Dreams Related To Camel

A camel-like horse turning into a man

I'm female, was asked to catch a horse running crazy, I agreed. There's a line on it already for me to grab as it runs past. I see it's actually a humpless camel, I grab the line and hold to stop it so it doesn't hurt my arm or move my feet. It charges at me but I stay still, look it in the eyes, and talk sweet. It stops close to my face, I calm it down with sweet words and a touch and as it calms down it transforms to a man. Same hair type and color, same eyes, and same demeanor and smarts of a camel, but humanoid.

Dreaming about trying to catch a horse can symbolize upcoming losses. Specifically, you could lose out on a project or you may have to sell some of your assets or valuables to pay off a debt. It could also mean the loss of a cherished friend. Those losses are likely a direct result of your own negligence and inability to effectively manage your personal and professional affairs. Similarly, taming a camel can refer to a desire to get rid or let go of certain burdens. You may be handling too many duties and commitments so that they are already negatively affecting your social life. Perhaps the transformation of the camel into a human means that if you are able to set aside more personal time, you could cultivate and strengthen your personal relationships in a better way.

Riding a camel and singing

I was riding a camel in a circus and singing to the animal. Then he leaned his head back warmly responding to my music.

Dreams containing images of a camel taken out of their natural habitat or environment could be an indication of a carefree and seemingly enjoyable lifestyle you are living now. There could be a person in your social circle or among your friends who serves as a catalyst or driving force for you to be constantly or periodically dragged in these kinds of activities. However, your subconscious mind is questioning whether this is what you really need to be engaged in, or maybe there are other, more sensible ways to express and fully enjoy yourself.

Sacrificing a camel

I have seen a dream last night just before the fajre prayer that I am sacrificing a camel while the camel was fully calm.

Dreaming of sacrificing a camel alludes to your desire to be free. You may have too many responsibilities and duties in reality which is causing you a lot of grief. As such, the sacrifice of the camel is your decision to put yourself first instead of constantly looking after the needs of others. Alternatively, this could also be a symbol of enlightenment. If no longer shackled by traditions and old-fashioned beliefs, you could be willing to open your mind to new perspectives and worldviews.