Dreams Related To Bowl

Overflowing toilet bowl

An overflowing toilet, whether it is empty or filled with the contents of your bowels, is often interpreted as a sign of money problems. While it can reflect a lack of income and therefore point toward more spending than earning, it is usually seen as a sign of poor planning or budgeting. In a sense, the overflowing nature of the toilet is a direct reflection of out of control spending where you just do not know where your hard-earned cash is going. The best way to fix this situation is to keep a log of all your purchases in either a notebook or an application, or speak to a professional financial advisor for help.

A man washing his hands in a bowl

The lady was eating and the guy washed his hands in the bowl that the lady was busy eating in. When asked why he did that he got angry.

This vision of someone washing his hands in a bowl could be a reflection of some indecent acts or inappropriate behavior directed at someone you know and which you may have become a witness of. You may have an emotional dilemma related to this occurrence, but you feel reluctant or even threatened, certainly not willing, to share this information with others or come up with proper resolution. The symbol of a lady in this dream could point out that the person involved in this situation is your close female friend or acquaintance.

Someone sitting and holding a bowl

I dreamt twice in one night that someone is sitting cross-legged and holding out a bowl to me.

The bowl in your dream could symbolize either the womb or a place of comfort. Meanwhile, crossed legs could be seen as a defensive and distanced position. In that sense, perhaps you feel like a loved one, perhaps a romantic partner, may be holding back or putting up walls between the two of you. Even when they mean well and claim to have your best interests in mind, somehow you feel like they do not quite hear you or understand your point of view. There is sense that they are reacting maybe out of pity instead of a genuine understanding and attention.

Eating fish from a bowl

Eating with siblings from a big bowl, we all sat on the floor enjoying the meal, an extended family of mine tried to take a big portion of the fish in the soup. I snatched it away from her. But as I am writing this dream I am on 2 weeks of fasting.

Bowls of food tend to be considered a metaphor for comfort. Just like a warm bowl of soup warms you from within when you are sick and cold, so does this symbol allude to a need to be comforted and consoled. Trying to prevent someone else from taking more than their fair share of the fish in the soup further supports this notion that you need some self-care. This makes sense considering your period of fasting. Perhaps there is some way other than food that you can treat yourself, like a massage or a nice day out, that would give you what your body and mind need to make you happy.