Dreams Related To Buck

Being attacked by a buck

Female. It was the middle of the night and I decided to go get the trash can because the wind was blowing it into the street. As I went out to get it I saw a buck with antlers walking up the street. I was scared and tried to run back inside but not being able to get there. The buck began to charge me. I knew I was going to get hit. So I turned to take its charge. I watched his antlers hit me shiny and brown. I hit the ground and felt peace. I watched as the buck calmly walked away.

The image of a buck with antlers, or a male deer, bears varying interpretations depending on the dreamer's profile and situation. In your case, if you are young and single, this symbol portends meeting a worthy man with the potential of becoming a strong candidate for your future husband. If you are a married woman, this speaks of the possibility of finding a lover on the side or a fling. Calmly taking the animal's charge reveals your desire to explore your sexuality with a partner who is equally passionate and adventurous. You could be dissatisfied with your intimate life, whether or not you already have a significant other. Meeting this charming and passionate person will lower your inhibitions and make you more comfortable with your body.