Dreams Related To Bracelet

Bracelets breaking after getting married

I got married in dream but after another day of my marriage my bangles were breaking one by one.

Having a dream about feeling hesitant about marriage or having difficulties after becoming married means that people around you may perceive you as a person who is very indecisive or who lacks confidence while dealing with everyday things. Try improving your image in their eyes by responding when asked for help or support more proactively and readily.

A bracelet given by a coworker breaking

A coworker gave me an ankle bracelet, I have never taken it off, almost a year. The coworker no longer works here. I dreamed the bracelet broke, then I woke up.

The anklet in your dream could be an allusion to your goals and the path you are taking. As such, the broken anklet could be a reference to unexpected events and problems about to come your way. Your plans may be disrupted by unforeseen incidents and circumstances. It is also possible that you would reach a crossroad where you are forced to reevaluate your goals and decide whether you want to stay on the same path or choose another road to take. Alternatively, the symbolism of the anklet may be attached to the person who gave it to you. Perhaps its broken state in the dream is a foreshadowing of a conflict that may tarnish or permanently sever your ties with your former co-worker.

Finding someone's charm bracelet

Finding a charm bracelet that belongs to someone else in the midst of a dream has positive implications for your love life and your family situation. This sign is often associated with upcoming nuptials, especially with someone who would be a particularly good parent and role model to your future children. There is often a sense that this symbol implies an inheritance of some sort, but it is not in the normal financial sense. Rather, upon committing to this individual, you would likely receive some familial knowledge or keepsake that would bring you great inner peace and even make you feel a bit humble. The actual shape this inheritance takes, however, cannot be determined based on this symbol alone.

Evil eye bracelet breaking

Having an evil eye bracelet that breaks, accidentally scattering beads across the floor, is a bad omen to perceive in a dream. While some may associate this particular jewelry with witchcraft, it is in essence a general protection charm, shielding the wearer from ill luck and negative energy. However, broken, the protection is gone and the owner is now completely open to attack from all manner of evil spirits and energy vampires. If you see this symbol in your dream, be very cautious for the time being.