Dreams Related To Bunny

Dead bunnies and a boy

I was driving in town at night. I saw dead bunnies on the side of the road on the corner. I saw some baby bunnies running around. I stopped and got out of my truck to save them. I found 4. I got a box out of my truck to put them in but they kept getting out because the end of the box was broken. A young boy appeared. I thought he would help, but he kept trying to get in the box. I told him to stop. Then I found a blanket and covered the box to keep the bunnies in. White bunnies. Dead ones were adults.

Rabbits and bunnies are often associated with wealth, so seeing dead bunnies in your dreams may predict that you are about to encounter great material loss or be deprived of resources, finances or the people you need to be successful at what you do. This is contrasted with the image of the living white bunnies, a symbol often associated with the devotion others have toward you. These people would be willing to help you during this time of hardship because you have supported them at some point in time when they were in need. In fact, one of those people may have a perfect solution to your problem, as the little boy could represent receiving good news out of the blue.

Killing a bunny with a knife

I was sitting on my front steps, a light fog hanging low to the ground was present. I looked down to see a fox and a bunny sitting at my feet. I reached over and grabbed a knife and stabbed at the fox. I then heard an inhuman scream. Lifting up the weighted knife, I saw the bunny dangling from it, the knife in its back legs. It was limp and dead, yet the screaming continued. Looking downward, i saw an even smaller bunny sitting there, crying.

The presence of fog in your dream reveals a troubled mind. There are pressing issues you need to handle, but you are not seeing things clearly. Specifically, trying to stab or kill a fox means you are trying to get rid of little annoyances at work or at home, but your tactics are not that effective. A fox could also symbolize rivals or competitors, which means your inability to outwit them is making you feel frustrated. Finally, the dead bunny symbolizes a loss of innocence. In trying to thwart your rivals, you may end up losing your optimism and enthusiasm. Perhaps winning over or outsmarting your foes should not be the end goal of your plans, especially if it means losing yourself in the process. The upcoming Easter holiday could also be related to the bunny symbol in your vision. Maybe the upcoming season is making you evaluate your motivations and create a fresh start for yourself.

A bunny leading to dead animals

I was driving down a road at night in really deep snow, an albino bunny was hopping in the snow and I was afraid someone was going to hit it. I followed it until it was safe off the road. Then I followed another one up the stairs to apartments. I had a conversation with a woman when she opened the door to the left of me. There was a door in front of me but there were dying baby rabbits, mice and cats falling off the step and I couldn't bear to go any further to open the door. I am female.

Driving down a road a night suggests you are making some journey or decisions in wake life with an unclear outcome. For instance, you may be trying to figure out how to balance your schedule and finances in the context of a situation you do not have much control over. The deep snow alludes to finding joy in the simple things in life. Perhaps your tenuous situation is giving you a better appreciation for life and the good things and people within it. The white albino rabbit you watched is a reflection of your devotion to others and their regard for you. Just as you look out for the safety of the rabbit in the dream, so do your friends and family take care of you. The dying animals at the end of your vision, though certainly worrying in the moment, are actually a sign of overcoming challenges and getting through hard times. With your good friends and family members by your side, you can get through any difficulty.