Dreams Related To Burning

Someone burning alive

A vivid dream about someone getting burned alive is a prediction about abrupt departure of a beloved person in your life. The departure does not have to mean death, it could be physical distance or cutting ties with someone special to you. A specific incident will reveal the huge difference in your beliefs and lifestyle. This will force you to end any social connection with them and people within your social group will likely take sides.

Something burning

Many wonder what does it mean when you dream about something burning. In many cases, the interpretation of this symbol depends on what exactly has caught on fire. While apartments, houses and buildings being set ablaze may refer to happy events taking place in the future. Papers, clothes, trees and personal effects being burnt, on the other hand, often represent loss or failure. You would need to go back to the dream and focus on the item getting burnt in your mind's eye to find the exact meaning of this intense symbolic vision.

House burning

The image of your house caught up in a conflagration of flames and smoke may seem like an ill omen, however, it is a symbol often thought to be the precursor to good luck and happiness in reality. In most cases, this symbol of your house burning represents the good, faithful friends who would stand by your side even in the midst of great personal tragedy. For those with children, it also suggests they would behave better and in general be more enjoyable to spend time with.

Someone burning to death

A terrifying dream of seeing someone burn to death predicts a sudden loss of a person you love. Despite the horrifying imagery of someone burning alive in a fire, the loss you will experience in reality will not necessarily indicate physical death. Instead, a loved one may move somewhere far or you could get blocked by this person on social media because of your strong opinions. You can choose to let it go or confront the person to achieve some semblance of clarity regarding their decision to cut ties with you.

Swallowing a burning coal

My nephew swallowed burning coal and we knew he was going to die. It felt horrific.

Visions of burning or glowing coal are associated with favorable changes and becoming much better off emotionally and materially. Based on the dream vision you have had, though, it could indicate that you are anxious to help someone attain these positive things in their lives (not necessarily your nephew), but you subconsciously sense you or other family members are not doing enough to help them reach this state or level of happiness. It could especially be true when you are planning for the upcoming holidays, for example shopping for Christmas or trying to get everyone together for festivities and celebrations.

Trying to escape from people burning alive

Last night I have dreamed just like a factory which is out of control, I was dreaming it a second time, but this time there was a lot of people and their heads were burning. Some of them had flames in their eyes too, and they were throwing that flame to other normal persons and those were also converting to them. At the end of the dream, one girl and one boy, means we three, were alive trying to secure each other by finding a way to escape, but somehow other boy was captured then killed and girl was dead too.

This vision has two, possibly unrelated, images which should be examined separately. The image of the factory burning out of control is the simpler of the two signs, predicting that there is a fire hazard near you. You should check your appliances and outlets carefully to avoid any unnecessary threats to your safety or possessions. The second symbol is a little more complicated. Watching fire move from person to person shows how easily people can be tricked into believing something or someone, giving rise to confusion, hatred or anarchy. You may be witnessing this agitation in wake life and are afraid of getting caught up in the riot, which explains the ferocity of the fire. You may need to distance yourself from others if you suspect they could cause you being swept up in the chaos.

Burning people and animals in an oven

My friend burnt a homeless man in an oven while smiling at me in a sinister manner. In turn, the man burnt my friend in an oven and somehow my puppy ended up in the oven too.

Seeing other people being burned alive in dreams usually mean being consumed by ambition. The homeless man in your dream represents humility. As such, his burning in the oven alludes to a failure in appreciating what you already have due to a need to have more or achieve more. This single-minded focus on your goals could lead to damaging your relationships with friends and family. This dream vision is a warning against losing yourself and all the things that matter in the course of chasing worldly pursuits.

A moldy structure and trees burning

A structure with mold inside and out and the surrounding trees of my home kept smoldering and catching fire for no known reason.

Dreaming of decay symbolizes the presence of negativity in your life. You may experience some difficulties in reality which would cause you a great deal of grief and sorrow. The morbidness is further emphasized by the imagery of trees catching fire for no reason. Any plans which you have made in your wake life would be disrupted, and things would not go according to your expectations. Make sure you are prepared to deal with obstacles and challenges that would prevent you from living your life fully.

Smelling something burning

The smell of something burning in a dream, like smoke from a fire or roasted herbs from a meal, can have various interpretations depending on how you perceived the odors. A pleasant burning smell, like a brightly burning campfire or a pig roasting on a spit, means that you would find answers in obscure places. Much like the rising smoke signals of the past, something spiritual or metaphysical could be guiding your actions even if you are not completely aware of the source. On the other hand, an unpleasant, pungent aroma, like the scent of other people's sweat or burnt flesh, could mean you would receive bad news or experience something that causes uncomfortable or painful sensations.