Dreams Related To Bones

Feeling lonely around bones and skulls

Dreamed of a lot of skulls and dry bones lying around and felt so lonely.

No matter the type or degree of aging, bones are an extremely ominous sign indicating periods of difficulty and hardship. While they are usually suggestive of a general state, meaning having trouble in multiple aspects of your life, they sometimes point directly at health and medical problems. This can also be seen in your emotions, which symbolically represent going through this phase alone. You may be the only victim of this unfortunate circumstance, so your friends and family are unable to sympathize or truly understand your pain.

Broken bone

Broken bones, whether they are completely broken or just fractured, suggests you are a person whose attention, morals or habits are easily abandoned. The interpretation of this symbol is not very flattering, as it tells or reveals a lack of spiritual or emotional strength, especially in regards to self-discipline or peer pressure. Various areas or things in your life would suffer if you do not address this shortcoming.

Seeing your own bones

I was at my grandparents' house. In one of the back bedrooms there was a dresser and a mirror. I took off my shirt and saw bones in my back and stitches all over.

Being at your grandparent's house during a dream vision represents family legacies and the things that are passed down from parent to child over the course of generations. While this may seem rather vague, looking at your naked body in the mirror and seeing bones and stitches could refer more specifically to genetic conditions. For example, bones in particular represent health problems and medical issues, meaning you could be subconsciously worrying about or already seeing symptoms of a disease that affects your family, like heart disease or breathing problems. Perhaps you would feel better or at least more prepared if you visited your physician and received an examination.

Bones sticking out

Your body's bones represent foundational elements of your core self. As such, to see bones sticking out of your body, from an injury or a medical condition, means your personal feelings and values may be shifting. A situation that shows you a fundamental truth about life will give you clarity and help you approach this world with a much more humane perspective. It is also common for this type of dream to refer to your feelings about your family. Specifically, problems of other members of your family may be affecting you and influencing your decisions in life.