Dreams Related To Brown

Interiors of a brown color

I was in a room next to a hallway. The walls were a light caramel and the white things that are in between the walls and floor had lace on the top and switched from dark brown to a light brown (not the same brown as the walls). There was also a fancy mirror hanging up with a brown desk and a tall bookshelf next to the desk and mirror. I then started to walk down the hallway, the walls staying the same color. I reached a red door with a golden handle soon.

The brown color of the walls suggests you are at a point in your life that has some very troubling aspects. This could be a situation you are directly involved in, such as a conflict with someone you know or a general discontent with society and the behavior of those around you. This is supported by the image of the fancy mirror, a symbol that suggests you are having trouble making your dreams come true. Perhaps your troubles are related to other people getting in the way or taking what you want before you can get it. However, the red door at the end of the hallway indicates that the only thing standing between you and your goals is actually your own passion and drive. If you find a way to motivate yourself, you would have no problem getting what you want.

Brown snake

A brown snake carries special meaning in surrealist interpretations of dreams. It is considered to be a metaphor for a troubled mind unable to air its grievances. In many cases, this is because the individual with whom you would want to share these concerns is either the source or a player in the situation causing the dreamer trouble. It would be wise for those who see this symbol to consult a third party before engaging directly with those who may be triggering unpleasant emotions.