Dreams Related To Captive

Being held captive and escaping

Envisioning yourself as a captive reveals an internalized sense of helplessness. Like Carl Jung shadow, this aspect of your personality is hidden and generally bubbles to the surface when times get tough. Instead of rising up to the occasion, you tend to break under pressure. This could stem from your upbringing and being put down by people you love. Fortunately, to escape from captivity is an allusion to empowerment. You will finally break free from your fears and learn to believe in yourself after overcoming a major challenge.

Being captured and deprived of food

I am captivated with my kids, but I have lots of food with me and people snatched entire food and they are eating without given grain. And I am shouting at them that I need to eat food as I am breastfeeding my baby, but everyone is making fun of me.

This dream has two main images which have the same significance. Dreaming of being captured or taken as a hostage signifies losses and disappointments especially related to your romantic and intimate life. In the dream, you also had food taken away from you, which can indicate being separated from your loved ones, either temporarily or forever. It can also predict treason or betrayal you are about to face in a short period.