Dreams Related To Breakup


A break up with your significant other over the course of a dream vision is not necessarily indicative of such an event in reality, although it does touch on some feelings related to that kind of situation. In a sense, breaking up is connected with your feelings of insecurity or concern over aspects of your relationship. You may feel that your weak points and shortcomings would eventually cause your partner to see you in a negative light or make them desire someone else. While this is only a reflection of your subconscious, you should be wary that how you feel does not affect your interactions with them.

Breaking up with your current partner is often not a predictor of such an event in reality, rather, it is the manifestation of insecurity and possibly low self-esteem. You subconscious is probably worried about some aspect of your relationship, likely if you two are meant to be together or if you are good enough to be with this person. Instead of focusing on the negatives, however, this symbol should be taken as a sign to focus on the positive points, the parts of your relationship that make you and your significant other happiest. Building on the good is the best way to move your relationship forward when you feel doubt.

A friend break up

Leaving a friend during a dream vision, whether it was a mutual agreement or a huge fight, does not necessarily mean you want to end your friendship. Instead, it suggests you subconsciously yearn for new emotions and experiences. While there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to try new things, depending on your interests, you may wind up annoying or alienating some of your current comrades.

Experiencing a heartbreak

I had a dream about heartbreak, and it felt incredibly vivid. After my dream, my heart physically hurt and I felt like I was going to cry. Weird, right?

Dreaming about metaphorical heartbreak is a highly ominous symbol in dream visions. It usually points toward experiencing some event or crisis which drastically alters your emotional, mental and physical well-being. It may be wise to avoid any situations which could turn south quickly and, should you find yourself in such a situation anyway, extract yourself from the area as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.

Breaking things up

Breaking things up in the dream world is a complicated image to interpret and depends on the context of the situation. If you were breaking things apart angrily or violently, this symbol may be the manifestation of deep seated anger toward certain situations that you cannot control in reality. Alternatively, breaking things up calmly in order to separate them into boxes or trash bins may be a sign of needing to organize your day to day life and de-clutter your home.

Breaking up with boyfriend because of him cheating

My boyfriend cheated on me with a bustier, fairer, hotter woman and told me about it. He said it meant nothing, but he loved her breasts and I was the love of his life. I almost took him back. But then I got mad and dumped him. And he didn't try to get me back when I told him it was over.

This dream of your boyfriend cheating on you reflects your insecurities and feelings of abandonment. It is possible that you are feeling rejected or taken for granted by a loved one and you are yearning for the attention and affection you feel you deserve. This could also be a manifestation of your self-doubts, of not feeling good enough for the people who matter. Dwelling on a negative self-image or a low self-esteem could potentially cause conflicts and other unnecessary confrontations in other areas in your life.

Number of days since the breakup

Male. Dreamt that my ex girlfriend called me. I said "It's been 42 days since we broke up", when I dreamt this it had only been 32 days. I have no connection to the number 42.

The number does not matter as you said, you have no connection to it. Dreaming that your ex-girlfriend called you, however, is a subconscious representation of feeling that you are stuck. Deep down you could be feeling insecure about your choices in life, which in turn, may be preventing you from moving on and achieving your goals. You should not let the past deter you from achieving the things you want to accomplish.

Breaking up with a long-time partner

My life partner of 20 years and I broke up and are living apart, that's how the dream starts. When I wake I'm so so sad. I've had this dream several times in the last couple of years. About a month ago she had a similar dream about us.

Breaking up in the dream world often has little to do with such an event in waking life. Rather, it is the reflection of insecurities or worries from reality manifesting themselves in your subconscious state. In a sense, you fear your shortcomings would lead to a split or separation, leading to this vision. Because your partner had a similar dream, it is possible that you have both grown and changed over the last twenty years, but your communication style may not have kept up with the times. You may need to reevaluate how and what you share, possibly giving more of yourself than you have in the past.

Friends breaking up

Dreaming of friends breaking up reflects unresolved issues or conflicts within your friendships or relationships. Your subconscious urges you to seek answers and address any underlying problems before they lead to an end. Consider introspection and open communication with your friend or partner to find a resolution and maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship. Additionally, exploring the spiritual aspect of your connections can help you navigate challenges and foster deeper bonds.