Dreams Related To Brother

Death of a living brother

Envisioning the death of your brother is actually a fairly positive symbol to behold in a dream, despite the sad and possibly gruesome image it may create. In general, this symbol points to future happiness and prosperity. This could be achieved either through material gains earned from your own effort or because others have been generous with their time and money towards you.

A deceased brother

Coming across or interacting with your deceased brother in a dream vision, whether this was a recent occurrence or happened a long time ago, predicts future good health and longevity. Your strong constitution and overall well-being would allow you to fully enjoy your later years, giving you the peace of mind to participate in leisure activities, sports and travel. This same symbol also represents your ability to overcome problems and achieve success with your current plans and ambitions. You would be able to do this quickly, even if you have struggled up until this point.

A healthy brother

Seeing your brother as particularly healthy and energetic in the dream world is often interpreted as a positive sign. It predicts a number of positive benefits coming to you in reality, especially in terms of your health, interpersonal relations and finances. If you have been having trouble or difficulties in any of these areas, you may soon see a drastic improvement or a complete reversal of the situation.

A brother in distress

Seeing your brother in a state of distress or anguish is usually thought to be a message of ill tidings in the dream world. It suggests certain aspects of your life, including your health, interpersonal relations or finances, are about to take a negative turn. If you experience this image in a vision, you should make preparations immediately to avoid a worst case scenario.

Seeing a brother

Making a conscious effort to meet your brother in the dream world, either by visiting his house or making plans to be at a local hangout, portends future peace and harmony within your own family unit and extended relations. The improvement or sustained stability in these connections would bring you much happiness and contentment. Additionally, this same image of seeing your brother could predict soon getting unexpected news or receiving the answer to a question you have been waiting to hear for a long time.

A real-life brother

Specifically seeing or interacting with your brother from wake life in a dream may portend receiving some information or correspondence. This could be anything from an invitation or friendly greeting from across the room to a formal visitation from distant relatives or an official letter from a government office. The outcomes of this vision depend both on aspects present in reality and other symbols perceived in the vision.

Deceased brother defending against crime

I had dream that I was beat up by my male cousin and almost raped by a male friend. And my brother came home who is really dead and I told him and he left to look for them and I woke up.

The presence of a dead relative or family member in dreams is indicative of loneliness and lack of direction in your life. You may be surrounded by people, but deep down you are feeling disconnected and uncertain about your future. So, seeing your dead brother in your dream means you are searching for meaningful relationships which you are probably not getting in social media and similar platforms. You should probably be more cautious with your online interactions because the attacks in your dream is a foreshadowing of a particularly traumatic encounter in a dating app or forum. Make sure you do a cursory background check before meeting up with a stranger or at least choose a safe location, possibly with other people around to deter malicious personalities. Ultimately, you are looking for intimacy and connection which could force you into making drastic and out of character decisions, so watch out for those moments of weakness.

Losing your brother

Losing your brother in the world of dreams, whether he is separating himself from the family or has passed on to the next life, is often thought to be an indicator of the future ups and downs you are about to experience in reality. The upcoming days and weeks are probably going to be filled with a bit of chaos and turbulence, going from high highs to low lows. It is likely you would not have any peace for a long time, so if you were hoping for stability and quiet, you may be waiting awhile longer.

A brother in general

Seeing, meeting or interacting with your brother during the course of a dream vision, especially if there were no details that stood out to you, suggests someone you know and are close to in reality is actually trying to take advantage of you. You may have a friend or even a family member in your life who is using your gullible nature to get ahead or hurt you. In addition to this interpretation, images of brothers or sisters can predict future conflicts or disagreements within your family unit or someone else you are very close to.

Younger brother standing by the bed

I woke up at 12 o'clock at night and saw my younger brother standing next to my bed looking at me and he is very angry. My brother is not dead, why will I be seeing him next to my bed angry and looking at me?

Envisioning your brother as dead and standing near your bed in a dream means that he would need to rely on you in the near future. In essence, his death represents something unfortunate that may happen to him, while you and your bed represent the comfort he finds in your relationship. His anger may be related to some misunderstanding that has happened in the past. Perhaps you need to clear the air and offer your help as his older sister in order to encourage him to open up and share what is bothering him.

Your brother dying

Envisioning the death or passing of your real-life brother during the course of a dream, whether it is the result of a sudden accident or long-time illness, is often interpreted as a sign that he would need your love and support now more than ever before. Your brother would soon go through a period of great difficulty and strife, and he would probably greatly appreciate any advice, assistance or help you are willing to give. Your words and actions would most likely allow him to better his situation or turn it around completely. Another interpretation of this same symbol says the physical act of watching your brother die could mean you would experience good health and well-being for many years into the future.

A drunk brother

Seeing your brother as drunk or intoxicated could have two possible interpretations. In some cases, this symbol refers to accidentally hurting yourself while cutting something. If you often use scissors, knives or some other implement, you should take precautions and go more slowly. The other interpretation implies you would soon witness or be part of some bloodshed, although the nature of the affair would depend on other symbols in the vision.

Brother who looks older

2 similar dreams please interpret for me. Thanks a lot. First one I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person and not looking quite to my father face wise and not wearing a very ordinary shirt making him look like average person. And some person I see there thinks he is not well off and this makes me upset as why this person is thinking like that? Second one - I saw last night again I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person.

This dream which you have about your brother has positive connotations. Though you might be feeling upset but however symbolically this dream indicates that events would soon turn in your favor and there is a whole lot of good luck coming your way. By seeing your brother looking much older than he is, this vision could represent a long and healthy life in store for him. It's an implication that you might become a recipient of unexpected news which might come as a pleasant surprise.

Absence of brother

Having a brother in reality who seems obviously absent in the dream realm is a highly negative symbol to perceive. It suggests you are soon about to break ties or burn a bridge with someone you were once quite close to, like a family member or long-time friend. While this portent clearly shows the end of your connection to someone, the cause of the separation is unclear according to this symbol alone. You would either have to look for other symbols in the vision or have it come as a complete surprise.

Having a conversation with your brother

Conversing with your brother from reality in a dream suggests your efforts to complete a task or achieve a certain goal would take much more time that you may expect. You would have to set aside even more time, money and energy than you anticipated to make this dream a reality, possibly causing some disappointment and frustration. Furthermore, after you finally succeed, you would need to take time for yourself to recover from the trials you just went through.

Several brothers

Meeting or hanging out with multiple brothers during a dream, whether or not you have any brothers in reality, suggests you currently need or desire support from those you are closest to, such as friends and family. This is especially true if you have been going through some tumultuous period or have recently suffered a loss of some kind. If you are male or identify as a man, this vision could also mean you are about to enter a rivalry or be in competition with someone, which would make your life more difficult and complicated than it is now.

Being disappointed in brother

I was walking home from sixth form for dinner but turned around as a storm started. When I turned around, my brother was truanting and was sitting on some benches with his friends smoking cigarettes. And they were all telling me to get lost and go away. In my dream I was powerless and upset that my brother would do this and let his friends influence him like that.

Dreaming that you are rejected by your brother and his friends often signifies the possibility of upcoming conflicts and disagreements. These arguments will not necessarily involve your brother. Rather, they may relate to anyone of your relatives. Moreover, your brother and his group were smoking while they cast you off. Such action usually amplifies the negativity of meaning. That is, the quarrel could somewhat reach an extremely intense and overextended peak. In this case, it would have a long-lasting negative impact upon you, and your kin relationship. Namely, it would be harder to resolve your issues and re-gain once had balance and peace.

A smiling brother

Seeing the smiling, happy face of your brother in a dream can be interpreted as a positive sign. It predicts you would have good health and a long life ahead of you. The cause of your good fortune is likely based in your ability to make wise choices about what is best for you in regards to health, finances and career choices. This uncanny knack for making good decision would allow you to get the most out of life and be fully satisfied.

A coworker as your brother

Seeing a co-worker act as though he were your blood brother in a dream vision could reveal the close working relationship you two share in reality or indicate that such a connection is possible. In a sense, it suggests it is possible for the two of you to interact with each other on a deep, personal level, just like real brothers. Alternatively, this vision could suggest the closeness of your bond is leading to exclusiveness, which could cause drama and jealousy. This may have a negative impact on workplace atmosphere and politics.

Deceased brother bitten by a snake

Had a dream my brother was bitten by a snake, but my brother is dead.

Seeing your deceased brother in the realm of dreams is usually associated with success and well-being in reality. It suggests your future holds many positive developments, including good health, a long life and peace of mind. You may even have better than average luck in overcoming the challenges that may stand in your path to true happiness. However, envisioning that your brother was bitten by a snake may allude to jealous enemies on the fringes of your circle of influence. These ruthless individuals are probably interested in either robbing you of your success or ruining your chance at happiness. It would be wise to be vigilant of those who would like nothing more than to see you fail and focus your energy on rising above them rather than stooping to their level.

Brother jumping off a cliff

Brother jumping off a cliff.

This dream vision suggests that your brother is on the brink of a significant change or a crucial decision in his life. It serves as a symbolic message, alerting you to be attentive and supportive during this transformative phase of his journey. Whether it's a personal or professional matter, your brother is likely facing a pivotal moment that may shape his future trajectory. Take this opportunity to offer your guidance, understanding, and encouragement as he navigates through this important transition. By showing your support, you can contribute positively to his growth and help him make the best possible choices. Remember, change often brings both challenges and opportunities, so be there for your brother and celebrate his journey of personal evolution.

Trying to kill brother during an argument

Dreamt I was fighting with my brother and trying to kill him on point.

Dream visions about fighting with your brother mean that you are thankful and appreciative for something he has recently done for you or helped you with. However, at the same time, the result of this aid or assistance on his part was not enough for you because someone else (either other members of your family or some other unrelated people) stood in the way or interfered with the outcome of what you really wanted to achieve, gain or acquire.

Deceased brother begging to stay

My baby brother passed away around 15 years ago. He came to me in my dream to my house begging to stay. I kept saying "He's coming, you have to go". He wanted to hide and my answer was the same.

Dreaming about your dearly departed brother asking for help is a symbol often associated with guilt and shame. It may be directly related to his passing or, more likely, is connected with another family member you see often. Your brother's request seems to allude to your acceptance of your actions, while your denial seems to suggest you are not ready to fully admit your wrongdoing, despite your obvious guilt. You may need to think carefully about the situation and determine the best course of action to make amends for your behavior.

People threatening to kill brother

I dreamed I'm talking to my brother on the phone and going to him. I realize some people are following me, when I ask why they say they are gonna get him and they are holding swords and stuff to kill him and then I wake up.

Dreaming about a phone call with your brother alludes to misunderstandings or disagreements between the two of you that need to be addressed. One or both of you may be avoiding discussing the problem in order to evade possible conflict or confrontation. However, if you do not deal with it soon, it could grow into a more serious problem which may threaten to break the two of you apart. The people following you with the intent to kill your brother is a representation of the degree of damage that would take place if the issue is not resolved as soon as possible.

Brother buried in sand

I dreamt about my brother being buried in sea sand, and when I uncovered him he indicated he's fine and did not want me to remove the rest of sand off him.

Seeing yourself with your brother in the same dream predicts future tranquillity and equilibrium both with your close family members and your extended relatives. This vision can also foretell that you are about to receive surprising news or find a solution to a problem you have been dealing with for some time. The notion that your brother was buried in the sand is also a favorable dream symbol, particularly concerning money. Your brother may start increasing his financial investments, multiplying his earnings or receiving some property from a late family member. This prosperity would lead to other opportunities both for him and his loved ones.

Parting ways with brother

Parting ways with your brother during the course of a dream vision is a positive symbol to behold. This is true whether you actually have a brother in reality or not. It predicts luck and good fortune for whatever task or project you are currently undertaking. You would either be successful in completing it, or you would make good progress on what you hope to achieve. This, in turn, would bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

Insane brother looking for a gun

I had a dream my brother was going insane. When he reached an absolute low in his mental health, he went searching for a gun, claiming he needed to shoot someone. He found one in an open safe in my childhood home in my parent's bedroom, where my dad was sleeping. He loaded the gun with one bullet, which was empty. My mom and I took the gun from him. I pointed it at him to make him see how it felt. He cried in my arms. When I told him the gun wasn't loaded, he tried to reload it.

Dreaming about a member of your immediate family going insane could actually be your mind projecting your fears and anxiety on another individual in order to analyze the situation rationally. Just as you cannot be objective when looking at yourself, so does the mind sometimes use dreams in order to look at circumstances from another, more rational point of view. Asking for a gun when in a poor mental state, then, could symbolize your ability to overcome the stress and depression you feel in wake life by taking charge of things by yourself. Watching your brother cry could signify the challenges that still await, but perseverance and patience should carry you through until they are overcome or resolved.

Receiving a letter from brother

Receiving some correspondence from your brother during the course of a dream vision, whether it is a text, email or handwritten letter, is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to be shocked and appalled by the behavior of others in reality. In particular, the dishonest behavior of people you interact with on a daily basis would greatly disappoint you and make you shake your head in disgust.

Sleeping with your brother

Sleeping with your biological brother while in the midst of a dream is not thought to carry connotations of harboring secret desires for him. Rather, this symbol is thought to rouse interest in certain ideas or personality traits that you find good in your sibling. For example, perhaps you recognize your brother as being especially empathetic, academically inclined or athletic. This vision, then, mirrors your desire to unify some of those same traits with yourself. Perhaps you could ask him for advice or try to emulate some of these good points for yourself.

Deceased brother giving flowers

Dead brother brings me flowers.

Generally, flowers symbolize love, kindness and joy. The presence of your deceased brother could be an indication of grief and nostalgia. Recent events may have triggered memories of him, hence he manifested in your dream. Receiving flowers points to a sense of comfort you are longing to find while remembering him. Perhaps you are feeling low and unmotivated, which is why your subconscious mind conjured the appearance of your brother to find some solace. Whatever he represents to you could be the lesson you need to remember to help you in your present circumstance.

A brother standing in the water

Watching your brother wade out into or stand in water, whether it is flowing like a stream or still like a pool, is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It means you would soon be happily surprised by someone's generous or compassionate nature. It is also possible you would be nearby when someone you like has a bout of success. In this case, you would likely also benefit from their achievement in some small way.

Dead brother asking for help

I keep dreaming my dead brother dying again and he asks for help.

Dreaming that your dead brother dies again and asks for you help could suggest that you feel guilty about his death. Alternatively, your dream could represent the possibility of upcoming conflicts or disagreements with the people you surround yourself with. Moreover, the deceased person was your bother, and he was asking for your help. This would indicate that the relationship issues would probably involve people that are close to you, and in particular other members of your family. Overall, what this interpretations have in common is that the dream would indicate the existence of problem involving people that are significant to you, and that these would most probably be family-based and quarrel-like problems. For example, someone would unjustifiably feel in debt or obliged to provide help while you are trying to solve these issues.

Deceased brother as a boy

I am an adult female and would like to know what it means that when I dream of my adult brother he is always a young boy about 8yrs old. He died last June and I had one dream of him since and he was still that young boy I would so much appreciate it if you could explain this? Thank you.

Dreaming of your deceased brother as a young boy could be a natural part of the grieving process. Perhaps you want to remember your brother during his happy and carefree younger years. Although sometimes dreaming of deceased relatives can also refer to a lesson you need to learn. In this case, visualizing your brother as a boy means a past experience or memory could help you deal with your current problems or issues. It could be specifically related to you and your brother's childhood or it could be your past in general. Once you figure out this valuable lesson, then you can set your mind at ease knowing that you are not repeating the same mistakes.

A non-existent brother

Having a brother in a dream when you do not have one in reality is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to receive a happy surprise from or a pleasant experience with someone within your family unit. If you come across this symbol in your dream vision, you are likely to find yourself at a family event or gathering in the near future that would bring you much happiness and joy.

A brother with bloody hands

My brother walking toward me with bloody hands.

Dreaming about seeing your brother's hands covered with blood could predict a temporary or permanent rift in your relationship with him, justified or because of perceived wrongdoing on his part.

Brother bitten in the ear

Seeing your brother in a dream with his ears bitten by something represents old issues with a family member that would be brought to light again and revive negative emotions not only for you but also to the people around you. Moreover, this dream implies that someone around you is taking advantage of you. Even worse, this could be a family member or a relative that you trust a lot. Hence, it is important to be cautious even with the people in our close circle.

Deceased brother smiling

Seeing a deceased brother smiling in a dream can evoke strong feelings of happiness and comfort. The dreamer may feel fortunate to have had such a loving relationship with their brother during his life but the brother is still present in their lives in spirit, even though he is no longer physically alive. His smile indicates that he is in a happy and peaceful place in the afterlife. Overall, this dream serves as a reminder to the dreamer to cherish the memories of their loved ones and to feel grateful for the time they had together.

A living brother dying and having horse's legs

My living brother died. While in his coffin, we noticed that his legs were cut by the funeral service and they changed it into horse's legs without our permission.

The death of relatives in dreams portends upcoming altercations or confrontations with a family member. Perhaps your brother has been distant lately or uncommunicative. The cause of this conflict may be the symbolic amputation of his legs replaced with a horse's legs. Amputation could mean that you are hiding your weaknesses and keeping secrets from your brother to prevent hurting or possibly offending him. This may lead to misunderstandings between you and him. Alternatively, the horse's legs could mean that your brother has gained significant ground in his career or personal life and this is causing his lack of communication with the rest of the family and making him distant. Perhaps you need to strengthen your bond with him to keep him from being alienated from his loved ones.

Brother sweeping floors and missiles

My brother was sweeping my living room floor. I told him I already swept. He said, "No, I just want to sweep under the sofas also". Then I was on a boat and two missiles flew over us but landed nicely just outside my window. It was two beautiful missiles.

Sweeping the floor symbolizes an attempt to clear clutter inside your head. Clutter may come in the form of anxiety, depression, and rage, among others. Your brother's insistence on sweeping the floor, including the areas under the sofa, means that you should be able to accept constructive criticism. Sometimes, even when you think there are no issues, others may find problems in your attitude or personal flaws which you tend to deny. The missiles, meanwhile, refer to your tendency to brush off things that are out of your control. Perhaps you let things fail, and this vision serves as a reminder to take a stand and accept your responsibility for decisions which may affect others.

Brother with a syringe

I saw my brother in a distance, far away from me, he was walking, then he sat down on the ground, he bent his head, his hair was little longer than he has in real life, also half-greyer hair not all, in his hand was a syringe, I don't know what was in the syringe, but I was scared that it was some kind of drugs (heroin maybe), and I asked him "What are you doing?" he said "Look, I did it also in my leg, look". There was a drop of blood on his leg. I fell awful, I don't know how to describe my feelings about this dream.

Dreaming of your brother usually reveals your real-world concerns and worries about him. The distance could be symbolic of the growing gap between the two of you due to disagreements or personal differences. The syringe reflects your suspicions about unhealthy habits he may be prone to. Perhaps you want to reach out and understand what causes his pain and distress. His suffering may be evident to you in the waking world, that is why he manifested in your dream in that state and depressing scenario.

A deceased brother and coins on the table

My deceased brother was sitting in the family room. I was frying fish and chicken in the kitchen. There were three five cent coins on the table in a row. My brother mentioned something about the presence of the coins.

Seeing your deceased brother in a dream vision could reflect the good health you enjoy in wake life or, if you are currently ill, it might also point to having a swift recovery. However, the stress and fatigue caused by this incident may last a little longer than you would expect, as frying fish and meat are symbolic of long-term discomfort. In a sense, the main issues would be resolved quickly, but you may not be completely healed for some time. The presence of the coins further highlights the financial pressure you would feel due to this situation. The three coins suggest you are generally frugal and conscious of your spending, but you may have to fork over some of your hard-earned savings unwillingly to deal with your medical expenses.

Brother's killer inside the house

My brother was murdered by his best friend 3 years ago. Recently I have had dreams about his killer. He is in my house and everyone is telling me that it's okay. I keep fighting him to get out. Then I re-live the day I found out my brother was dead all over again. I have had this dream about 4 times now. What does this mean?

These images in your dream speak of the betrayal and turmoil you felt and still feel about your brother's death. Being killed by his best friend is the ultimate level of betrayal there is and you dreaming about it repeatedly suggest that your anger towards the perpetrator is not diminishing with time. Your subconscious mind can be compared to your house, where you feel safe and protected, but seeing the killer inside signifies that you cannot escape the thoughts about the murderer. In your dream everyone reminded you that it is alright and yet you keep fighting it, which is equivalent to your constant attempts to find closure.

Learning about brother's death

I am female. Dreamt about my deceased brother who appeared to me and we were in my parents' house and I asked him "Did you know you were going to die?" and he said "Yes". I asked him "How?". He said "My hands changed, they became gooey". I responded "What do you mean?" He said "Touch them" and he put them on my face and then I woke up.

Dreaming about communicating with a deceased brother could actually mean that you are in good health and will be able to enjoy your blessings for decades to come, so him mentioning in the dream that he knew he would die could predict experiencing a major change which would cause you to become a new, better version of yourself in the eyes of others. However, since your brother also mentioned that his hands had gone through some kind of transformation, it could be symbolic of temporary helplessness or loss of hope brought about by this change.

Devastated by the brother's death for females

I am a female and I had a dream that my younger brother was dead. I don't know how and why but when I got to know of his death in my dream I had a mental breakdown. I was so hurt I thought I needed locking up. This was all in my dream. My brother is alive in my walking life.

The death of your brother in the dream realm may be very shocking and disturbing, but this is because it carries a very foreboding message from beyond. Your brother's passing in your vision predicts he would soon require help, likely because he would be in serious trouble. The type of difficulty he would face is unclear, but it may be related to his health or financial situation. Your intervention and assistance at this time would give him hope and help ease some of his burden.

Receiving money from older brother

Seemed to be having financial problems, my estranged older brother shows up with a check for $100,000 and doesn't say a word but looks happy to give it like a big brother, the dream felt good.

Receiving money, especially when you are in dire need, is often thought to reflect your own kind, generous and thoughtful nature. Your estranged brother's presence may also suggest that you have a gentle, nurturing side as well. Perhaps this is your inner voice guiding you on how you can make a difference in the world by perhaps being a mentor or donating to a cause that helps others in need. This would ease their burden and give you personal satisfaction knowing you are doing the right thing.

Little brother I never had

Seeing a little brother you never had in the dream realm is an exciting glimpse into your subconscious. In this dream, the brother symbolizes a new, youthful, and adventurous aspect of yourself that you are discovering or longing for. It also signifies a desire for companionship, a sense of protection, or a connection to your inner child. Moreover, this dream suggests a yearning for a close and supportive relationship in your waking life, akin to the bond one must have with a sibling. In a nutshell, It is a reminder to explore and embrace new facets of your personality and to seek out meaningful connections that bring joy and excitement to your life.