Dreams Related To Cage

Breaking out of a cage

Breaking out of a cage, by breaking the lock or forcibly bending the bars using a hammer or a rock, conveys two different dream meanings. On one hand, you could receive unexpected assistance from a very capable group or person, especially if you are struggling to keep your project on track. On the other hand, if you are already being praised and reaping rewards of a past undertaking, then your next endeavor would not fare as well. You would have to suffer through failures and obstacles that would further test your performance under pressure.

A bird in a cage for singles

For single people, the image of a single bird in a cage signals a positive development in the romance department. Regardless of the type of bird, be it a robin or a swallow, this is an auspicious message of finding the love that you deserve. So, with this dream scenario, you can look forward to meeting your soulmate and building a fulfilling life together. There is a high likelihood that you would end up happily married. You may have even already met this person and you just need to explore this relationship some more.

A pair of birds inside a cage

A pair of birds inside a cage, such as lovebirds or a couple of pigeons eating bird feed, reflects the kind of productive and harmonious relationship you are in. In fact, with this dream symbol, things will become even more satisfying and blissful for both of you as you get to know each other on a deeper level. Meanwhile, for single people, this symbol portends the possibility of finding your soulmate and experiencing a healthy and rewarding romantic relationship that you have always dreamed of having.

Birds inside a cage

To see birds inside a cage, like love birds, doves or parrots as pets, is an auspicious message depicting a blossoming romance in your waking life. This marks the beginning of a meaningful and healthy romantic relationship as well as a productive partnership with this significant other. Alternatively, this could also signify monetary gains and wealth after positive developments in your business or career. If you keep up this promising trajectory, you can expect a prosperous and comfortable future.

Someone locked in a cage

Dreaming of seeing someone locked up in a cage like an animal, after getting kidnapped by a serial killer or held prisoner by a sadist, means you are going to get involved in a human rights issue or fight for a big cause. This could mean supporting a friend who has been oppressed or joining a movement for the purpose of shedding light on a societal problem. You would have to use your money and resources to finance the activities, but even if it means financial loss, you would earn the respect and admiration of your peers.

Someone opening a cage

To dream that someone is opening a cage, to either free a creature or clean up the cage of an animal, is a warning that a partner or lover would be snatched away from you by someone who has romantic interest in him or her. By planting seeds of doubt in your relationship and actively causing a rift between the two of you, you would slowly drift apart before finally breaking up. Meanwhile, the malicious person would be there to lend a crying shoulder during your fights to ingratiate himself or herself with your partner.

A cage in general

Generally, the dream symbol of a cage symbolizes deceit and betrayal, especially when it comes to romance. For instance, the cage may be a picture or illustration, or it could be an actual cage with locked up objects, animals or even a person. This constrained environment could also illustrate your own fears and isolation. Afraid of being hurt again, you distance yourself from others or you struggle to make meaningful connections because of trauma. On the other hand, this could also reveal your pent up aggression and hostility towards someone.

Wild animals in a cage

Wild animals in a cage, maybe zoo animals like cheetahs and monkeys running amok or attacking each other, is actually a good omen about defeating your rivals. There is going to be a big confrontation, competition or face-off between you and your enemies in which your would emerge triumphant. You do not necessarily have to face them alone. In fact, you would likely have allies who would back you up and support you, but ultimately, it would be your leadership that would make all the difference.

Being inside a gold cage

To dream of being inside a gold cage, as a slave or prisoner of an unknown entity, refers to the fulfillment of a dream with a negative flipside. To be more specific, this means you would marry a wealthy person, effectively elevating your financial capability and social status. However, this is a double-edged blessing because while you will gain material needs, the love department will be lacking. Being trapped in a loveless and unhappy marriage would diminish the value of material wealth after a while.

Fighting in a cage

Fighting is a symbol commonly associated with learning something new or being caught off guard by some surprising development. In this way, fighting in the confines of a cage may represent someone close to you as being the source or bearer of the news. You may want to mentally prepare for what you are about to learn or find out soon.

An empty cage

An empty cage, for instance a cage intended for dogs or the cages at a zoo, means there would be unexpected developments when it comes to personal relationships. Specifically, you would be betrayed by someone you trust which would end up with the permanent cutting of ties. Alternatively, this could also signify punishment. Getting involved in illegal or unethical practices and activities could get you arrested and even incarcerated. Be careful whom you trust because they could get you into trouble.

Someone building a cage

Witnessing someone building a cage, made of steel or a makeshift cage fashioned out of wires and pieces of wood, means karma would soon take effect to restore balance. People who have treated you unfairly in the past would soon be brought to justice, but not because of your own strategy or efforts to seek revenge. Instead, life and external factors would naturally place them in difficult situations likely mirroring the kind of hardships and bullying they subjected you to. So, while you pick yourself up, they will start falling apart.

Opening a cage for females

For females, dreaming of opening a cage signifies good tidings and positive developments. Luck would be on your side, so whatever projects or tasks you are trying to accomplish they would have excellent results. Alternatively, this symbol could also carry sexual connotations. In this context, opening a cage using a key or forcibly using tools to cut the wire and to open the cage means you want to fulfill your sexual desires. You could be planning to make your sexual fantasies come true by encouraging your partner to participate or enlisting someone else willing to go along with you.

Yourself locked in a cage

Envisioning yourself locked up in a cage, switching places with your caged dog for example, implies an upcoming string of unfortunate circumstances. This will test your patience and fortitude, but your grit and fighting spirit will get you through it. Meanwhile, single people who dream of this dream symbol may have the unfortunate fate of being part of a loveless or toxic relationship. There could be a bad marriage in your future which you would desperately hold on to, hoping that things would get better.

Inside a cage with wild animals

If you find yourself locked up in a cage with wild animals, after a cage malfunctions while doing your job as a zookeeper, then you need to stay alert for bad incidents about to happen. This could be an accident while traveling, a bad case of allergies or a negative turn of events in general that would place a dark cloud over your head. Your plans would be derailed because of bad luck, so you need to be flexible and work hard to retain your optimism, otherwise you could become sucked into a black hole of despair.

Building a cage

If you dream of building a cage, such as welding stainless steel together or nailing pieces of wood, reveals your overly ambitious nature. In order to accomplish your goals, you will have to step over other people and you will do this with no guilt or remorse. Your rivals are not the only ones who will suffer. Even innocent bystanders as well as friends will suffer in order for you to advance your interests. As such, this dream symbol is actually the voice of your conscience telling you to think about the consequences of your actions.

A fox and dogs in cages

I dreamt of a fox in a cage that was open. I tried calling it out, however it remained still. There were cages beside it with dogs in it. The cages were locked except for the fox's cage.

Dreaming about foxes and dogs seems to indicate that you are about to play a dangerous game of truth and lies with enemies. Dogs tend to be associated with humans, so having dogs in a locked cage suggests the presence of rivals or enemies whom you seek to defeat and make impotent by limiting their movements. The open fox cage may represent the unleashing of your full ability to manipulate a situation to your advantage, especially by utilizing tricks and lies to get your way.