Dreams Related To Bowknot

A bowknot on shoes

Dreaming about shoes being tied up or decorated with bowknots is an ill omen predicting unsuccessful transactions or failed expectations. Bows, when adorning footwear, indicate that some project you could be currently undertaking, whether it is for business or personal reasons, is destined for failure or will not be nearly as profitable as expected. This may be despite your best efforts or contrary to earlier, more positive indications.

A bowknot in general

Envisioning a bowknot in a dream, be it tied in the hair or adorning a dress, warns of some challenges or roadblocks occurring in the near future. Dream visions where a bow has some prominence indicate that plans you have made, either in your personal life or in business, might not reach fruition in a timely fashion. These difficulties are likely to be frustrating or annoying rather than serious in nature. This dream may also signify being in a romantic relationship which has been tarnished by a false pretense or unfaithful behavior by either one of the two sides or by both.

Seeing a bowknot in a dream, specifically when decorating or embellishing a gown or dress, predicts that your efforts to woo or captivate the attention of someone you admire are likely not be rewarded. According to this dream, the greater the number of bows, the less successful you would be in your pursuits. Bows tied into the hair, either with a ribbon or with the hair itself, represent looking at your life in a rational, logical way and being able to determine your purpose or calling either for a short or long term. This might include discovering your potential in a certain career or field, or it may mean setting a short-term goal which could improve the overall quality of your life.

Unable to tie a bowknot

Dreams about being unable to tie or form a bowknot, such as on a pair of shoes or the back of someone's dress after being asked to, are ill omens predicting sudden, irrational conflicts in your waking life. These asinine disagreements and fights are likely to be with someone you are close to or interact with often, such as an immediate family member, a neighbor or a co-worker. While the main subject of the controversy is meaningless, there is probably a deeper, more serious cause which may not be immediately apparent to you. The other party in this case is not likely to share their true feelings on the matter, so it is up to you to figure out what went wrong and set it right.

Tying a bowknot on yourself

Envisioning yourself tying a bowknot on your own person, such as in your hair or as an accessory to your clothing, predicts having to play the part of judge in an upcoming conflict. As the third-party in the situation, your task would be to determine who is right and who is wrong and that may cause some stress, awkward feelings or conflicting emotions. However, this role could be quite important, as your decision may influence if the person in the wrong is able to maintain relationships with the people you are acting as an interloper for.

Dreams about tying a bow on yourself urge you to look at the situation you are judging in the most rational and conscientious way possible, even though it may make you uncomfortable to be in the position of moderator. You may also fear making the situation worse, increasing the animosity between the parties and worsening the already weakened bond they share. Looking at the situation from both sides and relying on your intelligence and experience is likely to yield a solution that will be accepted and beneficial to both parties.

Untying a bowknot

Dreaming about an untying bowknot in a dream symbolizes difficulties or challenges materializing in the near future. Bows that are coming undone are images associated with other aspects of your life that seem to be falling apart. However, despite feelings of frustration or impatience, you should avoid becoming too caught up in these smaller, tedious inconveniences because they may distract you from more important, essential facets in your life which will have far-reaching and long-lasting effects if they come to ruin.

A dream about a bow coming untied may also suggest revelation and understanding. Just as a bow holding something together will reveal the content when undone, so does this dream represent putting together the pieces of a mystery or complicated story which has plagued you or someone close to you for a long time. Using the same motif, this type of dream may also indicate a desire to become better acquainted with someone or become closer with a certain individual, though not necessarily for romantic reasons.

Tying a bowknot for someone

Dreams about tying a bowknot for someone else, such as in their hair or on the back of a woman's dress, are positive premonitions representing your thoughtful and helpful personality. Just as assisting someone with getting ready is a kind, supportive gesture, this dream indicates your ability to uplift others, especially those close to you, when they are facing challenging or tragic situations in their life.

A bowknot burnt through

Envisioning a bowknot which has been burnt through, either by accident or on purpose, indicates anger and regret. The source of these negative emotions is likely an action you took not long ago or in the recent past which you feel terrible about now and are unwilling to, at least out loud, accept blame for. This dream may serve as a subconscious signal that you need to share your true feelings or come to terms with what you did on your own.

Untied bowknots in uncombed hair

Dreaming of an untied bowknot in someone's uncombed, messy hair is a negative sign associated with poor health. This type of dream may indicate becoming injured in the near future, although it is more likely a disease or infection caused by a weakened immune system. While you may not have to intern at a hospital or care center, this illness may greatly affect your quality and enjoyment of life for some time.

Tying a bowknot for females

Envisioning yourself tying a bowknot in your hair in a dream, particularly for a young woman, is symbolic of losing your virginity or entering into a sexual relationship with someone new. This may be someone you have recently met or someone you have only recently admitted feelings for. For young men tying a bow in woman's hair, also indicates a first-time sexual encounter or intercourse with a new partner in the near future. For older or married women, this type of dream may foretell a rendezvous with a much younger, amateur lover, possibly taking on the role of teacher or tutor in the bedroom.

A cat with a bowknot

Envisioning a cat wearing a bowknot in a dream vision, especially around its neck, is an ominous sign pointing to an untrustworthy person who is near you. Cats and kittens decorated with bows often represent a wolf in sheep's clothing, meaning someone close to you is either not who they say or has changed their loyalties recently. If they are not discovered or if you do not take precautions, this unsavory person may deceive you in some horrible way or spread gossip behind your back to further their own agenda.

A bowknot around your neck

Envisioning yourself with a bowknot around your neck, such as when looking at a picture or at your reflection in a mirror, is a sign representing a current personality quirk, particularly a narcissistic one. Seeing yourself adorned with a decorative bow around the neck symbolizes frivolity and shallowness, as well as a lack of attention or care for the more important aspects of your life. You may be focused on gratifying short-term cravings rather than working hard for the things you really want in life.

Many bowknots on someone's head

Envisioning many bowknots on someone's head, such as after decorating a hat or woven into the hair, is a positive sign predicting happy surprises in your life. These unexpected blessings may occur in the form of personal joys, like the birth of a child or a wedding, or may be related to finances and well-being, such as suddenly getting over an illness or finally having enough money to pay off a debt. This good fortune is likely to delight you and persevere for some time into the future.

A small bowknot

Dreams about tiny, miniscule bowknots in someone's hair are often associated with romantic partnerships. Dreams of this nature represent uncertainties or unanswered questions, possibly about what the other person wants or where the two of you will be in five or ten years from now. If these worries and ambiguities are not resolved, it is possible that they could lead to further, more serious problems, eventually ending in an unfulfilling and resentful relationship.