you are receiving in wake life, such as suspicious behavior by someone you know and do not trust.

Being worried about where the car is parked

I saw my car outside of the garage! But in real life my car is never park outside! What does it mean? Thank u!

Dreams about being worried about your car are actually very common. These visions reflect your real-life concerns about the possibility that your current plans or projects may become disrupted by someone or someone's actions and never come to fruition. You could be in a stage when you are trying to complete or finalize an important project or activity and sensing that you might be unable to pull it off. Some reassurance in self-confidence and determination (including by other people) would help you in overcoming these temporary uncertainties.

A car driving into a pond

I'm sleeping, woke up to a car driving into a pond and snake rushing down to bite me.

Dreaming about driving into a pond means that you have recently behaved in a rushed way and are now sensing that it is going to result in issues. The image of a pond by itself speaks of issues or complications which have been dormant for awhile, but now may begin to surface. Dreaming of being bitten by a snake or serpent may serve as a warning that rivals or people who are jealous of you are making plans against you. It may be that they covet your success and position and are therefore scheming to hinder your projects and plans, or it may be jealousy of your respect and rapport with others, which may inspire them to spread rumors or gossip about you. This type of dream is telling you to take care and precautions against these people who seek to harm you and protect your own interests.

In a car amid a frozen landscape

I was in a car when flocks of flying penguins went by and after that I got out and the car was frozen to the ground with ice everywhere and a frozen dog in the distance that I freed and kept.

Dreaming about a cold, snowy landscape with frozen objects and animals is a metaphor for your life. This means that while you are generally doing well in life, others may be suffering or facing hardships (freezing) with little hope of turning this situation around. Your future actions may have serious consequences. If you choose not to get involved, your situation is unlikely to change either for better or worse. However, should you choose to risk your position and comfortable lifestyle for the sake of others, you may lose some of what you have. It depends on whether you think the emotional rewards for such efforts are worth the material risks.

Someone stopping the car while driving

I was driving rapidly and someone stood in front of my car and held up their hand as to say stop. I stopped so quickly, that the back end of my car came off the ground. When it slammed down 2 of the tires came off.

Driving rapidly in a dream indicates that you are in a fast lane to achieving your goals. The person who blocked your path could be suggesting that you might get entangled in a nasty confrontation with someone trying to put a stop to your thriving professional or personal life. This hindrance could then prevent you from going forward with your plans, as symbolized by the tires that came off.

Car being taken away and trying to locate it

I dreamed that I slept on a couch in my mother's house. I kept hearing a car door open and close, I continued to sleep. I woke up, my mother returned, my car was gone, all my stuff for my baby was all over the yard. There were vendors selling goods in everyone's driveways, no one knew what happened. Then I asked a vendor, she wanted to see my ID. So we asked my neighbor and his sons had usually large heads and tried to remember what happened.

Dreams containing scenes and images of your car being vandalized or stolen usually symbolize a fateful meeting in the near future. Based on the remaining imagery experienced in this dream, this encounter is more likely to be a work-related, rather than a personal or romantic one, in its nature. At the same time, it seems that you are the kind of a person who is reluctant and unwilling to open yourself up to new opportunities or engage in face-to-face networking. You dream vision could therefore be advising you to be more open-minded and accepting should this event actually take place in your waking life.

Husband's car vandalized

My husband had a dream that his 2001 Transam was vandalized. It was stripped down. He said it felt so real. He sat right up in bed. What does it mean??

Your husband's vision is highly symbolic, pointing toward a major disaster or uprising taking place near him (and by extension, you too). Because he did not witness the act of vandalism, he probably would not be directly affected by this event. Rather, the event may shift the way people interact with each other, causing friction among individuals of different backgrounds.

Car wheels missing

I dreamed I woke up and the wheels were gone on my car. The dream was in color and very vivid. I can't seem to find an interpretation for my dream. Can it mean something or nothing? Thank you.

Dream imagery about discovering that parts of your car are missing could be a reflection of your anxiety and worries related to some important meeting or encounter you were hoping to soon have not taken place. This could be a date, a networking event, or a social gathering which is soon going to be canceled or postponed to a later date. It is also possible that the reason for this event not taking place would be your own change of mind or realization you are not quite ready for it yet.

Unable to stop a moving car

Ever since I was little I've had several dreams about me being in a car that won't stop moving and I can't make it stop, I can only turn the wheel.

You may be living your life in the fast lane. Usually, dreams about a continuously moving car show your ambitious side. You may be the type of person who is driven and focused on achieving your goals. As such, this recurring scenario may manifest whenever you are exhausted from working too hard or anxious about losing control. When everything is going great, you may have a tendency to worry or think about all the things that could go wrong. Perhaps you need to pace yourself or have some time to relax so you can regain your bearings.

Circling around trees in a fast car

My mom had a dream about me doing donuts in a fast car around two large oaks. I kept going and the more I did it the closer I got to the oaks. She was screaming and my dad and some other guy were just watching silently.

Doing the donut maneuver in your dream could be indicative of your reckless behavior. Your family may be worried that your risk-taking is going too far and this contributes to your lack of direction and inability to be in full control of your actions. On a positive note, the oak tree you were circling signifies your desire to be a strong and independent person, capable of relying on yourself only. This personal character trait could help you achieve great success because of your efforts and tenacity.

In a car with an insane person

What does it mean if a mad person is sitting beside me in the car dressed as a normal person, but mad and started biting me? Please narrate this dream for me with full meaning, thank you and God bless u.

The mad or insane individual sitting beside you in the dream may be a representation of an aspect of your mind that is slipping from reality. Perhaps you are a dreamer by nature and as a way to escape, you conjure up make-believe events and scenarios in your head. However, as indicated in this dream vision, you may be indulging too much in your fantasy world so you end up losing touch with your actual situation and surroundings. Perhaps this tendency to daydream is holding you back from actually living and being productive.

Water inside the car

My dream was about water inside my car.

Your car symbolizes social mobility and ambition. In the dream world, it is a representation of your drive and motivation to go after your goals. As such, finding water inside your car may allude to your uncertainties and insecurities about your capabilities. Perhaps certain disappointments and criticisms have affected your self-confidence in a negative way. Alternatively, you could be questioning your choices and wondering whether you are on the right track.

Being in a car about to explode

We were in a car that the guy knew it was gonna explode, but to save the people he ordered me to get in the car and go with him, so he can move it. I didn't know that the car will explode and we went to a place with no houses or anything and got out of the car quickly he hugged me, so he can protect me from the flames. I pushed him and was so mad at him and started hitting him and crying but he was just smiling at me and removed my tears.

Dreaming of a car explosion or a car blowing up usually represents pent up anger and frustration. Because cars symbolize social mobility, your dream vision could mean that the grudges you hold and resentment towards others are preventing you from focusing on the things that matter. Instead of motivating yourself to pursue your passions, you could be dwelling too much on negative thoughts and emotions. The guy who saves you from the explosion may be the partner you have been looking for to balance out your personality. There is a possibility that you would meet this individual during a significant event in your reality. He could either be a romantic prospect or someone who would become a trusted friend.

Someone hitting a car

A person hit my car twice.

Watching someone hit your car twice in your dream vision suggests that you have an extreme obsession with someone from reality. To see your car being broken by someone means that bad news related to that influential person may come your way soon. In some cases, this could refer to the injury or death of someone you care about, but it is more commonly associated with being conned or taken advantage of by said individual.

Losing car

I am a female who has had a recurring dream for 3 years about not being able to find my car. In the dream when I have gone somewhere and I come out to leave, my car is not where I left it. This is only one of three recurring dreams I have on a regular basis. Grateful for your assistance in advance.

A reoccurring dream over this length of time is certainly trying to tell you something important about your reality. We can look at the interpretation, then, from two different perspectives. The first is related to your overall lifestyle or personality. Not being able to find your car where you think you parked it in the dream world could reflect being too busy or distracted to make good decisions. In this case, losing the car can be literally interpreted as a need to slow down and think carefully about past actions so that you can get going again. Another possible meaning for this vision could be more situational, depending on when the dream appears most vividly. If you seen this symbol before a major undertaking or event, it is possible your subconscious does not want to participate for one reason or another. For example, you may not really like the people you are interacting with or you may worry about your car breaking down on the way. Whether this is related to your personality or the situations you find yourself in during wake life, you could spend more time thinking about what you really want and need to do after experiencing these visions.

With daughter in a car that is dying

I am with my daughter and the car is dying.

Dreaming that your car is dying suggests your luck is running out. You are going to deal with problems, one after another, which will put a stop to your plans for an indefinite period. You might get laid off at work or you will have a ton of overdue bills to pay. Let this serve as a warning against overspending or a failure to prioritize. If you want to give your daughter a good life, then your subconscious is encouraging you to focus on financial literacy and planning for the future instead of being fatalistic about your situation.

Being intimidated by men in a car

I dreamed I came upon a car with 2 men in it, near a family member's house. I saw an old blanket that belonged to a family member sticking out the car. I called to them, as I barely knew of them. When I walked up to the car, I told them to go ahead and go, take the blanket. One of the men pulled a small silver gun, aimed it at me. I grabbed it out his hand and ran. He started getting out of the car. I saw him earlier at a gathering, he wanted the blanket, not given it, so he took it from her later at her house.

The men in cars is an ominous imagery about a threat to your sense of stability. Cars typically symbolize social mobility, hence the men inside the vehicle represent savvy individuals who often take advantage of others for their personal gain. Taking the old blanket with them alludes to be being robbed of your protection or security. The gun further underscores a threat to your safety, especially your nest egg. You could get hacked, scammed or manipulated into participating in a fraudulent deal. Your subconscious is giving you warning signals so that you can stay vigilant about possible scammers and warn members of your family who may be vulnerable to these schemes. Avoid flaunting your assets or financial capacity lest you become an easy target by smooth-talking con artists.

A car running on track road

Having a vivid vision of a car on the track road, whether you are the driver or an onlooker, symbolizes your tendency to make some sacrifices to achieve your goals. You are very determined and committed to doing so that you struggle to have a work-life balance in the real world, which would result in disconnection from some people in your life. Thus, learning to find stability between these two is highly recommended.

Being in a speeding car

Dreaming of riding a speeding vehicle, whether you are the passenger or the driver, shows your attempt to be in charge of your life. A case of having no brake in the dream world expresses feeling out of control of your current situation and some disappointments along your way. Therefore, it is always best to be cautious in whatever you do in the real world.

Fixing a car

Fixing a broken down car or truck during the course of a dream can be either a reflection of good behavior or a harbinger of misfortune following bad behavior. In the most general of interpretations, repairing a motor vehicle means spending time on yourself to become better, either physically, mentally, intellectually or spiritually. However, the purpose and attitude you take towards achieving this higher level is what determines whether the outcome would be positive or negative. Those who improve themselves with a sincere desire to get better and be a better member of their family or community would be rewarded. Those who seek to better themselves to show off, gain fame or put down others would be shunned and ridiculed.

Car dealership

Seeing a car dealership in the dream realm represents a craving for a significant decision or change in your life, related to your desires or ambitions. Moreover, the vehicles on display can be seen as symbols that hold personal meaning to the dreamer. According to modern dream interpretations, such visions portray a place or moment of life choice, where one can weigh their options and make an important judgment.