Dreams Related To Breast

A woman showing her breast

An unknown woman undressing and revealing her left breast not knowing that I am sitting behind her.

Seeing the breast of a woman in the dream world is synonymous with desiring to make your dreams come true in reality. You may be subconsciously realizing that what you want may be within reach. However, being hidden or an onlooker reveals some hesitations or lack of confidence, so the first step to enjoying the fruits of your labors would be to seize the day and make the most of your skills and talents. Your future self would be thankful that you took the first step.

Breast becoming firm again

I had a dream that my leafy breast was rock hard.

Psychoanalysis of dreams interprets the image of a firm, rock hard breast as meaning you would soon have trouble with finances due to poor budgeting and expensive habits. In some cases, this vision appears to those who tend to spend more than they earn, racking up credit card debt to maintain the appearance of a certain lifestyle. This vision is also seen by those who engage in expensive habits that are best avoided, like smoking, drugs, gambling or plastic surgery. Whatever your particular vice, be it as harmless as a daily cup of Starbucks or dangerous as hitting the slots, you are putting yourself in danger by not having a good safety net should something terrible befall you.

Someone looking at your breast

Dreaming that someone is staring or looking at your breast means you have reached a decision about a suitor. You may have been receiving and entertaining a suitor or various suitors recently which has been both fun and challenging. Though as you have gotten to know them better, you may be starting to gain clarity about which of them you gravitate to the most. As such, this dream vision is a sign that you would soon make a decision and choose to accept someone's affection for a more serious relationship.

A breast in general

A breast as a dream symbol can convey a negative message or a positive one depending on the context and imagery. If it is the breast of a woman, then it refers to wealth acquisition and general happiness. You are getting something you have been working hard to achieve. On the other hand, if it is the breast of a bird or an animal, then it could be a reference to your inner anxieties or apprehensions about your future. You could be feeling uncertain about what steps to take next.

Breasts in dreams generally symbolize an inherent need to know what the future holds or what fate has in store for you. You do not like surprises, so you exert so much effort to be in control of your destiny. Alternatively, breasts can also refer to your strong values and principles. Your dignity sets you apart from the chaos and unpredictability of the modern world. Your honor and respectability are much more pronounced when it comes to you caring for your loved ones, such as your children or parents.

Full and white breast

A full and white breast in dreams is a positive dream symbol associated with romance. You would find happiness and luck in romantic prospects or your current partner. Suddenly, things would run smoothly and you would both be on the same page about where you want your relationship to go and how you wish to move forward with your life, both together and as individuals. For once, you would find it easy to settle your differences and plan out your future since there is clarity in your intentions and motivations.

Your breast exposed in public

Exposing your breast in public is a bad omen in dreams. This could be an indication that you are slowly losing control of your life, especially private and personal matters. This may be exacerbated by someone who is trying to ruin your reputation by exposing your dirty laundry to the public. This individual could be part of your closest friends or loved ones which gives them access to your personal life. As such, your mind may be telling you to choose your friends carefully or risk betrayal.

Breasts cut off

To dream that your or someone else's breasts get cut off is a bad omen when it comes to love. This is a warning that your significant other could succumb to temptation and cheat on you while you are distracted with other priorities and commitments. This may occur in your current relationship or perhaps even with a future partner. Either way, this could be your mind's way of alerting you to possible issues so you can also evaluate your own behavior and attitude which could contribute to your partner's possible infidelity.

A lover kissing breast

The man l love kissing my breast.

Dreaming about your breasts being kissed by your lover signifies a growing sexual desire on your part. Perhaps you would like to indulge in a physical relathionship with this person but it has not culminated to anything as yet. On the other hand, such a dream could also signify your desire to be more attractive in the eyes of your lover because you want him to find you sexually appealing.

Breast for females

Female dreamers dreaming about breasts carry a high degree of self-awareness. You could be extra sensitive about your appearance or attractiveness in the eyes of romantic prospects because you are actively seeking a partner in reality. This can have both positive and negative effects on your self-image. Focusing too much on your sex appeal and desirability could make you lose sight of more substantial aspects of who you are. On the other hand, this could also make you more aware of your flaws which you can use for self-improvement.

Wounded in the breast

Getting wounded in the breast is a negative dream symbol. For young females, this portends upcoming hardships and general misfortune. Since breasts are also associated with femininity as well as sexuality, this could also be an allusion to uncertainties regarding your romantic prospects. You could be having trouble meeting someone who is looking for a long-term relationship. If you are already in a relationship, then this means you may be going through a rough patch.

Breasts larger than normal

Seeing larger than normal breasts in a dream vision often reveals your excellent reputation and good name. You are likely highly respected by your peers and colleagues because of your integrity and untarnished image. In a sense, the large breasts serve as a metaphor for your larger-than-life public persona. Perhaps you are not perfect, yet you come across as genuine or sincere in your work ethic as well as your personal relationships. Thus, others often easily warm up to you and place you in high regard.

Exposing your breast for someone

Dreaming that you expose your breast to someone points to a possible encounter with a stranger at your current residence. While this is not a crime-related situation like a burglary, it is still unclear whether this would have a positive or negative impact on you. It could be a salesperson peddling some sort of product and depending on your current needs, it may be an annoying encounter or a convenient blessing for you and members of your household. Perhaps other symbols in the vision would help provide more clues to your dream.

Breast for males

For male dreamers, seeing breasts in dreams reveals your desire for motherly love and care. Perhaps you lacked this kind of nurturing presence throughout your formative years, so you seek out this maternal figure even in adulthood. You could also treat this as an important trait or characteristic when choosing a romantic partner. Since you were deprived of motherly affection as a child, you may be making sure that your kids would not have to go through the same thing you did when you were young.

Milk coming out of a breast

I was in a very neat house, opened a fridge, ate ice cream, a guy sucked my breast and there was milk in his mouth and on my breast too.

Ice cream consumed in a dream generally means that you would get involved in a passionate yet fleeting romantic affair. Likewise, the image of a man sucking your breast or drinking milk from your bosom represents superficial love. This newfound romantic prospect only wants worldly pleasure or physical satisfaction from you and nothing more. This affair could also be characterized by neediness and dependency, which could be destructive instead of being fulfilling for both of you.

Water leaking from a breast

I could see both my breasts like I had no shirt on. Water randomly started leaking from my right breast. Enough to fill a short circle shaped glass which I collected the liquid in. It was not milk. The breast that leaked went small afterwards then I had one small and one large breast. For some reason I either said or thought at the time as I have put on a lot of weight, that it was the water weight coming out. I then dropped the glass and it smashed.

Nakedness in the dream realm is usually seen in reaction to bad behavior in reality. Your subconscious mind may feel that you have opened yourself up to criticism or embarrassment due to getting involved with the wrong people or doing something morally questionable. The water that leaks from your breast represents your potential to do good in the world being diminished in light of this behavior. Your efforts to collect the water in the glass, then, suggest you are aware of your shortcomings and wish to be better. Dropping the glass and having it smash against the floor could reveal that this would be easier said than done. Your actions may already be public knowledge, or your behavior may have become a habit that is difficult to break. It would take a lot of effort to get back on track.

A breast while breastfeeding

Seeing someone's breast, or perhaps even your own, while breastfeeding portends a happy occasion ahead. Specifically, it may have something to do with family and marriage. So there is a likelihood that you or a loved one would be celebrating a wedding, bringing together friends and family to mark a loving occasion. It could also mark the birth of a new member of your family. It could be an actual birth or a metaphorical one, but ultimately it would usher in a new chapter for those involved.

Sagging breast

A sagging breast as a dream symbol denotes serious issues and inconveniences in reality. This major problem would likely emerge out of nowhere which means you would be unprepared and ill-equipped to respond quickly and resolve things efficiently. Alternatively, this could also point to the possibility that you would experience health issues, especially lung problems or age-related illnesses. You may have been careless about your health, so some complications could turn into serious health concerns if left untreated.

Breasts smaller than normal

In dreams, breasts that are smaller than normal or regular size is a negative symbol. It is usually an indication that someone hates you in reality. This hatred likely stems from envy. Maybe this person wishes to have your position, influence or power. Or perhaps it is more specific, like wanting to steal your significant other. Nevertheless, you may be blind to this hostility because this person poses as a friend or a seemingly nice acquaintance. Your subconscious may have picked up on subtle clues to this enmity and projected this into your dream vision.

Firm breasts

The image of firm breasts is a negative dream symbol. Often this means the dreamer is spendthrift. As such, you may experience financial instability, even poverty, in reality because of indiscriminate and lavish spending. You are likely living beyond your means and racking up a lot of debt in the process. Perhaps you are surrounded by high rollers and individuals with expensive taste, hence you feel the need to keep up with their lifestyle. Unfortunately, if you remain careless with your finances, you could end up impoverished and ill-equipped to deal with emergency situations.

A bare breast for a married woman

To see a bare breast in a dream, especially if you are married in reality, points to an uncomplicated delivery of a baby. If you are already pregnant, then you can breathe easy knowing that it would be a hassle-free birth for you and your child. On the other hand, if you are not pregnant, then this dream symbol speaks of a healthy baby in the future. Fortunately, you would not have to deal with a difficult pregnancy nor a challenging labor for your first-born or your next baby. This may be due to your healthy lifestyle.

Bouncy breasts

Perky and bouncy breasts in dreams is a very auspicious symbol. It represents prosperity and joy. Specifically, if the breast is also lactating or producing milk, then it means your household would be blessed with wealth and happiness. Perhaps you or your partner would rise up the career ladder and this comes with a significant salary boost or maybe you would receive a gift or inheritance from a wealthy maternal figure in your life. Whatever it may be, members of your household would all benefit from it.

A breast in a bra

The imagery of a breast inside a bra is usually a dream symbol indicating a fixation. You may be preoccupied about something in reality and this is being projected into your subconscious through this vision. Perhaps you have been working on something complicated or important and this is keeping your mind buzzing. It is also likely that you are worried that something is holding you back or preventing you from fully expressing yourself. Are you downplaying your personality or aspects of yourself for fear of being judged?

An old woman breastfeeding

Witnessing an old woman breastfeeding in your dream portends an unexpected financial gain. This surprising boost in your finances may have something to do with age and seniority. For example, your mentor or a senior boss could give you a significant bonus for your exemplary job performance. It is also possible that your personal experience and accumulated wisdom would prove helpful in spotting a lucrative investment opportunity that would cross your path in an unexpected time or place.

Breasts covered in hair

Dreaming of seeing breasts covered in a thick blanket of hair likely symbolizes your principled nature. You are an honorable and generous individual not only to friends and loved ones, but even to acquaintances and strangers you meet on a daily basis. You treat everyone with the same kindness and respect that is then reflected back to you. As such, your harmonious relationship with others likely makes you a role model for a lot of people, including young members of the community who look up to you.

An aching breast

If you dream that your breast is aching, then you may be dealing with a threatening situation in reality. Since this part of the body is in pain, it may have something to do with your self-esteem or public image. You may encounter a malicious personality who would try to bring you down by using your insecurities and weaknesses. This may already be happening or it would happen soon enough. Your subconscious may be warning you about insincere and untrustworthy individuals that exist in your social circle.

Breasts being touched by others

Random people were squeezing my breasts. It was like I was on display walking through the crowd, I was not upset by them doing that to me.

Breasts in dreams have often been associated with desire and sexual energy. As such, dreaming that random people are touching or squeezing your breasts suggests your growing sexual desire which perhaps is looking for a release. It is likely that you are looking for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in the waking world. Alternatively, it can also be a reflection of your yearning to be attractive and to be liked by others. Maybe you are a people pleaser by nature.

Having breasts for males

Males who dream of having breasts are likely filled with positivity and optimism. You may well have a lot to be happy and thankful for because this dream symbol often symbolizes exceptional health. Your sound mind and body allow you to focus on important things and push yourself to pursue your passions in life. This could also represent your optimistic outlook enabling you to make the most out of every day while also enjoying the little blessings you encounter in your daily existence.

Milk from a breast of an old woman

I saw in dream the mother of our old neighbor (she is maybe near 70-80 years old now). I see her breast bare an went toward her and sucked her breast, after that I drink a few of her milk. I felt her milk in my mouth. She is now in other town and I did not see her for a long time. I was playing with her children when I was a kid. And she was a religious kind woman.

Consuming breast milk is a fairly common symbol with a positive interpretation in the dream world. If you are a man, this vision may be an indication that your wife or future partner would have a safe pregnancy. Your child would also benefit by being both happy and healthy during their first years of life. If you are a woman, drinking breast milk is a sign of good health and vitality. If you are sick or become sick in the near future, you are likely to recover quickly and fully from what ails you.

Male friend sucking your breast

The image of a man, especially if it is your friend sucking or caressing your breast in your dream, is an allegory of your sexual desires. For one, you might be looking for ways to gratify your sexual needs in real life. Additionally, this can mean that you want others to see you in an attractive manner. You might be seeking attention from people around you to feel better about yourself.

Shriveled or dirty breast

Seeing a shriveled or dirty breast in a dream vision portends love problems. The ugly state of the breast means you may be feeling insecure about your own attractiveness especially when it comes to the man you love. Perhaps other women are also competing with you for his attention making you question your chances of being noticed. Maybe this is a wake-up call for you to work on your self-esteem first before you seek out romantic prospects. Once you are confident about who you are, then you would not have to draw confidence from how others perceive you.

Clutching someone's breast

Clutching someone's breast in a dream vision means you have a trusted friend or confidante in reality. This may be the person you often run to whenever you feel the need to blow off some steam or unburden yourself from a heavy or problematic situation. While you may also share happy moments, it is in your low periods when you cling to each other for support. In a sense, the breast represents comfort and love which you provide each other with during times of trouble. Perhaps one of you is currently undergoing hardships which is why the dream symbol appeared.

A bare breast covered in blood

Dreaming of a bare breast that is covered with blood is an ominous symbol of a great loss. This could mean that you would deal with the heartbreaking loss of an unborn child. Perhaps you have been looking forward to motherhood or welcoming your newborn, unfortunately unforeseen circumstances could lead to miscarriage. Alternatively, this could also be a sign of infertility which is making it hard for you to conceive. A doctor's appointment may be necessary to find out whether you or your partner is infertile.

Admiring someone's breast

A dream wherein you are admiring someone's breasts is a positive dream symbol associated with aspirations. Perhaps your wishes and whispered dreams would finally be fulfilled in the near future. The breasts could represent your desires or ambitions that are within your reach. After all the hard work and determination, you would get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you reach your goals one by one until you achieve your ultimate dream, professional or otherwise.

Breastfeeding for males

Males who dream of breastfeeding could be exposed to a very auspicious dream symbol especially in relation to money. This means that you would find opportunities that would significantly increase your wealth or improve your financial standing in general. You could get promoted at work or get involved in a lucrative business venture which would ensure a stable and prosperous future for you and your family. Breasts are symbols of love and nurturing, so this could mean that with your improved finances, you can easily provide the needs of the people you love.

A breast injured by someone

Someone I'm not even attracted to was making out with me and sucked in my boobs and made a hole (legit hole in my left breast), and I could see into it. My breast and some blood inside. I was running away from an ex. I woke up out of my sleep drastically...

Making out or kissing someone in a dream reveals your desire for love and intimacy. It is possible that you may soon meet a handsome man. However, things may not turn out the way you expect. This man could be a womanizer who wants to take advantage of you or he could use you to gain material things. The hole in your left breast alludes to insecurity. Perhaps you feel undesirable and tired of always giving and yet not getting enough love in return.

Mother's breast

I saw my mom's boobs.

Seeing your mother's breasts in a dream can have two possible meanings according to our sources. You could be in a phase of your life when you feel you are becoming more independent and capable of making your own decisions, but she is still exerting a lot of control and authority over you, all to your frustration and disappointment. Alternatively, you could be looking for someone as open and transparent toward your personality traits to establish a new relationship with, not necessarily sexually based.

Baking a breast

Dreamed of how I was baking breast.

Baking in a dream is usually associated with dreams coming true or successfully achieving something you have been striving for. Additionally, the image of the breast suggests this is related to intimacy or the relationship between you and another individual you are interested in or infatuated by. Together, these symbols mean your efforts to start or improve the level of closeness between you and this person is likely to go well, leading to much happiness and satisfaction.

Touching woman's breast

Touching female's boobs in your vision, especially if this person is a friend, is a symbol of your desire. You may be ready to take your relationship with your significant other to the next level. You will nurture this affair with utmost care and loyalty. However, if this person is a total stranger, this dream should be perceived as a warning sign. You need to be more cautious in your current relationship. Although things seem to be going smoothly for you and your partner, the possibility of cheating is still likely.