Dreams Related To Bride

A bride in general

Generally, dreaming of seeing a bride or being a bride yourself, walking down the aisle or facing your groom, depicts a fateful encounter with someone who would eventually become your spouse. A random incident or event could get you acquainted with your soon-to-be partner. There may not be an instant connection, but the love would slowly grow as you get to know each other on a deeper level. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also be a sign that you would receive an unexpected inheritance from a dead relative.

Half-naked brides

In my dream I was looking at these multiple brides from a higher point (I was looking from an upside down viewpoint). They were looking to the floor with a blank empty expression in their face and their wedding dresses were only half way up, leaving them half-naked (topless).

Brides in dreams generally represent union and commitment. Hence, seeing all those brides from an upside-down perspective may refer to your current state of disarray. You could be facing an important turning point in your personal journey and you are feeling unsure about how to go forward. Similarly, the half-worn wedding dress may be a depiction of eroding trust and suspicions forming in your mind regarding a romantic partner or your loved ones. Perhaps if you are considering settling down, this dream could reveal your reservations about fully committing to something or someone important for the long term.

Yourself as a bride

Dreaming of yourself as a bride, for example when you see yourself checking yourself in the mirror wearing a long bridal gown with a bouquet in your hands, could signify that you are waiting for something to happen in your waking life. It could be that you are nearing disappointment or already feel anger and frustration because this thing is taking so long to manifest. You could exercise some patience as the universe may be just testing your will and character if you really deserve it. Patience is always a virtue and what you want will come to you at the right time.

On the other hand, if you are young and a single woman and you see yourself as a bride in a dream, it could mean that it would take a long time before you get married in real life. This may be due to some social or political unrest happening in the area where you live that could hamper the union you are longing for. It would be best to wait for a better situation to get married or find an alternative plan for doing so unofficially if you want to do it immediately.

A bride without the groom

Seeing a bride without the groom, perhaps because she got stood up on her wedding day or you just see a bride somewhere in the dream wearing her wedding gown with no groom by her side, suggests pessimism and uncertainties about your future. Certain cynical personalities in your life may have influenced you into thinking that there is no point in struggling to achieve your goals. Or they may have made you feel inept and insignificant. As such, you may be unsure about what steps to take next and what exactly you want your future to look like.

A veiled bride

A veiled bride in a dream vision, whether in a painting or a living, breathing veiled bride about to be kissed during the wedding ceremony, points to the possibility of a house fire due to absent mindedness or memory lapse. You may be attending to too many tasks and errands that you would forget to put off a candle or leave something cooking which would lead to a fire in reality. As such, your mind is trying to keep you focused so such a dangerous incident would not occur.

Being a bride

I am a woman aged 40. I saw myself as a bride in my dream.

A dream about seeing yourself as a bride of someone when you know who this person in your dream is indicates upcoming major changes in the relationship with this person. It could also mean that you will be able to mend existing issues or problems in the relationship with someone whom you have been trying to reconcile. According to another source, you could also be pushing too hard to make your relationship official with someone whom you really like and and want to marry.

Kissing a bride

Kissing a bride, whether you are the groom during the ceremony or as a wedding guest giving a quick peck to congratulate the bride, is an auspicious dream symbol often associated with the resolution of prevailing issues. For example, a long-time rivalry may finally be laid to rest as you make peace with each other. It could also point to having a healthier and fitter mind and body as a result of a lifestyle change or even a more positive outlook in life. This personal change would trigger a lot of benefits to your overall well-being.

Bride for a man who is getting married

To dream of a bride if you are a man who is getting married soon, such that when you see a bride appearing in a television show you are watching while resting, could symbolize that your upcoming marriage would drastically improve both of your lives for the better. Whether materially or interpersonally, the marriage would prove to be a blessing for you both in the long run. The dream may also be telling you that you are making the right decision of getting married at this point in time of your life.

Kissing a bride who is unhappy

Kissing an unhappy bride, maybe as you envision yourself as the groom at the altar or as the bride's parent kissing her before she sadly takes the groom's hand, means you may be envious of certain relatives or family members. They could be making more money than yourself and this makes you resent them, or they may have better and more supportive families who are opening up a lot of opportunities for them. Their connections and resources may also give them a lot of leverage. Meanwhile, you continue to struggle just to get a shot at fulfilling your dreams.

A bride for business women

Business women or female entrepreneurs who dream of being a bride or seeing a bride in a vision can expect unfavorable economic climate or failed business transactions that would cause a big financial setback. The dream may involve walking down the aisle in your white dress or being in the sidelines watching a bride get married. These types of dream scenarios demand patience and perseverance from you because it would take a while for you to recoup your investments and for your finances to stabilize.

Seeing a bride for women

If you are a woman and you are seeing a bride in a dream, for instance when you accompany a bride and her groom doing photo shoots at a nearby church, it could predict new material acquisitions or possessions in the real life. These could be in the form of household items, appliances or clothing that you have been thinking about buying lately. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign of you receiving an expensive gift like jewelry or a luxurious trip, from someone you know and admire.

Yourself as a bride greeting guests

Dreaming that you are a bride greeting your guests at your wedding reception, perhaps shaking the hands of friends and relatives or receiving kisses on the cheeks, reveals your strong social connections especially with your friends and loved ones. Through troubling times and happy moments, you are likely surrounded by people who genuinely care about you. This may also predict an inheritance that would be bestowed upon your significant other by some wealthy relative or a financial boost from wise investments.

Your wife as a bride again

To dream of your wife as a bride again, for instance when you and your wife who is wearing a wedding gown, are standing in front of a garden chapel and the priest is officiating the ceremony, could allude to some concerns about your masculinity or sexual potency that could be manifesting in your waking life. You may want to return to the time when you and your wife were still young and energetic to do all things that you want to do at a subconscious level. Try to put some spice back to your relationship and get out of your comfort zones to rekindle these moments you crave.

Being a bride for a married woman

If you are married and you dream of being a bride, such that when you see yourself in full white bridal gown and walking down the church's aisle, it could allude to big positive changes in your relationship with your spouse or someone you know closely like your best friend or relative. Alternatively, the dream could mean getting on the right foot with someone whom you had a falling out in the past due to some bad experience you both had with each other. You could try burying the hatchet and make peace with this person as your values may have realigned already over the past years.

A tired or pale bride

A tired or pale bride, such as a bride who may be sick or about to faint from exhaustion or lack of proper nutrition, suggests material losses and failures ahead. You may be given a huge project which you are not prepared for. The task may be too complex and monumental for your limited knowledge and experience in your industry. Maybe you would be flattered to be offered such a huge responsibility and opportunity so you would take it. Unfortunately, you would end up regretting the decision.

Daughter as bride for fathers

If you are a father and you dream of your daughter as a bride, such that when your daughter emerged from the room wearing a beautiful and simple bridal gown and is waiting for you to walk her down the aisle, it could symbolize a possibility of having a party or relaxation time in the near future. The dream could also be a prediction of a joyful meeting with someone whom you are longing to meet or encounter in real life. Be prepared for this meet and greet which could be happening sooner than you expected.

Unattractive bride for men

An unattractive bride for men, perhaps someone who is not your type or with serious facial flaws and defects, is a reflection of your own stagnation. Maybe nothing is catching your interest or you have absolutely no motivation, so all of your tasks and projects are either at a standstill or destined for failure. Your utter lack of direction may stem from more complicated issues which you may have to confront and unravel so you would regain focus or at least create some goals for yourself.

Being indifferent toward the groom for real brides

If you are a newly engaged bride or going to be married soon, dreaming of showing indifference towards the groom in a vision denotes upcoming problems with your significant other. If the groom in the dream is not your spouse or partner, then you may butt heads with this person in reality. Ultimately, the dream meaning behind this symbol has to do with conflict which would drag on for a while. With your romantic relationship, this may be the biggest test in your life as partners. This could either strengthen your bond or end in a breakup.

Getting married to an unknown bride

I had a dream where I saw myself getting married to a girl. I could not recognize. I felt happy in the dream because it appeared real.

Dreaming about getting married could signify upcoming significant life events. You could be excited or concerned in anticipation of their arrival. Most likely, this dream vision is suggestive that the outcomes of these future events or circumstances would be positive and beneficial for you. However, not knowing or able to recognize who the bride was in the same dream could mean that you are unsure about the precursors or exact nature of the circumstances leading up to these events or developments.

Bride as only happy person in wedding pictures

Looking through wedding photos in a camera, there was only the bride who appeared happy in those photos.

Seeing a happy bride in wedding photos is a possible indication of your own well-being, financial security, or peace of mind. It is very likely that you are currently experiencing a carefree time in your life when you are not worried or stressed about health problems, your relationships with friends and colleagues, or your livelihood. However, the lack of other happy members in the wedding party suggests a tendency to look down on or disregard men, particularly those in your own family or circle of friends. This may be because you worked hard to achieve your success on your own or because you dislike the ease in which they are able to acquire high status and prosperity,

Being a bride for widows

Widows or divorced women who dream about being a bride, whether you envision yourself as a young woman or the age you are now, portends a period filled with a lot of frustrations, emotional turbulence and possible depression. Being a bride actually represents your longing for companionship as well as your fear of growing old alone. In reality, this may just be an irrational fear. Perhaps you are the one pushing people away or refusing to let people in because you are scared that they would leave you.

Being a bride and happy

Dreaming that you are a happy and excited bride, maybe as you are planning your wedding or as you mingle joyfully with guests during the wedding reception, signifies a happy and carefree period ahead of you. After all the stress and the challenges, you can look forward to a stretch of time which would be relatively worry-free and you would feel content. Everything would be working harmoniously, including your personal relationships, so that you can just focus on the important things in life.

Being an unhappy bride

Envisioning yourself as an unhappy bride, perhaps because you do not want to marry the groom in the dream or you are uncertain about your future, signifies possible failures and disappointments. This may be directly associated with your current relationship. Maybe you are starting to question whether you want to settle down with this person, or you could also be questioning his or her loyalty. On the other hand, you may also experience some hiccups in your project which would make you feel impatient and frustrated.

Seeing a bride for men

If you are a man and you are seeing a bride in a dream, for example when you see a photo of a bride in a magazine you are browsing while waiting for you to be called in an appointment, it could signify good luck, fortune and becoming better off financially in the time to follow. This could also mean securing some stable income which is higher than the previous one you were receiving. Bask in this favorable turn of events and always look on the brighter side of things to continue this succession of good luck.

Unable to identify the bride at a wedding

I could see the groom, but I couldn't see who the bride was. This dream was about someone getting married.

Being at a wedding represents an upcoming social gathering you are soon to attend. This could be a birthday party, work event, or even an actual ceremony you may be soon invited to. However, not being able to see the bride in this vision portends acting in such a way that causes others to avoid you and bringing some shame upon yourself. The notion of seeing only the groom also suggests feelings of loneliness and frustration in the wake of this future occasion.

Someone's bride for males

Males who dream about having a bride, saying your vows in front of your bride or being newlyweds holding hands with your bride turned wife, suggests the appearance of a powerful enemy in the real word. This works in various contexts, such as a rival at work hell bent on getting the promotion or position you have been eyeing. It could also apply to romantic prospects. Another person may show interest in the person you have been dating or courting, making things awkward and tense for everyone involved.

Daughter as bride for mothers

If you are a mother and you dream of your daughter as a bride, for example when you see yourself walking down the aisle with your daughter's hand in tow towards the groom, it could indicate your tendency to compare your daughter's life to yours. This could be due to evaluating your aging process and you dream of wanting to be in your daughter's spot at a subconscious level. You could try focusing on what makes you happy at this point in time of your life and see getting old as something precious which made you wiser through life's rich experiences.

A bride getting an electric shock

I have seen attending someone's engagement ceremony and that person is getting ready for the function sitting in front of the mirror and suddenly right behind her, a short circuit happened. I am yelling at her to move out. But she is sitting right there wearing a white gown. And I woke up.

Attending an engagement ceremony in your dream signifies the changing dynamics in your social circle. This could be a sign that someone near and dear is drifting away or showing signs of detachment. Trying to get the person out of harm's way is indicative of your suspicious nature. Maybe someone you know closely is entering a new venture or committing to something important to them and you think it is a bad idea. You may think that they are veering away from who they are and this worries you.