Dreams Related To Brick

Brick wall

Dreams about any type of brick wall can have a range of meanings, depending on the specific details of the dream. In general, the brick wall in your dream represents a barrier that you have created or encountered in your waking life. It could be related to your beliefs about yourself, others, or the world around you. In addition, if the brick wall falls, this indicates that your personal barriers or protective measures are no longer serving you and that you may need to reconsider your beliefs or approach to certain situations. Alternatively, it may signify that outside forces or circumstances are beyond your control and are breaking down your wealth and protection.

Deceased parents handling bricks

My parents have died. I dreamed that my parents are picking up some of the old bricks which are used in the yard of my childhood. I told him these extra bricks and old and better we pour out. He said they were supposed to build a platform and yet not at home without having to build. And I said I'll do it myself.

The old bricks your parents were picking up in your dream represent thoughts and insights they have collected throughout their lifetime. Then again, those individual pieces may only be related to the time and experience they had as a couple, including starting their own family, since the setting was in your childhood's backyard. As such, the task of building a platform could be your efforts at holding on to their memories and their legacy. This may be your way of coping with the loss. You want to pay tribute to their wisdom and contributions not only to your own family, but also to the community they touched and influenced.

Red brick

Red bricks, as seen on a building or as part of a fence, alludes to your personal feeling that you create your own luck. By considering your options and making the best decisions available to you, you build a cycle where good luck begets more good luck. In this case, you do not consider luck to be a mystical entity but rather something you have some control over.

Bricks falling from the sky after an explosion

I dreamed about a massive explosion, then suddenly objects falling from the sky. Specifically, large bricks fall from the sky and I keep myself looking up to get away from where those bricks are falling and got hit, but alive. But my uncle died.

The massive explosion in your dream foretells a worsening health condition. You could get sick in the near future and this vision serves as a warning to be proactive about your health. Alternatively, the appearance of falling bricks could point to an impending emotional breakdown. You may lose your temper and in the process hurt your loved ones with your scathing words and insensitive behavior. The bricks are metaphors for your wall or penchant for self-preservation. In an attempt to avoid getting hurt, you may end up hurting others.