Dreams Related To Cafe

Owning a cafe

The imagery of this dream is highly ominous and portends a death occurring close to you in reality. This symbol contains a prophecy, predicting that you would soon witness death firsthand. The circumstances and the relationship between you and this individual are unclear, however, this event would surely leave a strong impression on your mind and heart.

Working at a cafe

Working at a cafe, as either a barista or server, can have different interpretations depending on the circumstances. Jungian sources suggest that working at a cafe may refer to dealing with or literally working through the death of someone you know in wake life. You may not have been particularly close to this man or woman, but their passing would possibly bring up thoughts of mortality or a general sense of unease about the future. Other possible meanings for this vision suggest the loss of a celebrity or other famous figure may shock or stun you in some way, perhaps because you were a fan or you had met them in reality before.