Dreams Related To Boss

Saving the boss from heart attack

I dreamt my boss had a heart attack while we were out assessing a job that could bring more money for the company. I however assisted him and he survived the ordeal.

Dreaming that your boss has had a heart attack could be a metaphor for some of the stress and turmoil associated with work. If your boss seemed relatively composed during this time, it means that on the outside you appear calm even as worry eats at you from the inside. Alternatively, wild actions and cries could suggest others are well aware of the problems you face. The job assessment that was the setting of the dream could be the manifestation of your concerns over your personal role in this drama, meaning you wonder if some fault of yours is contributing to stress, like a tendency towards procrastination or shoddy work. Assisting your boss in his time of need and helping him survive, then, predicts you would be able to overcome this challenge and improve yourself. If there are upcoming opportunities to display your strong work ethic or participate in training, it may be wise to do your best and prove to yourself what you are capable of.

Your boss in general

In general, a dream about your boss reveals your issues or grudges about your current work. You could be projecting your dissatisfaction and discontent towards your boss because he or she is the one in charge of your daily tasks and responsibilities. You could be handling too much workload or assigned to a project you do not like and your subconscious is blaming your frustration towards management, specifically your boss. Perhaps you are also intimidated by his or her type of leadership. You may need to revisit your relationship with this person to find out the deeper issues you may need to address.

My boss naked

Dreaming about your boss in the nude reveals your waning trust in their judgment. After making several bad decisions, your company is probably suffering financially or the morale of employees are at an all time low. This is just going to get worse, so your subconscious is showing you this symbol as a moment of awakening. Perhaps it is time for you to find a more meaningful work or a workplace which is in line with your personal values. If you are a Christian, then there is a bit of guilt or shame attached to your workplace woes. Part of you is reluctant to resign at the moment when your company is suffering the most and in need of capable personnel.

Talking with the boss

Talking with your boss in a dream reveals guilt or performance anxieties. If the conversation was initiated by your boss, then it means you may be stressing over the outcome of a particular task or project in reality. Perhaps you feel as though you have made some errors in judgment which would affect the success or failure of the project. Alternatively, you may be losing motivation and enthusiasm towards your work and it is showing in your lackluster performance. As a result, you think you would soon be reprimanded by your boss or supervisor for either mistakes you have made or a noticeable dip in productivity.

Scrubbing the road with coworkers and boss

I dreamt that myself and my colleagues at work, including our CEO were on all fours, scrubbing a road clean, and of course, causing traffic. I could sense in the dream, that my boss just needed the publicity. Next scene, I went to get results from some quiz and I topped the class (10/10) and got congratulatory messages from everyone. I remember the quiz was about Indian businessmen and people were asking how I knew the answers. I told them I simply read.

Dreaming that you and your colleagues are cleaning the road suggests a desire to have a clear path towards success. You may be struggling with issues of ethics and professionalism at work, so you are questioning your future at your current job. In addition, viewing the clean up as a publicity stunt reveals your negative perception of your superiors. You crave transparency and accountability from your company's management. The second scenario is likewise indicative of your workplace woes. For instance, getting a perfect score on a quiz shows your readiness to rise up the ranks and handle more responsibility. Acing the test also means you are confident about your skills. Unfortunately, you may have been passed over for a promotion or stagnating in your current role. This dream could also be an opportunity for self-awareness. The end of the dream where you tell them you simply read could come off as condescension to others. If you are like this in real life, a lack of tact and poor social skills may be the barriers to your career advancement since upper management usually requires strong people skills and coaching abilities.

A former boss showing affection

I am single female. In reality I like my married boss (in previous work). I dreamed about him that I was in work and walking with one colleague then go into my boss office where he was there and upset about me. So I sat on the desk and when we talked, he said to me that I am not as before talking to him and answer him with attention and care. Then I replied saying to him that you are not asking and not caring about me and then he just pushed me to his side and hugged me as it was a love hug where I was happy and felt nice in that hug.

When your boss or supervisor at work turns into someone expressing emotions and feelings for you, just like the situation that unfolded in your dream, it could be indicative of two possible situations in your waking life. One of them is that you could be devoting too much time and attention to your current work duties and completely brush aside your family members or close friends. Alternatively, this dream vision serve as an indication of a stressful and demanding environment you face at work, for instance you could be working overtime or staying later and later to work on some unfinished tasks which only seem to pile up more. Because of this stress, your subconsciousness is projecting images of people who are associated with your workplace, but who appear in more humane and intimate ways.

Old boss

In a dream, seeing an old boss can have various interpretations depending on your personal experiences and the emotions associated with them. In general, it represents reflections on your former work life and the influence this person had on your mind or psyche. Alternatively, it symbolizes the mental power and positive qualities they possessed that you admire or wish to embody in your current situation. Their presence and talking in the dream are their magnetism and ability to enforce regulations or create a strong impact on the people around them.

Being raped by the boss at work

My boss took me in his office, we were talking and he grabbed me from behind put me on his lap to feel his penis. Then he made me give him a hand job. And after that her raped me even though I asked him to stop and I said "No!".

This vision bodes ill for your work situation. Seeing your boss, in general, is a fairly negative symbol to behold in a dream vision. It reveals your lack of satisfaction with your job as well as suggests that you have a grudge against the job itself or your co-workers. The rape you experienced further predicts the situation becoming worse. Your workday may become very difficult, making it challenging not only to do your job but to relax even when you are off the clock. Being forced to touch your boss's penis may reveal that the source of your workplace troubles is related to your connections with colleagues, such as sexual, flirtatious or platonic.

In love with my boss

Being in love with your boss during a dream vision does not necessarily mean you fancy them in reality. Traditional sources look at bosses and managers as representing career ideals or a desire for a successful career. As such, being in love with your boss reflects a self-awareness of your personal goals or ambitions regarding your job or future prospects. Perhaps you are interested in a promotion or even in changing fields. This vision is often seen by those who are starting to get involved in influencer careers on YouTube and Instagram or those who are starting to invest in the stock market.

Flirting with the boss

Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, dreaming of flirting with your current boss reveals a lack of self-confidence, especially in romantic aspects. You could be harboring insecurities and intimacy issues that are preventing you from engaging or succcessfully getting the interest of the object of your affection. You may have a tendency to overcompensate when it comes to flirting because you do not think highly of yourself or your capabilities. In effect, you are projecting a character you think they would desire instead of just being honest and real.

Incentive from a boss

Receiving rewards or incentives from your boss in a dream suggests the opposite outcomes in reality. Instead of blessings and good news, you may have to steel yourself for upcoming losses and financial problems. The dream reveals your complacency in the waking world. This would be your downfall, especially if you tend overlook seemingly minor details that could potentially place you in serious debt over time.

Former boss talking to you

Seeing a former boss talking to you in the dream realm can signify unresolved issues related to control and power dynamics in your previous work relationship. Generally, it reflects your subconscious processing of the impact this individual had on your professional life and the influence they still hold over you. Overall, this dream could prompt you to explore the meaning behind these interactions, offering insight into how past experiences shape your current associations with authority figures or how you navigate power dynamics in your personal life.

Boss who looks unfamiliar

A dream wherein your boss is unfamiliar or a total stranger means you probably dislike you current boss or supervisor. Perhaps you are not a fan of his or her leadership style and would be much more productive under the guidance of someone else. Additionally, this kind of dream reveals your lack of self-motivation and proactive attitude. You may prefer following orders and instructions instead of using your own resources and capabilities to tackle problems.

Reprimanded by the boss

Dreaming of being reprimanded by your boss is a very good indicator of success. The pessimistic scenario reveals your anxieties and fear of failure. This mindset can sometimes spawn you into action, perhaps even exerting more effort than necessary to avert scenarios such as this one. As a result, a project or deal which you are supervising would be successfully accomplished. For upcoming talents, this is an auspicious signifier of quick rise to success. As indicated by this vision, sometimes pessimism and anxieties can be channeled into productivity and victory.

Yourself as a boss

Seeing yourself as the boss, or in a leadership role in the dream world, reveals your ambitious nature. You are not content in your present status and are currently working on getting a promotion or making a career move to elevate your position. This dream is a projection of your desired destination and to achieve this you may need to put more time and effort into hitting those goals and aspirations in reality. Additionally, you could be stressing over some loose ends and unresolved issues which are preventing you from focusing on your plans for the future. Those are obstacles you would need to address before moving on to the next step on the corporate ladder.

Someone you know as your boss

If someone you know in reality is depicted as your boss or superior in the dream world, then this could reveal the high level of influence this individual has over you. Perhaps your agreeable and passive nature is responsible for giving them the authority to manipulate you or at the very least provide sway on your decision-making. At the moment it could be harmless, however the dream suggests that if you continue being submissive, other individuals with strong personalities and questionable motives could end up taking advantage of you.

This kind of oppressive dynamics does not only manifest at your workplace. Perhaps even at home and in your social circles, you would notice acquiescing to others even though you personally disagree with what you are being told. It would be helpful to consider the location and other symbols included in your vision to get a clearer picture of what aspect in your life your dream is warning you to watch out for as far as abusive relationships are concerned.

An interrupted phone call from the boss

When I was calling my boss, the phone call interrupted.

Trying to reach someone by phone and being unsuccessful in doing so could mean you are having strong feelings of self-deprecation or an attitude which may indicate a high degree of unnecessary criticism directed at yourself. You could be under the impression that your life is miserable, when actually you do not have that much to complain about and there is nothing wrong with you to make you feel anxious or excessively negative about the way you act.

Your boss as a family member

Dreaming that your boss is part of your family, or depicted as a family member, suggests you are overworked and bringing work problems into your home. Too much workload and stress may be straining your relationships at home. Perhaps you no longer have the luxury of spending quality time with your loved ones because of prioritizing your career. As such, this kind of dream vision warns against conflict brewing within the household because of your inability to cultivate and invest emotional resources to have lasting connections with your kin.

Getting an unexpected incentive from my boss

Receiving an incentive from your boss, whether it is monetary or in the form of a paid vacation, is a sign of good tidings from the oracle. The doom and gloom surrounding you will have a silver lining, most likely in the form of a promotion or profit. In addition, your ability to compartmentalize your life will have both good and bad consequences. Based on Jungian archetypes, you are a born leader and this will allow you to help and provide support for your loved ones in times of uncertainty. Unfortunately, the difficulty of leading will take away your emotional connections to the people who matter.

Being intimidated by the boss at work

I was at work as a server and it was really busy. I was moving very quickly so my boss pulled me to the side and started yelling at me. I ended up screaming at him and walking out of the restaurant. After, he was hunting me down and didn't want me to get away.

A dream about serving food to other people has positive connotations. It could be a prelude to great news which awaits you. All your current endeavors would turn out to be successful and you would come out triumphant. Similarly, being reprimanded by your boss, despite the negative imagery in the waking world, represents your outstanding skills to cope with or overcome any challenges which you tend to think of as real-life tests of your agility, perseverance, and ability to succeed no matter what.