Dreams Related To Cabin

A cabin by the riverside

Dreaming about living or staying in a cabin by the riverside is an indication that your neat, organized, white picket fence life may have masked a life of ennui and you cannot wait to take a break from this tedium by embarking on an adventure which involves communing with nature in all its glory. You might consider taking a trip to the country where everything seems laid-back and leisurely, or a trek through the woods or up a mountain where time seems to stand still, making you forget about the conundrums of life back in the suburbs or the big city, and giving you all the time in the world to absorb the raw beauty surrounding you.

A cabin in general

To dream of seeing or being near a cabin signifies that you may soon be going on a trip or vacation in search of answers to your health problems or in hopes of improving your general well-being. It could take you to specialty clinics or medical centers close to home, or across the globe to countries which offer alternative medicine or have hot springs and nature spots purported to have therapeutic uses or healing properties. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that you could lose some money, but nothing so serious as to jeopardize your overall finances, so be advised not to be too stressed-out.

This dream vision is also an indication that you have been trying to lead an honest and decent life from the start. Your parents and teachers may have taught you that integrity is something expected of you as a human being and should come naturally to you. Even in the midst of fear and coercion, or despite the promise of convenience and personal gains for doing an unjust, dishonest and immoral act, you would choose the path of righteousness no matter how difficult or painful it could sometimes be. When you reach your twilight zone and look back at how you have lived your life all those years, you will be proud of the fact that you have always done the right thing.

Living in a cabin

To dream that you are residing or staying in a cabin indicates that a person from your close circle is in dire need of your help but is reluctant to confide the matter to you. You would learn of that person's predicament from others in your circle. As a consequence, you would be torn between giving unsolicited assistance in the assumption that true friends can read between the lines and actually feel each other's unspoken needs, and feigning ignorance about that person’s real plight and therefore offering no help until they could muster enough courage and audacity to ask for it themselves.

Building a cabin

Dreaming that you are building a cabin indicates that you may have been bothered by some issues and problems related to work, your business or a current project for quite some time now. Not surprisingly, you may have been spending a lot of time thinking of ways to resolve these issues and get them over with once and for all so you can proceed to the next phase.

An abandoned cabin

Dreaming of entering or seeing yourself inside an abandoned cabin is bad news in terms of your health. Your poor physical state could actually get worse in time if you keep ignoring your loved ones' advice of seeking further medical care and attention. This dream also warns you to watch out for things or activities involving water which might cause you to get sick or carry water-related pathogens you do not want to contract. Before downing that glass of water they serve when you eat out, or blowing off steam by taking a dip at a public swimming pool, you might want to ask yourself if it is worth taking chances.

Destroying a cabin

To dream that you are destroying or tearing a cabin down is a telltale sign of a relationship going sour. The spark that you experienced in the early phase of your romantic relationship with someone you otherwise deeply love and care about could be gradually fading, borne out of your growing boredom and years of familiarity. Unless you make a conscious effort to save the relationship and keep it from heading south, you could suffer one of the greatest losses of your life which you might find difficult to get over with.

On a lighter note, this dream is an indication that the difficult phase you are going through in your present romantic relationship is to be expected. As in any other relationship, there will be rough patches, periods of misunderstanding, boredom and disillusionment. These situations will determine how far you are both willing to go, and whether your relationship is for keeps or it is time to move on. In case of the latter, you should try hard not to hurt your partner's sensibilities when explaining your side of the story. In this way, you and your partner can have proper closure and may happily end up as friends.

A comfortable cabin

To dream that you are staying or living in a comfortable and cozy cabin tucked among trees and overlooking a gorgeous country view of rolling hills dotted with houses everywhere you look through a window from inside is a sign of a forthcoming event or occurrence in your life which would give you so much joy and happiness. You would wish that it would last or stay that way for a long time, but it was not meant to be, much to your disappointment.

Someone's cabin

Dreaming that you are looking at someone's cabin is symbolic of a sweet reunion. Soon after having this dream vision, you could expect to reconnect with a childhood friend or someone from your distant past whom you fully trusted and who is now back in your life to pick up where you had left off, and such a meeting of old souls would result in positivity and mutual benefit.

Someone trying to break into a cabin

I was in a cabin that I didn't own or have ever been too. I was with my dogs and sister. There was a man who broke into the house and had intentions to hurt me and my sister. Before he got the chance to hurt us, the dream would start over. We would be in the cabin, then he would break in again. Each time we would try new ways to save ourselves, fight back or escape. But, we never could.

Dreaming about being inside an unfamiliar cabin with your sister should be considered a warning. It means that you or your sister may soon have to face several obstacles in your lives. These difficulties could be financial or could be psychological in nature. The man who was trying to hurt you symbolizes an individual who wants to harm you in your waking life as well. He could very well be the reason for these problems to surface in the first place. Since it was perceived as a dream repeating itself in cycles, you should be paying special attention to activities or routines which either you or your sister get involved in on a regular basis.

Chickens on the bed and a strange man

I'm a female who had this dream early Tuesday morning. It was night time. I was inside a modernized cabin with rays of street light beaming through the window. A man was walking by butt naked to his bed, but when he pulled the sheets back there were three healthy chickens on the bed. I helped him put the three chickens in a coop and then he turned around facing me and his penis was thick and standing attention. I couldn't recognize his face, but he reminded me of someone I've regained contact with recently.

Dreaming about being in a cabin with someone symbolizes that you would experience a wish fulfillment. The notion of finding chickens on the bed signifies that you are about to come into a great deal of fortune. This perception is further supported by the presence of a naked man in the room with you. Such an image implies that you are about to find material wealth along with a great deal of good luck. This period of auspiciousness could be related to monetary gains as well as fulfillment in your sexual relationships. It is a time to be pleased and content because things would turn in your favor. Make sure you keep yourself open to any such opportunities and welcome these circumstances with open arms.