Dreams Related To Cancer

Breast cancer

Knowing or receiving news that you have breast cancer in the dream realm does not actually predict that you would suffer from the disease in wake life. Rather, Jungian sources suggest cancer in all its forms is related to sickness of the mind. In this case, given the cancer's presence on your chest, it seems likely a pain in your heart that you have not recovered from is causing this image to appear in your dreams. Until you address the negativity and emotions you hold within you, you would carry this burden like a cancer. It is recommended to speak to a trained professional, trusted friend or religious leader to help you deal with these feelings and regain your happiness.

Having cancer

Having cancer or being diagnosed with it in a dream vision, whether or not you have it in reality, is not related to your health or well-being in reality. Rather, this dream symbol represents your mental health and personality. With that interpretation, it is easy to see that the cancer is a direct reflection of negativity, hypochondria and general dark energy surrounding you. If you continue to focus on the bad, you are likely to attract the very things you worry about most. Therefore, it is in your best interest to focus your energy on the positive aspects of life and avoid dwelling on the bad.

Being treated from cancer

Being treated for cancer during a dream, such as at a clinic or hospital, may represent a period of cleansing in reality. This could be a physical cleansing, like a diet or workout regimen, or an emotional cleansing, such as getting rid of negative influences on your life or decluttering your mind. In either case, the time spent making improvements to your life is sure to bring you much happiness and satisfaction as time goes on.

Being healed from cancer

Being healed from cancer in the world of dreams, whether it happened through science or an act of God, represents your strong mental resolve against negativity and bad influences in reality. You likely have an upbeat attitude and never let the haters keep you down. Your resilience is sure to be infectious, inspiring others to look on the brightside and be positive.

Someone diagnosed with cancer

Dreaming about someone you know being diagnosed with cancer is actually a fairly positive symbol to perceive. It suggests that your friends and family would not fall victim to this disease or, if they do, they would have better treatment and prognosis than most. You would not have to be worried or concerned about their outlooks, and everything would turn out for the best.

Cancer in general

Cancer, as a general idea, theme or subject, is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream world. Whether you learned about someone being diagnosed or overheard something on the news, this symbol actually represents the unknown or, in some cases, an unwillingness to do something. In the case of the unknown, this symbol tends to reflect our fears about things we do not understand or have not experienced before. In the case of unwillingness, however, it can reveal how dark our minds may become when faced with an unpleasant task or responsibility.

Cancer for those who have it

Having cancer in the dream realm, when you have received such a diagnosis in reality, represents your feelings associated with the disease. For example, it is tied to both your hope for a cure and your perceived isolation from those unaffected with such a health concern. Even though others may care for and support you, no one else can truly understand how you feel, leading to dreams reflecting your reality.

Cancer diagnosis

Getting diagnosed with cancer is an ominous allusion to possible disruption in your life. You will be forced to contend with unfamiliar situations and difficult issues. Perhaps you will have to stand up to oppressive authority or get involved in a legal battle. Cancer is also a metaphor for enlightenment. A traumatic incident or injustice will open your eyes to corruption and unethical practices within your social group or community.

Dying of cancer

Envisioning yourself on the brink of death due to cancer is a revelatory dream and a wake-up call. In esoteric circles, this can mean you are refusing to make crucial decisions that can potentially improve your life. Unfortunately, the severity of the ailment in your dream alludes to a point of no return. You either have to take action now or face irreversible consequences.

Water scarcity and people dying of cancer

I had a dream about the end of water supply and people had cancer and died in same dream. I am not a bad person or either mad at people, just my mind, it is like uncontrollable kind of.

Dreaming of people who are affected by cancer is an ominous sign indicating the spread of some sickness around you. Either you or your friends may be infected with some virus or bacteria, like the flu or common cold, which drains you of energy, making even simple tasks more laborious than normal. This theme can also be seen in the first half of your vision, as water is often symbolic of creative energy and passion. If you get sick, you may notice a decline in your work performance or have difficulty working on artistic endeavors until your symptoms have cleared up. Some dream interpretation sources refer to visions of water shortages as an onset of depressive moods, unwillingness to accept other people's views and opinions, outbursts of unjustified anger and hostility towards those you dislike for some reason.

Family members affected by cancer together

Great grandfather who died of cancer playing with great-grandson in his room who also has cancer.

Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of that person, in this case, the similar presence of cancer. Seeing the great-grandfather and great-grandson play together could be your mind's attempt to console your heart, perhaps by showing that, should things take a turn for the worst, the great-grandson would not be alone. In order to alleviate some of your concerns or anxiety about this situation, it would be wise to talk with a trusted friend or family member.

A deceased grandfather having cancer

I dreamed about dead grandma telling me that grandpa has cancer. He already died from it, what's the meaning for me.

Dreaming of your deceased grandparents alludes to your search for wisdom and guidance. A past issue may resurface that would require you to confront previous mistakes or apply lessons you have learned from your own grandparents. It is also possible that you need to make an important decision that will have lasting consequences on your family's legacy. In other sources, they could symbolize the oracle reaching out to you with a warning. Reliving the trauma of your grandfather's cancer reminds you not to make the same mistakes that they did.