Dreams Related To Bull

A well-fed bull

A large, well-fed bull as a dream symbol represents your perceived position or status in reality. You may be considered a strong-willed, confident individual by those you normally associate with. For men in particular, this sign may indicate popularity or attraction with the female population, suggesting you have a strong masculine allure that women find captivating. Another possible meaning connects it back with status, pointing toward success and prosperity with your social connections.

A bull and a yawning jackal

I saw a bull coming towards me and in one small lane he takes exit without hurting me, on the other side I saw jackal yawning.

A dream of being able to avoid a bull trying to hit you is symbolic of successfully avoiding or preventing dealing with a person who dislikes you or who is trying to compete with you. The vision of a jackal yawning is an indication that there is someone in your circle of friends who is waiting to make your life complicated or bring some issues or troubles into your life.

Being chased by a bull

The idea of being chased by a fast, fierce bull in the dream world represents inheriting in reality. A wealthy, well-off relative would probably soon pass into the next life, leaving you monetary wealth or property. For those who are currently interested in or dating someone, this same symbol suggests harmony and compatibility. This individual may be your lover for a long time to come.

A bull in general

In general, the idea or image of a bull in a dream vision, unaccompanied by other specific details or signs, is closely connected to the idea of the simple life. You probably desire for certain aspects of your life to be less complicated or feel nostalgic for a time long gone when you were simply not as busy or stressed. This vision could have also been triggered by copious amounts of work or tasks in reality, especially if you are covering other people's responsibilities, not just your own. Your subconscious may be warning you that a burnout is likely should you continue to work without rest or reprieve.

A bull for singles

The image of a bull in a dream vision has a special interpretation for those who are technically single but have a special someone in their mind or in their heart. It suggests you have a rival or competitor for the love and admiration of the person you like best. You may have to work harder to get noticed or to become more attractive in your beloved's eyes, however, doing so would make the fruits of your labor more sweet.

An aggressive bull

Envisioning a particularly fierce or aggressive bull during the course of a dream vision can be interpreted in many ways depending on the context or other symbols present. For example, seeing this bull from far away may be an indication that you would soon meet someone you would become involved with intimately, however, watching as a bull charges at a woman suggests becoming the victim of a sexual assault or being nearby such an assault in progress. Frequent or consecutive dreams containing this image may be the manifestation of dissatisfaction or regret in regards to your current sex life or romantic partner.

A bull with big horns

A bull that you perceive as having large or threatening horns may predict misunderstanding and conflict in wake life, especially if you thought it seemed aggressive or unhappy. You may have difficulty understanding or appeasing certain members of your family or household after seeing this vision. In the case that you live alone, this image could mean the same for those you interact with on a daily basis, like a co-worker, barista or neighbor. You would need to take extra care not to jump to conclusions and say something either one of you would regret.

Frightened by an aggressive bull

A dream in which you envision yourself frightened for your life under attack of an enormous and violent bull, for example, throughout a Spanish corrida or even just at your local farm, could be a vision foretelling a gruesome accident with unpredictable outcomes that would happen in your immediate proximity. This unfortunate event could even be lethal for the people involved in it but does not necessarily indicates that your own life is at risk. Consider this dream to be a warning and a friendly suggestion to pay close attention to everything that would be happening around you in the upcoming future.

A bull with patches

Dreaming of coming across a multicolored bull, as if its skin was made of different patches sewn together like on the Frankenstein monster, is considered to be an ill omen. This vision predicts sickness and disease, gloom and grief, exhaustion and an overwhelming feeling of being powerless in the face of dangers this world throws at you. The described state could be the result of some recent perturbations at your workplace or unresolved disagreements and conflicts in your household, regardless of how insignificant they seemed to be at the moment of their initial happening. There are times when a minor event can trigger the future onset of a violent storm, so it is recommended to defuse all possible situations as soon as possible to avoid subsequent suffering.

Riding on a bull

Envisioning yourself mounted on a bull’s back in a dream, regardless of whether you did this for the sake of fooling around at the farm or during a thrilling rodeo championship, is considered to be a favorable sign. It points that your family is currently engulfed in prosperity, strong health and genuine harmony in all of its aspects. The described vision suggests that with respect to your household and closest family members, most likely, you do not have a thing to worry about, as your relationships are imbued with mutual respect, wholehearted care and attention.

Interpret meaning of dreams about black bull or cow

A black bull

A bull that you perceive as being specifically black may reveal the possibility of falling victim to the plots and attacks of those who wish to see you suffer in reality. Enemies or competitors may be lurking in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment. You may need to reevaluate your current position and direction, as continuing on the same path could cause you to fall into the traps set by those evildoers and lead to a period of loss and misfortune.

A bull attacking someone

A dream in which you witness a fierce bull attacking someone, such as during a corrida or throughout a safari in the wilderness, could be an ill omen predicting confrontations and disagreements between yourself and someone dear to your heart, such your spouse, a partner in love or just a close friend. It is possible that these quarrels would be the result of your failure to express empathy and consideration towards this person in question, maybe through some rough words or rude actions. Therefore, it is recommended to do your best to stay calm and gentle in the upcoming future, defusing the situation before it escalates to an unmanageable state.

A black creature resembling a bull and turning into dogs

I saw a black creature in my dream, I was sitting in my college canteen some people were there, then a black creature comes to me, I don't know what it was but i think it was a black bull touching my feet with his head. Then suddenly it transforms from a black bull to a black dog and some more black dogs come to me and start playing with me, and I was scared badly in my dream. I want to know what it indicates!

The color black is very prominent in this dream, which is a very ill omen, especially in conjunction with your fear and the animal imagery. Black is usually associated with negative effects or situations, which dominate most aspects of this dream. The bull is symbolic of being disliked or of someone causing trouble for you. This may be due to some selfishness on your part, which is seen in the image of the group of dogs. On one hand, seeing many dogs represents saving money and carefully planning how you spend, but on the other hand, it shows you may have a tendency to not contribute your share or to rely too much on other people, at least in their eyes. In the end, this dream might be a warning to be more generous with your time and money so that others will feel you appreciate them.

Killing a bull

Killing a bull during the course of a dream vision is a neutral symbol associated with potential threats. In essence, they indicate the possibility of finding trouble or running into danger if you are not cautious. It can also be a sign of needing to go all in on a project in order to finish it on time or overcome a challenge that has kept you from completing it. This final burst of energy would be just the thing to make the finishing touches.

Owning a herd of bulls

Dreaming of yourself being the owner of a herd of bulls, such as at a farm or a rodeo club, could be a vision foretelling that your career would be exceptionally successful, almost unstoppable. Most likely, however, this progression would be accompanied by ever-growing responsibilities and duties at your work or personal business. Additionally, this dream indicates that in the upcoming future you would have a great number of subordinates reporting to you and that directing them would be one of your major duties at all times.

A bull by the watering hole

Watching a bull graze nearby or drink at a watering hole is often thought to predict finally coming across the man or woman of your dreams. You are likely to soon meet someone you could really see yourself establishing a strong romantic relationships with. For women in particular this dream vision may reveal a growing or stronger commitment to their current partner or even an upcoming trip down the aisle of a church.

Turning into a bull

The idea of transforming into a bull is highly auspicious and should be welcomed. It predicts positive or beneficial changes taking place in your household, either in terms of relationships or your quality of living. For example, it is possible you would be able to work together in a fair and consistent manner so that everyone can enjoy a better quality of life, or you and your family members would be able to contribute more to the family pot so that you can buy better quality items for each other.

Taking a bull to slaughter

A dream in which you see yourself playing the role of an executioner by leading a bull to its death at a slaughterhouse is often interpreted as a vision foretelling upcoming hardships and mounting struggles to achieve success in a certain project or task that is exceptionally important to you at the moment. The same vision could be portending your failure to carry out your plans and strategies as initially intended due to some unforeseeable circumstances and sudden factors that would jeopardize your progress. Additionally, if in your dream you had not only led the bull to the slaughterhouse but also personally killed the animal know that this vision hints at the possibility of some confrontations and quarrels emerging for the members of your household and closest family members.

A dead bull

Seeing the dead, lifeless body of a bull is a negative symbol that predicts an upcoming period of time being unfortunate or unhappy in one way or another. You may soon find yourself inexplicably sad, depressed or even full of rage. If you currently are in a good mood or pleased with your quality of life, it may be wise to avoid those who could rain on your parade or put a damper on your spirits.

Selling a bull

The act of selling a bull in the realm of dreams portends a romantic entanglement with someone you may regret getting involved with. While they would seem kind, sexy or interesting at first, they would soon reveal themselves as narcissistic and cruel through their treatment of others. If you do not cater to their ego and give in to their whims, you could find yourself on the receiving end of their ire and frustration.

A bull digging the ground

Envisioning a dream in which a bull or herd of bulls vigorously dig the ground directly under them, as if utterly enraged or prepared to run ahead, is to be considered a harbinger of approaching good fortune in form of material wealth and various profits. For instance, the described dream could indicate the possibility that you would significantly improve your financial status due to a lucky synchronicity such as buying a winning lottery ticket or finding an ancient treasure in the wild. However, be aware that it is impossible to tell if these auspicious events would last long and result in durable improvements for you and your loved ones.

What do bulls or cows represent in my dreams

A grazing bull

The image of a bull out to graze in a large pasture or field is a fairly negative symbol in the world of dreams. It suggests your wealth would slowly diminish or that you would suddenly find yourself short of cash for even the most basic necessities. This sign has also been connected to the idea of small fights or conflicts with those you are close to in reality, for example, family and friends. This interpretation applies both to physical skirmishes and battles of wit or words.

A pedigree bull

The image of a pedigree bull in a dream vision, whether you saw it on a stage or in a bullfighting ring, may reveal an upcoming to marriage with someone who is higher status or better off than you are in reality. Another related interpretation of this symbol suggests you would rekindle a flame with someone you were once romantically entangled with, only this time things would be much more serious. The rematch would likely result in a proposal of marriage or cohabitation.

Feeding a bull

Providing a bull with a meal or a snack during the course of a dream vision suggests someone special has taken an interest in you romantically. It is possible you are unaware of this individual's interest in you, or maybe you are purposely ignoring the advances of this potential suitor. It is likely that you are more interested in pursuing your own romantic whims or focusing your time and energy on your career, hobby or a special project.

A bullfight

Watching a bullfight in a dream vision, whether you went to a show or just witnessed this event randomly, is often interpreted as a sign of growing conflict in reality. In most cases, you would be the instigator of this conflict, provoking others into squabbling with you. After seeing this dream, you may want to think about your future words and actions more carefully so that you do not unintentionally cause a major fight among those you are usually closest to.

A bull without horns

Seeing a dream featuring a hornless bull, as if they were broken in a fight or sawed off by a merciless poacher, could be indicating that you would achieve triumph over your adversaries and competitors in the upcoming future. Both your outstanding personal traits and careful attention would contribute to this, as you would expose the cunning schemes of your rivals long before they put their plans to work in an attempt to jeopardize your projects and undertakings. Nevertheless, do not let this success lull your vigilance, as it is quite possible that your enemies would eventually make another try at bringing you down.

A harnessed bull

A harnessed bull, as if prepared to start a long and exhausting task such as transporting a heavy burden or plowing an enormous field, could be a vision foretelling you would initiate an exceptionally demanding project in the upcoming future. This undertaking would require a lot of time and efforts on your part, thus marking a tiresome period in your life that could last weeks or even months to come. The said activities could be stemming from an already existing project you are currently working on, but could as well emerge as something absolutely unexpected for you.

A bellowing bull

A bellowing bull, as if it was terrified or in pain such as when attacked by a wild predator or whipped by a cruel owner, is traditionally interpreted as a highly unfavorable omen. The deafening cry of this suffering animal foretells unavoidable danger for the dreamer who had been hapless enough to hear it, thus suggesting to be extremely vigilant in the upcoming future and pay careful attention to everything happening in your immediate surroundings. Even if the damage proves to be imminent, such an attitude could help you to alleviate the impact and any related long-term consequences.

Eating bull's meat

A dream in which you find yourself savoring a meal made of bull’s meat, such as during a backyard barbecue or at a steakhouse is usually interpreted as an auspicious sign. This symbol foretells outstanding success in your current business projects, as well as any entrepreneurial undertakings in which you could be taking part at the moment. The magnitude of the portended victories is directly related to the amount of meat you have eaten in your dream vision. In any case, it is recommended to keep on working with your usual ardor, so that the upcoming achievements become a new and stable status quo rather than a lucky spike soon to fade away.

Stray red bulls

A dream in which you witness several red bulls moving around pointlessly, without an owner or herdsman to guide them, is a classic omen of ill future. As a rule, it indicates the possibility that in the upcoming future your neighborhood, city or area of residence could be stricken by an infectious disease outbreak which would result in huge damage and losses for a great part of its population. Although this cannot be foretold with confidence, be aware that you, your family and local friends could also be affected by the impending pestilence.

Bull's skin or tail

A dream vision in which the tail or skin of a bull strike you as an important detail, such as when you see them hanging on a wall at a farmer’s home or worn by a hunter like a trophy, is a sign foretelling that in the upcoming future you could receive an outstanding inheritance. It could be in the form of money, real estate or any other kind of material goods, but most likely be significant in any case. However, be aware that it is impossible to pinpoint beforehand whose death would have brought you such a great profit. The benefactor could be a total stranger or anonymous admirer but the possibility of a close relative or friend passing away is possible as well.

Owning a bull

Envisioning yourself owning a bull either as a personal asset or as part of your household property could be a prediction of approaching opportunities and fortunate chances. Perhaps, in the upcoming future, you would be contacted by a famous and wealthy person or group of people with an offer to perform a certain task or partake in a big project as part of a team. The said undertaking would most likely be demanding and extremely important, thus filling you with great pleasure when finished, and earning you a lot of respect and profits coming from the individual who had asked you to do it.

A yellow bull

A dream in which you happen to see a bull of either yellow or golden color, regardless of whether it was a real animal or an artistic representation of it such as the famous statues of Gaudi, could be either a favorable omen or a harbinger of ill fortune depending on your current life circumstances. If at the moment you are actively working on some personal or business-related projects, the described dream foretells you would be able to successfully finish them in the upcoming future and reap the resulting benefits to their fullest. On the other hand, if you are currently struggling with depression and heavy thoughts, be aware that this dream indicates that your suffering is not likely to be alleviated anytime in the foreseeable future.

A bull lifting you with its horns

A dream in which you happen to envision yourself being lifted up by the horns of a bull or even thrown high into the air by a violent thrust of the animal, such as throughout a bullfight or during a confrontation on the farm, has several classic interpretations. The first of them foretells that in the upcoming future you could find yourself dragged into a stressful confrontation with your colleagues, co-workers or business partners. This crisis could eventually escalate to a point when you would no longer be able to work in this team or even be fired by your superiors. The second traditional interpretation applies to pregnant women and suggests a high possibility of giving birth to a son.

A young bull

If you are a woman, dreaming of coming across a young and hot-blooded bull or interacting with the animal in any way is a vision foretelling your current or future lover would be extremely unpractical and lacking the basic knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in life, such as common sense or conversational prowess. If you are a man, the same vision indicates that in the upcoming future your current romantic relationship would be faced with the appearance of a rival who would try to claim your place. Most likely, this individual would be much younger and less experienced than yourself.

A herd of bulls

Seeing multiple bulls in one area, such as on a farm or in a pen, is often considered a fortunate or positive image in the realm of dreams, as it is often tied to the idea of wealth, happiness and prosperity. You are likely to see an increase in the value of your capital or work, particularly if your career is business-related or you buy and sell things. If you noticed that these bulls were grazing contently at this time, this wealthiness would manifest in a relatively short period of time, leading to other positive benefits like fame and admiration. For those currently in romantic relationships or with their eyes on someone special, you are likely to receive a proposal or get asked on a date by the individual you fancy.

Bull charging behind a closed door

My sister and I were being charged by a bull, but we were behind a closed door! Then I went into a different room and the bull was charging just me from behind a closed door again. But my sister was still there in the room next to me.

Bulls usually represent both creative energy and passion within relationships. Being charged by the bull may, therefore, represent these qualities being hindered by you in some way, preventing them from being fully expressed in your life. Running away from an aspect of your own personality is likely to cause some internal struggle, with your innate self competing with who you are trying to be (or who others are forcing you to be). You may want to take time to carefully reflect on who you are and want to be as a person or you may lose some part of yourself before it even had a chance to develop.