Dreams Related To Business

Having a business in general

Running a business or small company in a dream vision suggests, in general, that you are about to experience difficulties in the near future. Things in your life may get out of hand due to obstacles caused by other people's mistakes or unfortunate accidents which could throw your schedule out of alignment.

Opening a new business

Opening up a new business and becoming an entrepreneur in a dream vision is a highly optimistic sign associated with achieving success in the near future. Specifically, this vision predicts becoming suddenly inspired and motivated to begin a project or finish something you are working on, leading the way to notoriety in the office and possibly promotion or other career opportunities. Beginning a new business endeavor can also be interpreted as a sign that you are being watched over by someone of high status and influence. Your protection by this person may be beneficial should you face any challenges or difficulties on your path.

Meeting a business person

Having a dream where you meet and interact with a businessman or businesswoman is neither a positive nor a negative sign, though it is often interpreted as a warning. This vision means you should be careful with items that hold great value to those around you who may have given them to you for safekeeping or to use for a while, either materially or sentimentally, as it suggests this item could become lost or misplaced by you if not watched over diligently.

Someone running several businesses

Meeting someone who owns or is in the process of running multiple businesses in a dream vision usually means you have some misgivings or insecurities about a goal or task you are about to begin working on. It may be something you have wanted to do for some time or something that was assigned to you by someone else. You might feel better if someone were to encourage you or plainly state that you are qualified and able to do this work or if you could step back and see your value from a different, unbiased perspective.

Going through business records

Having a dream where you are reading through work-related files or business documents is a negative sign which often predicts involvement in some difficult, time-consuming situation, particularly in relation to legal proceedings or a court of law. This dream suggests experiencing a period of time which may become extremely complicated and frustrating, preventing you from working on things that really matter to you.

Industrial business

Having a dream in which you are in charge of or involved with a large, industrial business, particularly something to do with machinery, is strongly linked to physical tasks and labor. In particular, this vision suggests you are soon about to enter a period of time in which your physical limits are to be tested, including strength, speed and endurance. You may want to invest in your health and fitness in order to meet these upcoming challenges.

Trying to solve a business dilemma

Envisioning yourself in a tough business situation where you are forced to solve a serious, crucial problem within a limited time frame suggests you are currently in a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty, specifically in regard to your performance and ability at your actual place of work. This vision reflects the self-doubt and lack of confidence you may feel, as well as your fears about losing the respect of your superiors, colleagues and underlings.

Looking to start a new business

Finding yourself in a dream where you are thinking about or beginning to run a new business is often given a neutral interpretation, indicating a period or uncertainty or worry caused by some new situation you suddenly find yourself in. You may have met someone new and are unsure how to act around them, or you may find yourself in a new circle or group and do not know how to properly integrate yourself. In either case, this vision suggests finding yourself in a new place in life and trying to figure out what you are doing as you settle into a new routine or place.

Running a big business

Finding yourself in a dream where you are the head of a large-scale company or international business can be interpreted as a sign that you have a wide and strong support network at home. Running a big business in a dream vision means that those closest to you, your family and friends, want you to succeed in life and are willing to help you in every possible way they can. However, this also suggests that, up until now, you have not been utilizing your skills and their help, procrastinating instead of making progress. If you do not take your work seriously, these supporters may be let down and give up on you.

Successful business people

Dreaming about interacting with or going to a networking event with many successful, well-known business people is an ill omen predicting difficulties in achieving your goals. Specifically, this dream suggests that the goals you are working toward are not worth the effort you are putting into them because they are either built on false assumptions, impractical, or are soon to be obsolete. Should you persist in your efforts toward these goals, you may find yourself at a dead end with nothing to show for your troubles. Instead of wasting time and energy on things that are not destined to pan out, you should spend time developing the skills and techniques that are needed to raise yourself to the next level as an individual.

A businessman for women

When women dream of engaging a businessman in conversation, it indicates a tendency to choose romantic partners based on their appearance or other superficial qualities. Meeting and interacting with a businessman, for females, means you do not pay attention to or value the internal aspects of a person, their intelligence, sensitivity and spirituality. This dream suggests that your decisions have, up until this point, ignored the qualities of the male which are most inline in the defense of your interests and hopes for the future.

Someone running a business

Having a dream about someone who is running their own business, including delegating work to employees, running meetings, and distributing payroll, is normally interpreted as a sign meaning you are about to have a disastrous and unrewarding interaction with a boss, manager or supervisor. This is likely someone who has been on your case from the beginning and whom you have never gotten along with. This meeting may have negative effects on your situation at work or your ability to progress further in your field. Additionally, dreaming about another person who is in charge of their own company suggests you are soon to be given an assignment which you do not feel you are qualified or ready for yet. You may need to consult more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues for assistance.

Dreaming about other people running a business or company may also be seen as an indication that an important, special project you are working on is destined to face some major challenges or opposition from others. You may get your hopes up following some minor achievements, like hitting checkpoints and meeting small goals, which might look to you as some degree of accomplishment and success. However, the final downturn is likely to come at the moment you least expect it, causing severe disappointments and heartbreaks.

Being involved in a risky business

Finding yourself in a dream where you are engaging in a risky business operation or in a work-related project with uncertain outcomes is a reflection of your subconscious state of being, indicating you have doubts about either all or some aspect of a project or assignment due to your own shortcomings. Doubting yourself, however, does not help in whatever endeavor you are currently undertaking. It may be more productive to spend less time worrying and more time trying to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Being successful in business

Having a dream where you are being successful in a business setting, particularly if the situation is risky or touch-and-go, is an auspicious sign associated with current goals and plans you are working on. More specifically, this vision is usually interpreted as a sign that you can work on these projects without hesitation and with determination because their outcome is linked to the time and effort put into it. When completed, your hard work is predicted to pay off, garnering the admiration of others and filling you with pride.

Not having a business

Being in a dream where you do not have a business, either because it was lost or it never existed, and, as a result, are bored or unemployed, suggests you are currently bored and not challenged by your daily life. This vision also has the interpretation of longing for adventure and major changes to take place. Not having a business or company may mean you want or are planning to break out of the mold and do something really different with your life, possibly letting go of old ties and routines that did not make you happy in the first place.

A business going bankrupt

Dreaming about a business going bankrupt, either while you are working there or just as an third-party, is a sinister sign which indicates evil near you. Seeing this symbol in a vision means that one of your close friends or family members is likely to fall victim to some terrible accident or unfortunate series of events. This might include a health issue caused by illness or a sudden injury, or it may be something in their personal lives like a relationship that is falling apart or the loss of income. You may want to be on the lookout for ways you can comfort and support this person in their time of need.

A friend becoming a businessman

Being in a dream where your best friend has become a business person is an auspicious sign often indicating success in work-related activities and other life goals. If you see this symbol in a vision, it predicts two things. First, it suggests successful and efficient management of the projects you are currently working on, leading to positive results at the conclusion of the work. It also means that should you face any difficulties along the way, you are likely to overcome them with speed and ease, eliminating the problem before it is able to cause any major disruptions.

Having a business

Dreams about business.

Dreaming about owning a business could be a reflection of your current preoccupation with success. You could currently be involved in and worried about the success, accomplishment or completion of some project, plan or activity. This endeavor would bear some transactional, economic or exchange character to it. You are most likely wanting to find permanent solutions. This dream could also predict your ability to remain diligent, focused and dedicated to your occupations. This would be the basis and possible cause of your upcoming success.

Owning a hotel business

Dreams about hotel owning.

Dreaming about owning a hotel could be a favorable sign of success. Your life circumstances could soon become very auspicious and fortunate, allowing you to succeed at something you are currently striving to achieve. If you make use of these circumstances in a timely and wise manner, you would become able to benefit from such circumstances and take the most out of your undertakings.