Dreams Related To Broom

Sweeping with a broom

The image of sweeping with a broom during your sleep symbolizes a desire to clear out and clean up something in your life. The broom represents the tool you are using to accomplish this task, and the act of sweeping suggests a sense of purpose and determination. The floor in the dream represents your life or your home, and the scattered objects on the floor are the things you are trying to remove or organize. The person sweeping in the dream could be you, indicating that you are taking steps to address a problem or improve a situation in your life. Overall, the dream of sweeping with a broom is likely a positive one, indicating that you are taking steps to improve something in your life and that you have the support of your family in doing so.

A broom floating in the air

I heard a voice in my dream that told me the right way I should follow by showing me an arrow from the sky pointing to a glowing and sparkling broom. The broom was suspended in the air with nothing holding it up.

The voice in your dream represents the voice of reason. Perhaps you have been feeling lost lately and unsure about your true purpose. As such, the sparkling broom suspended in the air alludes to clearing your mind by resolving personal and professional issues. To gain clarity, you need to let go of past failures and mistakes as well as tie up loose ends in order to move forward with nothing holding you back. Alternatively, the broom could symbolize your readiness to settle down and have a family of your own, but this also entails commitment and leaving behind whatever personal baggage you may still carry.