Dreams Related To Bumper

Broken bumper

Dreaming about seeing a broken or covered with dirt bumper of a car or truck often is a negatively charged sign. It could represent some upcoming material losses. Alternatively, it could foretell a struggle or inability to retain your current properties and possessions.

Buying a new bumper

Dreaming about purchasing a new bumper for your car or truck is a symbol of forthcoming changes. Your current attitudes and behavior could soon lead you to undergo some major life changes and modifications. That is, these changes would result from your present actions and motivations.

Clean and new bumper

Dreaming about seeing the clean new bumper of a car or truck often is a positive sign. You could soon acquire some significant and valuable material possessions. For example, you could make some home improvements or re-decorate it in a renewed and stylish way.

Replacing a car bumper

Dreaming about observing yourself replacing an old car or truck bumper with a new one symbolizes future encounters. Specifically, you could soon cross paths with someone of the opposite sex. This would be someone whom you have been interested in, felt attracted to and intrigued by for quite a while.

Cleaning a car bumper

Dreaming about cleaning one of the bumpers of your car or truck often is a negative sign. It could mean that you could soon start experiencing financial hardships. Moreover, for those who are in charge or own a business, it is possible to see their business become unprofitable or suffer serious financial losses. In both cases, these negative outcomes will be the result of your own actions and decisions.

Bumper mismatch

Dreaming about realizing that the bumper of your car or truck does not match its model is a positive sign. Namely, you might soon start pursuing some major goal or undertaking. During this quest, you might suddenly find yourself in a puzzling and problematic situation. However, you are going to manage it successfully and find an efficient and reasonable solution.