Dreams Related To Cabinet

A cabinet filled with watermelons

I opened a cabinet full of watermelons.

Opening a cabinet full of watermelons is likely a metaphor for sexual awakening. You may soon become more in tune with your sexuality or find carnal satisfaction with a very considerate lover. This would bring you a lot of pleasure and perhaps even relieve some of your stress.

Kitchen cabinet

In general, the image of a kitchen cabinet filled with various china, glasses or cooking supplies symbolizes what you subconsciously believe you need to feel happier and more grounded, that is, paying attention to matters of the household and starting to nurture an environment at home that brings your peace and joy. For some time you have probably looked outside the home for your happiness. You have stored up memories of times spent with friends, progressing in your field or exploring the world. Now is the time to focus on more basic elements, like the decorations, colors and fabrics that make your living space warm and inviting after a day in the world.