Dreams Related To Candy

Good-tasting candy

Candy that has a pleasant, sweet taste while you are dreaming points toward upcoming instances of love in your reality. You may soon fall in love with someone new or have a romantic encounter with someone already have feelings for, whether you have admitted those feelings for each other or not.

Being harassed at a candy store

I left my house and walked to the mall and I walked into the candy store. I talked with the woman at the register for a little bit and she convinced me to give her my phone number then she asked for my home address. After I refused a man came out of the back and tried to convince me to give up my home address after that failed he tried to grab me and force me to give up the address, but I got away. After that I met a friend whom I haven't talked to in a while and then he got snatched. After that I left.

Finding yourself inside a candy store in a dream vision represents your quest to find more joy and happiness in your life. This symbol usually appears whenever the dreamer feels stressed out in reality or is busy carrying too many responsibilities, so the yearning to experience rest and leisure becomes more pronounced. Both strangers who tried to get your personal details suggest that work is starting to seep into your personal or home life. You are working too much that you often have to bring home some of these tasks just to keep up with the workload. This is a dangerous sign of an imminent breakdown or burnout. In addition, the long-lost friend who got snatched or kidnapped in your dream is a symbol of the life you want to live which is unlike your current situation. Perhaps this person represents a more laid-back or less stressful existence which you want for yourself.

Sharing candy with someone

Sharing candy with someone in a dream predicts you could be considering taking your relationship with your significant other to the next level. While you may be ready to deepen your bonds with your special someone, he or she may not yet be ready to make that extra commitment. You would likely be disappointed and very hurt as a result.

Sour-tasting candy

Candy that you perceive as being sour or acidic while you are in the middle of a dream portends soon falling ill or feeling a bit under the weather. A similar interpretation points toward emotional pain rather than physical ailment, meaning you could feel disappointed, upset or irritated with those around you due to their behavior or general situations.

Receiving candy as a gift

Receiving candy as a gift in the dream world usually suggests someone is acting pretentiously towards you in reality. Their persistent poor treatment of your person may annoy you or rub you the wrong way for some time. Another possible interpretation of this symbol sheds light on some recently uptaken task or project on which you are making good, consistent progress.

Candy turning into cockroaches

Eating a bag of chocolate-covered raisins and they drop from my hand and burst into cockroaches and swarm my room.

In general, chocolate in a dream represents a propensity to or obsession with luxuries and vices. Eating a bag of chocolates implies that you may be indulging too much in unhealthy habits or activities that are slowly getting out of control. Not surprisingly, the swarm of cockroaches appearing as a consequence warns you that these actions and behavioral traits need to be addressed and dealt with before things start getting out of hand.

Giving candy as a gift to someone

Giving candy to someone else during a dream vision, whether it was a fancy gift or a small treat, is often interpreted as a sign that you have proposed something or suggested an idea to someone in reality. This could be something related to your business or job, like a way to improve profits, or something in your personal life, such as a path to financial freedom. Despite your best efforts, however, you would only end up disappointed, as your attempts would either fail or be shot down.

Dreaming about sweets such as candy chocolate or cake

Hard candy

Sucking on a hard candy while you are dreaming at night suggests you would soon find yourself relaxing and enjoying good times with those you love and care for most, like your friends and family. This would refresh you, and you would remember these good times for many years to come.

A swimming pool filled with cotton candy

I was in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy with my friends and we we were swimming in the cotton candy and we had jet packs on our backs and we could fly high then go down inside the cotton candy.

Frolicking in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy alludes to hedonistic pursuits. You may be at a point in your personal journey where you are relatively free from concerns and responsibilities. It is perhaps a period of fun and adventure. The cotton candy represents leisure, rewards and contentment. Everything is going smoothly and you are enjoying this turn of events. As in everything, of course, living in excess could have negative repercussions, so practice prudence and moderation.

Making candy

Making candy during the course of a dream vision is often considered a positive symbol to behold at night. It portends great improvements and big strides being made in your life due to your own hard work. After all your sacrifices and effort, you and your family would be wealthier and more prosperous than ever before.

Receiving candy from deceased father

I have been dreaming that my father gives me a pack of multi-colored candy in my hand. My father passed away 15 years ago.

Receiving food from a now-deceased person is a reflection of your existing or upcoming worries and concerns about your health. You could have just started noticing or have been diagnosed with some conditions which could be threatening your health and well-being. The multi-colored candy in the dream is symbolic of uncertainties you could be having in regards to either causes or potential severity of these issues. This vision therefore advises to seek medical advice and be examined if you indeed began to notice signs of worsening in your physical condition.

Cotton candy

In the dream realm, cotton candy is perceived as a happy symbol meaning anything from juvenile naivety and bliss to someone whose spirit is still full of youth and vigor. Modern dream workers believe the interpretation of this symbol is related to the sweet taste that takes one back to childhood. To eat and enjoy the cotton candy is to remember a healthy, robust body that could run without tiring or experiencing loving relationship you thought would be permanent because you had no concept of loss. This positive attitude you possess is sure to bring you opportunities for fortune, even if it is only realizing how blessed you already are.