Dreams Related To Bottle

Empty bottles

To see empty and broken bottles in a dream foretells an ominous happening. In the wake life, this type of dream would be followed by the dreamer feeling drained of any positive energies and reacting strangely to petty little things. Therefore, this dream must be taken as a warning to avoid any untoward incident. The dreamers are advised to trust their inner instincts, innate abilities and stay truly positive in the mind. Objectivity in decision-making and positivity will be key factors in taking you through the end of the road.

Plastic water bottle

Envisioning someone giving you something empty such as a plastic water bottle in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer is going to get hurt in wake life. This hurt may be in the form of a physical injury or an emotional setback such as being deceived by someone who used to be trustworthy and loved. Alternatively, this can also mean that some ugly mysteries that you are afraid of and apprehensive about will unfold in the coming days.