Dreams Related To Branch

Cutting tree branches

According to ancient folklore, cutting off the branches of a tree may signal that you are on a potentially fruitless or worthless journey. You may be attempting to go down a path that would eventually lead to naught. For instance, you might be studying hard to appease your parents with academic success when you would be happier and better off picking up a trade. It would be wise to carefully consider your path and current trajectory.

A tree branch instead of windshield wiper

I dreamed of the windshield wiper of the car being replaced by a tree branch.

Cars tend to represent our journey through life, so seeing a car having its windshield wipers replaced could indicate a shift or change in some important aspect of your life. In fact, you can probably see this change occurring right before your eyes considering the windshield is the portal through which you see the world when driving. The image of branches is often connected with relationships turning sour, particularly romantic ones. In this case, your vision may foretell the end of a romantic partnership or the rejection of a relationship not yet started.